Love Over Gamble

Love Over Gamble

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Karin Ruiz prepared herself for a day with her box of gift for the goal to confess her feeligs to Aspen Medina but sadly, she got rejected right away. She could not easily move on until an unexpected stranger approached her with an offer to play a bet. Karin decided to accept a bet collaboration with that stranger but she didn't know that in order to win, she must make someone fall for her. Who was this someone that must fall for Karin? Was he this good enough that Karin even accepted the game of betting? Will Karin win that guy?

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    Chapter 01
    I was running on the floor's hallway to head outside the building in order to catch up a guy. That man was walking on the main pathway with his group of friends in their club when I saw him from our classroom's window. While running, I have a box of gift with me. I was catching my breath when I finally made it to the pathway where lots of passersby could be seen. Yet, the only person my eyes were seeing was that guy who's walking away. I ran again and caught up with that person and his friends."W-Wait!" I shouted to stop them, my voice was obviously on a tired volume. Gladly, the group of male students stopped and the one on the middle part slowly turned around to face me. Every single thing, every single movement of the people around became slow when his and my eyes met. He has brownish black eyes with long eyelashes, way longer to mine. His gaze has something in it that could bewitch anyone. Those sparkly, messy black hair that even a single lock
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    Chapter 02
    As I was having a race with my breaths, I was still trying my best to run back to where I met that stranger a while ago. Just thank Lady Luck after Miss Acosta spared me until midnight to pay for my bills! I need to meet that guy once again in order to reconsider my refusal. I stopped right in front of a Pharmacy since this was the place where that person talked to me. His face could not be seen anymore. I wandered my eyes all over the place until a familiar voice greeted me from behind. Even my shoulders jumped in surprise. "You came back here, what a surprise!" he reacted with a single clap. It's obvious that he expected. I walked near him who was chilling on the black car he's leaning at. "I'm too glad you're still here!" I stated with a relief. He shrugged arrogantly. "You know, I won't just leave here as long as I have a reason to stay longer." I knitted my brows on him. That just implied that he's still here beca
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    Chapter 03
    It felt as if I was teleported to the coldest place in the world when Mezakiel told that the gamble was all about me and Aspen ending up together. That's how Mezakiel and I will win. "S-Stop lying around me! Are you sure that the name you mentioned will be our target to win?!" I shouted and even slammed the table. I also took some customers' attention. "Why do you know his name?!" Mezakiel shrugged his shoulders, looking like he's no idea. "Why do I know? Me, lying around you? Hey, listen." I automatically shut my mouth and leaned backward when Mezakiel pointed at me with his glaring eyes. "Remember that we're players here. Cooperate and stop reacting into every information I say, Aspen Medina was the mentioned target that you're suppose to end up with." I flinched in surprise and wrinkled my nose at him. I don't get why this guy knew Aspen but it's obvious that Mezakiel discovered Aspen's existence as the game manager mentioned.  The pers
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    Chapter 04
    Since I took a step inside the Academy, a lot of heavy glances and stares darted on me. They looked at me like it's their first time seeing a newly-discovered creature. But that's not my issue here, they reacted like that with their thoughts that I finally made physical improvements after getting rejected by Aspen. What would I expect? It's impossible for people to ignore me with my red showy outfit. Thanks to that great supporter of this game, Mezakiel Art Soren. While heading straight to the classroom, I could not help but to roam my eyes around just in case Aspen's existence could be reached. I just hope this strategy would work on him. "A-AAH! K-Karin?!" I stopped from walking when a surprised girl dashed near me. She was very startled to see me on this dress. "A-Are you sure you're fine?! Maybe you're sick," Coraline worriedly consulted as she put her hand on my forehead. I took her hand off and confidently walked ahead.
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    Chapter 05
    To be honest, I could still manage to walk and carry the books with me despite committing a bit headache yet here we are. Aspen insisted to bring me at the clinic after we put the books to the faculty."I'm fine. You don't need to waste your time aiding my head here," I repeated but Aspen was lending deafened ears. That ball's impact was not even enough to lose my consciouness off. Although I was slightly walking in zigzag with the books and Aspen was behind me, watching if I ever lose balance. In the end, I succeeded from heading here with him since he insisted. Aspen's too worried, I just wanted to go home and squeal like the luckiest girl in town. I wast sitting on a minobloc chair while Aspen's busy finding the pain reliever ointment from the first aid kit. "Here, close your eyes and lean sideward," he ordered with a gentle voice. My lips even trembled in startlement when Aspen leaned closer to my face. I could cle
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    Chapter 6
    I started to panic when his knocks on the door became faster. My heart pulsed like it's about to win the race when I didn't know what to do. And what I should settle right now is to hide Mezakiel. After fidgeting my fingers on my lap, I rapidly pulled Mezakiel's wrist while he was busy munching the cookie. "H-Hey! You're too rough!" he complained but I marched him towards my bedroom then pushed him inside. He was very shocked that I'll lock him there. "W-Wait, slow down. You're very early for this." What?! What is he talking about?! He's aware that Aspen's here so he must cooperate. "Shh! You're too loud and I'm dragging you to hide there, that's all!" I replied with a worried tone but Mezakiel lied down on my bed as he waved his hand. "Bye bye, then!" This guy! He's not even worried that Aspen will see him here, in my apartment. I closed the door and immediately opened the main door for Aspen. And, right.
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    Chapter 7
    No one talked and Coraline didn't change the mad but curious expression on her face. I was just stucked, thinking what to answer and Mezakiel's waving his brows as if he's now counting on me. Who would expect that we'll get caught by someone who knows Aspen here?! Alright, Karin. Calm down and be practical by just dropping a handy lie. I faced Coraline who was glaring and tapping her foot on the floor. "I thought you're deeply in love with Aspen but you're already having a backup boyfriend!" I performed a facepalm and sighed. She's overreacting by saying that. And I need to explain. "And who are you to stick yourself in Aspen and Karin!" Coraline added and Mezakiel even stepped bckward. "No, Coraline! What are you saying? Calm down. He's my, my cousin!" I lied and looked at Mezakiel who was really, really shocked. That was the only way she'll believe us! Coraline pouted. "Cousin, huh? He's just
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    Chapter 8
    Coraline and I both made it to the Party venue and the bright and loud place welcomed us. There were lots of people and all of them were familiar since most of them were students from the Academy.    "You sure you're going to be fine? Just enjoy, now that we're free to attend you know!" Coraline even whipped my back that I got even pushed away.  I guess I'll try to enjoy. Especially when Aspen's shadow appears here, tonight.  I nodded at her and grinned. "I will, you don't need to worry. Enjoy too!"  "Pft, Karin! You're looking for him, aren't you?" I raised my brows on her. Acting like she's wrong but yes, she red my mind. "What? It's not like that. But honestly, I'm expecting for him to arrive."  Coraline chuckled loudly as she continued walking. "Nah~ he will absolutely come. Want to look for him?"  "No! We went here to enjoy the party!" I responded. But it's a half lie for
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    Chapter 9
    I couldn't stand this anymore! We've been frozen in the same position ever since Aspen dragged me in his car with him. "What's going---" "Shh!" Aspen swiftly covered my mouth with his hand and he hushed, drawing his face near my face. "I'm pretty sure she noticed us earlier so we must be sure that she won't catch us." His face was so close to me, I could almost feel his breaths. And I wanted to take his hand off of my face or else I will be caught burning in hot blushes! This is also embarassing. Still, I gently pulled his hand away from my face and Aspen noticed that he's been covering my it for so long. "Oh, I'm sorry. I jusy overreacted from... from her arrival." I heaved a very heavy sigh when Aspen drew himself farther. At last, a space. "Who is she? I mean, why are we hiding ourselves from her?" I asked Aspen and tried to take a peek from the outside. Actually, I was preventing him to see
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    Chapter 10
    "I'm very pleased to meet you, Miss Karin Ruiz! My name is Maddison Flores," the nice-looking girl said, properly introducing herself because she's also lending her hand to me. I would look rude if I wouldn't accept it so we shook hands. A volt of electricity struck through our hands when they touched each other. Who would feel so calm here? I am actually facing the real girl I met by the mall. I was introducing myself to that girl who bought the same off-shoulder outfit like what I had bought! Maddison Flores. She's giving me the suspicious vibe. I gulped. "I'm pleasee to meet you too. And your twin sister Amanda," I shyly responded with a chuckle. We looked at the boyish girl or Maddison's twin sister. She's giving me her deadly glares right now. What did I do? "Oh my, pardon for my sister's cold treatment towards you!" Maddison smiled. "Amanda's just speechless because of the fact that we wore the same outfit tonight and she saw
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