💘 LETHAL GUILT 💘( When two broken souls collide)

💘 LETHAL GUILT 💘( When two broken souls collide)

By:  Cor T Ney  Ongoing
Language: English
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SYNOPSIS He has Alexithymia; the inability to identify and describe ones emotions. He doesn’t understand what it means to feel happy or sad or excited neither does he know how to express them. Smiles and laughs are like riddles to him cause all he can understand is pain… nothing else but pain. He is Holden Smith, CEO of the biggest and most successful game company in China. She has Amnesia and Kleptomania ( the recurrent failure to resist the urge to steal). She steals whatever she comes across; gold, silver, wood, paper and even a needle. She also have a big horrible scar on her face which she does everything possible to keep from the world. Her name is Raven Scott. These two crosses part with each other, having one thing in common; they are BROKEN and DEPRESSED. Unknown to them, their lives got ruined due to one same horrible mistake done eighteen years ago… It’s a scar in their hearts enough to kill them…it’s their lethal guilt. But will they be able to heal?...

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13 Chapters
 ☠️ CHAPTER ONE ☠️    AT EXACTLY 12:00 AM 🕛 The empty street can be seen with not a single soul flocking around. The darkness engulfed everywhere was coupled by a cold and lonely breeze, blowing around any weightless object it comes across. There was a building...the only building in the street. Well, not until the quite environment was interrupted by the sound of a motorbike and with every seconds passing by, the sound gets closer and closer. Soon a very bright light shone on the building before a screeching sound was heard as the rider pulled a long break. Staring at the figure on the bike, one can easily detect it was a lady. Her dressing goes like this; she was putting on a white long sleeved shirt with a burgundy scarf tied around her neck. Inside the shirt, was a chest plate. And a belt attached suspender was joining her black pants to her shirt. A black belt was around her wais
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   ☠️ CHAPTER TWO ☠️   THE NEXT MORNING   The rays of the sun reflected on the face of a light skinned lady lying on a bed, sleeping peacefully. Well the rays of the sun on her face made her slowly open her eyes, staring at the ceiling blankly. She sat up letting out a lazy and wide yawn as she robbed her eyes.   Her long uncombed dark brown hair covered half of her face but it didn't make it impossible to see her green eyes, small pointy nose, pouted lips and sharp jawline.   She climbed down the bed, grabbing a mat beside it and spreading it on the floor. Sitting on the mat with her legs crossed, she placed her hands on her knees, her palms up. Sitting up straight, she closed her, taking a deep breath.   She stayed like that for sometime and just when she was starting to enjoy her yoga...   " Raven!" A voice called out but she ignored it.
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☠️ CHAPTER THREE ☠️ " Arghhhhhhhh!!" Raven screamed on top of her voice making Jade run out of her room, heading to her room. " What happened, what's with the scream?" She rasped on getting to Raven's room. She was seated on her bed, a bowl of almost done ice cream before her. " I'm doomed Jade... I'm doomed!" Raven yelled. " Will you stop screaming for once and tell me what happened?" Jade snapped impatiently as she approached. Raven handed her phone to her. Reading the message on the screen, Jade's eyes widened immediately. " Oh my goodness, Raven you've gotten a job!!" She screamed happily only to get a hard glare from Raven. "You're screaming...happily... seriously?" She scoffed. " Of course. This is something to be happy about. You've finally gotten a job" Jade chuckled happily. " You don't get it Jade. My whole
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☠️ CHAPTER FOUR ☠️ Raven left Holden's office after he dismissed her. She was assigned her working desk.  " Good morning" She greeted the lady on the next desk beside her as she sat down, placing her bag on her desk. The lady she greeted took off one side of her headphone, turning to Raven. " Good morning" She greeted back. " And you're are?" " Raven... Raven Scott" Raven answered. " Oh, so you're the Boss's new assistant, huh?" The lady chuckled. " I'm Miley by the way" She introduced and Raven only nodded reluctantly. " You're really pretty" Miley complimented and that only made Raven uncomfortable as she let out a slight cough. " Erm..Thanks " Was all she could say. Well if there's one thing Raven sucks at, then it's making new friends. She literally has no friends. Yo
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  ☠️ CHAPTER FIVE ☠️   " Why did you take the pendant?" Was the question Holden threw at Raven without hesitation.  Raven swallowed hard immediately, her heart skipping in fear.  " Calm down Raven, just act like you don't know what he is talking about" She tried calming her racing heart. " Pardon?" She asked. " Why did you take the pendant, are you deaf?" Holden snapped impatiently. " With all due respect Boss, which pendant are you talking about?" Raven asked and that only made Holden's anger triple. " I don't have all the time in the world with you, so give me the pendant right now before I lose it with you" Holden replied, approaching closer. Raven pressed her lips together, trying not to be intimidated by Holden's hard glare. " I don't know what talking about Sir" S
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   ☠️ CHAPTER SIX ☠️     THE NEXT DAY Raven decided to ignore the glares she got from everyone as she entered the company. Walking straight to her desk, she sat down and there was Miley. " It's a good thing to see you today Raven, I was really scared to death when you fainted yesterday. Tell me what happened actually, why were the cops taking you away?" She asked. " Boss and I had some misunderstanding. He thought I stole his pendant but everything is fine now. The pendant have been found and I'm free" Raven answered plainly. " Oh thank goodness" Miley heaved. Just then, everyone stood up and the two was compelled to do the same. " Ok, why are we standing?" Raven whispered asked Miley but her question was answered when she saw Holden approaching. " Good morning Boss" Everyone greeted, including Raven herself but Holden
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    ☠️ CHAPTER SEVEN ☠️   Holden was in his office, drinking and smoking when he started hearing noises from downstairs. It seems as though there was a fight going on. He stood up to go check what was happening but Jimmy rushed in just then.   " Boss we have a situation" He said panting heavily, like he just ran a quarter mile race.   " What's wrong?" Holden asked.   " The press are here"    " What the fuck did they come here for?" Holden asked.   " They came for answers. It seem as though someone told them about what happened between you and Miss Raven. Now it's all over the internet"   " I tried shoving them away but they're persistent. They won't leave until they see you" Jimmy explained. Holden just grabbed his car keys.   " Boss where are you going?" Jimmy asked as Holden headed to the door. <
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   ☠️ CHAPTER EIGHT ☠️   Raven was lying on her bed about to go to sleep when her phone rang. She didn't want to answer at first since it was an unknown number but decided to answer anyway.   " Please...come to my house. I need... your...hel... I need your help...please..." The person mumbled weakly and Raven's eyes widened on realizing who the person was.   " Boss" She exclaimed in shock, climbing off her bed immediately.   " Please..." She ran out of her room and met Jade in the kitchen.   " Where are you going to in such a hurry?" Jade halted her.   " I think my Boss is in danger and I need to help him" She replied.   " But it's late and dangerous"   " It doesn't matter. I seriously have to go. Bye" With that Raven dashed out not giving Jade another chance to try stop her. She didn't even mind if she putt
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          ☠️ CHAPTER NINE ☠️   " Pa has a daughter?" Holden asked still in shock.   " Two daughters actually. His wife died a year after he... you know..." Jimmy replied.   Holden lips were parted as he stared at the file on the floor.   " How come I never knew of it?" He mumbled.   " How have they been coping all these years?"   He didn't understand how he was feeling. But one thing he knows is that he suddenly felt sad...and responsible like as though he could have done something before now.   Was he feeling guilty?   He looked up at Jimmy.   " Thanks for this. You can leave and call Raven on your way out" He said walking over to his seat. Jimmy nodded, picking up the file and leaving.   Holden rubbed his palms together, nervousness a
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  ☠️ CHAPTER TEN ☠️   Raven on opening the second drawer, saw the yellow scarf inside and she took it out. She frowned her brows in confusion, staring at the back of the scarf.       " Why does this scarf look pretty familiar?" She asked herself. A burry picture of the scarf flashed through her mind and she rubbed her temple as she felt a slight headache.        She closed her eyes to get a clearer picture of it but it was still blurry. She snapped her eyes open.       Turning to the front of the scarf and seeing the big heart emoji on it, Raven was shocked. She felt as though she has seen the scarf somewhere but can't fathom where. Another blurry memory flashed through her mind coupled with a slight pain.       She rubbed her temples again as she closed her eyes. The
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