Sold To The Gangstar Billionaire

Sold To The Gangstar Billionaire

By:  Authoress Berry Julie  Completed
Language: English
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"I just want to hear your cries! I want to see you in pain! Crying for help" His deep voice rang in the dark room. "No!, Please do not do that" Luna pleaded. "I bought you. No one want you remember? Not even your dear father". "That's a lie, My father loves me. With all he has" Luna replied in tears. "Ofcourse, and yet he sold you out" "You misunderstood my father. He wasn't the one that sold me out, it was Cora! And my father was only powerless". "You shut up and don't talk back to me!!" He yelled and his voice alone made Luna shivered. ____ LUNA means Moon. And that's her name. She's just 18 and was sold out by her Step mother , Cora. She believes she wasn't lucky, as she got sold to the Saddest Billionaire.

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51 Chapters
Chapter 01_Meeting a Friend
“The foreigners will be arriving soon, Ms Yolanda”  “I got the call. There are about 30 new ladies here, and we will be getting another more tomorrow. We have to make sure we impress those buyers, we really need to clear the room” Ms Yolanda said.  “Sure Ms Yolanda” Her manager bowed and walked out of her office. __  LUNA'S POV I walked out of the kitchen feeling very dizzy, I've been in the kitchen since morning fixing one thing or the other and all my stepmom does is just to sit and complain.  I feel so weak and stressed out,, but I dare not speak out, else I'd get grounded with another round of work. “Luna!!” I heard my stepmom's voice from the sitting room and I quickly rush to attend to her.  “Yes ma'am” I said.“Wha
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Chapter 02_ Meeting Ms. Yolanda
   "Luna is just 18!" My father told her. "She's a lady, Don't over pamper her. She's going to meet her age and maybe, people she's older than. She's going to start another life and learn to adapt". "Yolanda is not going to take good care of my Moon, Cora" My father said.He had now stopped eating.    "Oh, Your moon! You should be greatful to me Sam! Without me I don't know where you'd be. You don't expect her to live in with me forever, right Luna? You're not going to live with me forever huh?" Cora asked . "I don't know Mom. I don't even understand what you both are arguing about" I said plainly.    The food on my plate now seemed sour to me. I just hate it when they keep arguing. "Ofcourse you won't understand. His moon! I'm trying to act like a mom here!" Cora yelled.   She dropped her
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Chapter 03_SOLD!
   CORA'S POV "You sure made the right decision , Cora. I promise you Luna is going to make a great sell"     "I know that, She's beautiful and will attract a lot of men. She not just beautiful but also a virgin," I smiled. "Virgins tends to sell more. Mr. White dropped by yesterday and bought 15 girls, But he demanded he needed a virgin" Yolanda said to me and I smiled.    "Then, Luna is ready" I smiled."Yes, Cora. But you must be very sure she's a virgin"  "I assure you that"    "Kids of nowadays know much more that their age, You might be seeing Luna and probably be assuming her to still be that little girl with no mother but she might know more than her age , if not , had gone really far" Yolanda said. "I understand what you're saying,Yola. But Luna stays indoor all doo
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Chapter 04_His finger points to her
LUNA'S POV    A man walked into our room with Yolanda beside her smiling , mere looking at her everyone will know he's a regular customer and his pay is sure going to be a big one. Yolanda called me and four other girls out, making us five and then asked to man to pick who he wants to buy.   I prayed silently not to be bought by him. He should be in his late forties. What on Earth does this old people do with young girls like us? They should be looking for a way to help us get a life. "You sure have nice teast Yola" the old man said. His voice was deep.   Yolanda smiled at him, Ms. Yolanda is very beautiful, with her white set of teeth sparkling and making her look more beautiful. The man walked over to us and stared at us one after the other. His smirk irrates me so much. I couldn't hate my step mother less, Whatever it is that she's usin
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Chapter 05_Strict voice
LUNA'S POV    The car drove into a compound and parked in a garage along with other cars. The masked man got down immediately as one of his guards opened the door, and starts walking inside the house. I got down myself and just stared around. The house is very beautiful. But I don't have that time to admire it. What am I supposed to do standing there?   The guards all already left, probably to Stand in there position. I wanted for some seconds to see if anyone will talk to me on what to do but know on even spared me a glance. I decided to walked to the door the masked man had walked into earlier. I tried opening the glass door but since I'm not used to it, I don't know how. I'm even scared to touch anything , I feel if I touch anything I'll end up staining them.   Argh! I'm just behaving like a village girl. I tried opening the door again but still I don't kno
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Chapter 06_His Property
LUNA'S POV     I entered the room after the maid had left. My heart was beating faster than usual. The room was empty and there was no sign that someone was in the room.   But the maid just told me that he's in here? Since I couldn't find him, I took my time to admire the room.     It looks likes a king chamber, It was decorated well and it's very neat too. The king size bed has a rainbow blanket already over it.   The room indeed is a very beautiful one. I tried to focus my mind to the fact that I'm here to see the person that bought me.     Is he going to still be on mask? What will my fate be in his house? Is he a bad guy? Is he going to kill me?. I was wondering when one of the door in the room opened.   I have observed there is two doors in the room, one should be for toilet and bathroom. And the other... Well, that I don't know. &
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Chapter 07_ Don't Dare!
LISA'S POV     I walked out of Gray's room in anger slamming the door behind me. Anger was boiling up in me , I walked down the stairs and then out of the house. I entered my car and drove out.   I parked the car at the side of a road and angrily hit my hand on the wheel.     Who does he even think is? The Mr. Popular? Because everyone bows to him and he assumes he can treat anyone the way that suits him.   I won't deny the fact that I'm so in love with him but that isn't my mission. I'll have to get my mission done and then I can focus on making him mine.   I wonder why he had to buy that whore. I'm very sure he bought her because no one can ever agree to live with him. He's the Saddest!.    I thought he dropped the act already? Why now! Yes! It's never possible for Gray to fell in love. That will be the last thing he'll do, but I intend in ma
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Chapter 08_Be a Good Girl
  LUNA'S POV   Don't question me when I instruct for something. Don't dare disobey me. And Do as I said, I'm your master... You are my PROPERTY!" he said.    I bite my lower lips and nodded.     "Do you understand everything I just said?" He asked.   I nodded nervously.   "Don't you dare nod at me and speak up!!" He grabbed my chins and I whined in pain.   "Please I'm sorry. I understood what you said" I pleaded.     He let go of me and I help my chin as it was paining me.   "Look at me... In the eyes" He said. I trembled and tried to look at him in the eyes, but it isn't working.     "I'm sorry, I can't. Please don't hurt me, I can't" I trembled.   He remained silent for a while and then he held my chin up and my eyes landed on his.  
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Chapter 09_CEO Gray
LUNA'S POV     I woke when I heard someone called my name before tapping me. I opened my eyes and saw May and two other maids standing there.   "Good Morning" They all greeted. "Good morning, May, is everything okay?" I asked checking the time.   It's 7:03 I'm the morning. "You've to go to the office with Master" May said.   "Office? What office?" I said, My heart missed a beat after I heard her say master. I just remembered what happened yesterday. If he instructioned May to get me to go to the office with him does that mean he didn't mind about what happened last year? Or is he going to kill.     "Hey Ma, I've been talking to you" May said tapping me.. "Sorry, I dizzed off" I muttered.   "Master wants you to go to the office with him and he won't want you delaying him. You have..." May stopped and check her wrist watch.
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Chapter 10_Are you lost?
LUNA'S POV     The driver pulled over the car and I got down. Gray had told his driver to drive me back home after an hour of staying in his office with him, doing nothing. And i can believe all through my stay there, Gray didn't took off his mask.    I mean, how is he so comfortable in it? Isn't he suffocating being masked all day?   He didn't even talk to me. He just made me look do invisible and I feel angry but couldn't do anything. I'm glad he asked me to go home cause I see no use of me being there.     I shut the door of my room behind me and fall on the bed, tired. I feel so hungry already. I removed my shoes and just then I heard a knock on the door. Mia walked in with a tray of food , smiling , she walked towards me.     "You're back" She said and I nodded. She dropped the tray of the side table and helped me dish out the food.  
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