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"so, you mean- if that scumbag of a tycoon hadn't approached and seduced my sister...then my family's fashion company would still be No.1 in the country, and my sister would still be sane, right?" Kate Valentine asked. " can put it like what are you gonna do about it?" Lucy asked. "Easy - Get into his company, get close to him, seduce him, make him suffer, break his pathetic heart, bring down his company and then bring back ours to the top...Lucy my dear.... revenge is as easy as these steps....." Kate smirked... "Don't you think it's.... dangerous?" "There's no 'dangerous' in my dictionary. Besides, he was the one who first played the game of hearts, I'm simply showing him how it's done...." ———— ..... Faith reunites them in a game... Set in a boss and assistant trope...... And unaware of each other in intention....they weave a daring game of love and war...... He wants to get back at her 15 years ago... She wants to punish him, seduce him, break his heart, destroy his company, bring back her family's stolen glory, and avenge her sister..... And now in this game of love and war....any means is considered fair!

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12 Chapters
1: A scumbag deserves a sweet revenge - and I'm a pro!
 "So, you mean, if that scumbag of a tycoon hadn't approached and seduced my sister…Then my family's fashion company would still be No.1 in the country and my sister, still sane - Right?"    Kate valentine sat casually- her legs firmly crossed - on the ash-colored cushion which was situated in the middle of the sitting room of a casual-looking rented apartment building. She had her fixed attention on the nerdy-looking girl in glasses who served her a cup of hot tea on the sauce. The girl had placed it on the circular table before Kate.     "Well…you can put it that way" The nerdy girl replied taking a seat on the couch which sat opposite Kate. She sighed adjusting her glasses.    Kate narrowed her eyes down to the hot tea before her. Slightly biting her lower lips that were
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2; A perfect day to avenge
 Emily gently dropped down her cup of tea which was half empty on the table and looked up at Kate. Her deep black eyes perfectly matched her smooth black shoulder-length hair.  "If you're here to ask about him, then leave. I'm not I'm in the mood now…I want to rest" Kate was surprised by her calm reaction. She even began doubting if she was insane. Or was Lucy exaggerating  But looking at Emily now, part of Kate wanted to scold her for being too naive and letting a man steal off the family property from her. But then. Another part of her reminded her that Emily was a victim of this. She was the one suffering from all these.  Kate suddenly felt guilty about realizing this.  A large part of her now blamed herself for leaving Emily all alone to handle the company's affairs and the traveling to china for her dreams, even after her parent's death. 
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3: what a b*tch deserves...
Today was Kate's official day of starting her revenge program.   it was her quest to restore her family's name which had become the talk of the country! it had become a hot and trending topic all around. Thank heavens for her sister that' was resting In the shelter of the psychiatric hospital, else she would have been surrounded by national reporters requesting an interview now and then. what torment that would be. But she was gonna end it all herself. Good thing lucy had sent her the information she needed to survive in the company, especially that of the bio of her main target, Dane Maxwell who was the CEO of the company. A man in his late twenties...28 perhaps? Kate couldn't recall properly but she had studied the information early that morning thanks to her quick learner skills. And also about his so-called assistant and Vice CEO, Miss Lizzy Dayton.   With all this information, she was ready to co
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4. Leave the CEO to me!
15 YEARS AGO - SANDWELL HIGHSCHOOL  A boy sat alone on the stairs short stairs leading out of the school building where the classes and some halls were. He was looking outside to the other kids who were playing around and those who were simply chatting and passing by. The boy seemed a bit introverted and timid. He had glasses on and in his hands was a sack of snacks. The lonely-looking boy who was dressed in a blue shirt and Jean trousers didn't seem to have any friends. Which was understandable for an introverted nerd like him. He dug his hands in the snack bag and got out a few chips which he tucked carefully into his mouth. He still observed the scene as he heard someone approach from behind. "What are you doing?" The feminine voice asked from behind as he slowly turned to look up at the girl who was standing next to her and looking down at him. 
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5. Watch me play
"Dane....are you okay?" Bryan who stood, sorting paper on Dane's desk asked, looking at the absent-minded man who sat before him on his office seat. Dane who Seemed to be lost came back to reality looking at the curious Bryan. "Nothing. it's nothing" He gave a firm reply as he picked up the pen lying on his desk. "When is Mark's appreciation party?" He again dropped the pen looking up at Bryan who was busy with the papers.   "Well... it's tonight, 7:00 PM" Bryan informed, his eyes still on the papers he was sorting. "Okey. we'll have to bring the papers along tonight to the Party. Mark will be signing the contract tonight at the party with us..." He picked up the pen again and flipped open a file, looking at it like he was gonna write down something. "And also bring the Love - Ring, It's our best product up to date...we'll have to impress him with it so he doesn't think
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6.Dear Fiancee, I think I like you
"Hola Señor Vez"   Kate greeted In Spanish as she approached the men, they looked towards the approaching lady who's attire was indeed flawless.  Kate stretched out her hands to exchange handshakes with Mark. With a bold smile on her face, she didn't bother to look at the two other men who had their eyes on her. Dane especially surprised, and yet confused. "Ah..Hola Señorita" Mark returned the greeting taking the lady's hand and placing a soft kiss on it. "You are....?" He seemed anxious to know who had thrown him such a spirited greets in his native tongue. Long has he been welcomed in Spanish. Kate smiled now looking back at Dane who had anger and confusion written all over her face."Darling....Why don't you do the honors of introducing me to this gentleman?" Now, confusion had gotten to it's peak with Bryan's and Mark's eyes falling on Dane
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7. A fair deal?
Dane raised a brow. Was that supposed to be a surprise or what? And why was he surprised to hear that? was he expecting it? No, he couldn't possibly be.Just then, Kate's serious gaze drifted into a smile. "Don't get it twisted. I was just kidding you, boss"His cold eyes were still fixed. Now colder than before. The mere sight of made Kate smile that more. The exact expression she wanted to get. This man couldn't possibly be thinking she was in love with him?"Tell me, what are you up to?" He demanded again.Kate folded her arms looking up at him. She had just realized that he was indeed tall! "Mr. Maxwell, you must have gotten me wrong. Well here's the thing. I'm desperately in need of money, and I want this job so much. So I hope you can understand from that perspective""And why would I trust that explanation of yours? Someone who stole my ring, Posed as my assistant and also my fiance. And also managed to get into the heart of mark convincing
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8. Mr. CEO's little game
The alarm went again early the next morning. It had once again interrupted Kate's beauty sleep but this time she didn't violently toss it away. Rather, she slowly opened her eyes in bed looking at the time.  It was seven, the exact time she recalled setting the clock the previous night before drifting to sleep. With a loud yawn, she stretched out herself in bed. She had to be early to work today. It took longer than expected for Kate to pick out a perfect outfit for work. She was thorn in-between the idea of dressing casually or maybe putting on something fancy. After a long while of dilemma, she sighed. She would rather wear something more familiar than try to look fancy, she concluded and then took out her casual outfit. Before long she was dressed in her jean trousers and blue top to suit it with. She looked at herself in the mirror, pushing back her hair and she sighed. "That' should do'
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9. Was that a threat?
 The photo shooting had commenced with Dane and Kate dressed in wedding outfits.  With the heartthrob, Dane, dressed in his stunning designer's black suit and red ties. He had Kate dressed In an eye-catching wedding gown that was outstandingly designed.  They stood close to each other in different postures. Some with Dane's hand around her waist, some with them in a close hug, and another with them seated on a white seat. The venues were also changed from a flowery area to a riverside. And some effects added behind them. It was a completely professional and standard photo shooting area. The shooting was still on. They had moved ahead to another scene Which was on a stage. A wedding stage. Dane stood aside as he watched them help Kate adjust her make-up and others. He found himself admiring her beautiful face. Who could know such a tomboyish girl would look so elega
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10. A little bit of payback to start with
Mrs. Luis was done with her work for the day. Taking a glance at her golden wristwatch, it was already 8:00 PM by the time. She had indeed been busy today for her. She was carefully picking up the papers before her desk when a knock came on the door. Before she could look up and invite the person in, it was already pushed open and Kate entered with a big smile on her face. Mrs. Luis sighed looking at the young lady "You?" With a broad smile, Kate came to sit before Mrs. Luis. "Yeah it's me" "How bold of you to just walk right into my office without permission. Didn't you meet my secretary out there?" "Oh she was asleep, so I sneaked right into to see you" Kate smiled looking at a load of work on her table. "You must be damn busy" Kate observed "You look exhausted" Mrs. Luis looked up at Kate with a smile "If work does not exhaust you, the
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