Sinful  Seduction

Sinful Seduction

By:  Lauretta  Completed
Language: English
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When Lola sees something she shouldn’t have, the image of her brother’s bestfriend face fucking his latest quest is forever imprinted in her mind. She can’t forget him wrapping his large hands around her neck, her soft breathy moans as he thrusted deep into her. She can’t forget the smirk that appeared on his face when he caught her, standing there and watching. But her hate for him couldn't keep her standing there. She ran... still running... But he's right behind her, doing all he could to close the pace. Give her a taste of what she fears the most.

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64 Chapters
Chapter 1
 “Don’t you think it’s time?” Chloe questioned, folding her hands against her chest as she stared at me.  I furrowed my eyebrows, immediately averting my gaze as I look out the windshield. Pretending not to know what she was talking about. “I don’t understand.” I replied, genuinely hoping she would let it go but of course, knowing the kind of person she is, she definitely would not. I felt her hand against mine, briefly pulling me back to her. “You know what I am talking about so don’t play dumb. It’s been five months. Five whole months but you’re still stocked on what happened. “ She says in a hus
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Chapter 2
I shut the door tightly, rushing into the bathroom and locked the door, as if that would help clear my head. The fuck did I just witness? And not just that but also the fact that he saw me, he saw me and smirked at me. He saw me watch them fuck. —For fucks sake, why did I have to stand there and watch them, watch him groan as he wrecked her walls. Watch him wrap her hair around his knuckles, pulling her head back, wrapping his other free hand around her neck.— I rushed towards the wash hand basin, turning on the water and splashed it on my face. Not only did I see them but I’m also thinking about it? The worse part is the fact that I don’t regret standing there and watching it. For a moment, I wanted it to be me. 

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Chapter 3
 Here I am standing outside the family house. I’ve been standing out here for five minutes. Trying to summon every single courage in me and walk up the stairs and press the bell. —you’ve got this Lola— I took a deep breathe and exhaled, taking my first step up the stairs and eventually got to the door, reaching for the door bell and pressed it.I was scared. I am scared. I had no idea how I would be welcomed after all it’s been months since I last came here. I was cut short my thoughts as the door suddenly came open.  An extremely bright smile welcomed me, hauling me into her arms very tightly “Lola.” Aunt Mandy exclaimed, her hands rubbing my back soothingly as she rocked me back and forth.<
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Chapter 4
Sinful seduction ~ “Lola? Are you in there? Please open the door.” Aunt Mandy called out to me from the other side. I sniffed back my tears and stepped away from a concerned looking Adonis. “I’ll be out in a minute.” I say, taking a step backwards and looked at myself in the mirror again. I looked like shit. No sugar coating it. I chucked humorously as I wiped my face clean with the towel. “I look like shit.” I muttered, laying back the strands of hair that already came loose from my ponytail. “ always look like shit.” Adonis says and I turned to look at him, raising my eyebrow in a way that says ‘Really?’ “Oh shi
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Chapter 5
  I set the cup of tea I had on the bed stead, getting on the bed and covered myself with the duvet. I tugged on the hem of my pajamas, letting the clothe fall to my wrist. I couldn’t help but reminisce about the drive back home. It was unusually quiet. One would’ve thought Adonis would bring up what happened that night but he didn’t. It was more like it didn’t happen again but it did. The tone he used when he asked if I was scared of anything just proves he knew but why won’t he talk about it? Was it fun for him? Watching me overthink it on our way here. I could hardly function. I couldn’t help but sigh in relief when we arrived at my apartment. Making the fastest move to get out of his car only for him to hold me back. Tugging me closer to him with my wrist. I shuddered as I remember just how dark his
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Chapter 6
Sinful  Seduction~ Twelve hours after~ “Please stop.” I murmured, clasping my hand against my head in an attempt to shut the ache in my head but it wasn’t helping nor was my phone shutting the hell up. “Fucking stop. My head’s about to blast off.” I mumbled, trying to get my phone and still not opening my eyes but my phone kept going on and on forcing me to open my eyes.I reach for my phone and luckily it was within my reach, sitting up even though my head was killing me and picked the call. “What?” I barked and fuck. It only triggered my headache.  “Stop yelling.” So
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Chapter 7
Sinful Seduction~ It’s been three days. Three days of me avoiding Adonis like a plague and it’s been hell especially with Chloe and Liam’s upcoming wedding. I had to constantly be around them and trust me, it’s not been easy coming up with excuses whenever he’s slated to come and that’s just not it. I am constantly attacked by the thoughts of that night, I remember Chloe showing up at the apartment and asking series of question about my hickeys and bruises. I didn’t have the chance to cover it up when she arrived and trust her to blow things out of proportion. “Lola? Are you still there? Can you go there for me?” Chloe’s voice brought me back to reality. I picked the cup of coffee I had just prepared and walked back to my room

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Chapter 8
Adonis~ I stood by the side, watching as Lola looked around the piece of art sitting diligently on the wall, throwing questions to the curator who by the smile on her face is more than glad to answer.My breathe hitched slightly when she looked at me, a smile tugged on her lips before she looked away.I’m whipped, aren’t I?It’s been like this for years, for so long and god knows it’s been torture keeping my feelings together. Liam would always ask me to confess my feelings to her but how? She hates me and I don’t know why. Okay. Maybe I do know why. In an attempt to cover up my feelings for her, I’ve been nothing but a douche bag and I know it. How else was I supposed to control my feelings around her? My b
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Chapter 9
Lola~ A groan escaped my lips as I struggled to open my eyes. I felt hot all over, not hot hot but more like fire hot. I licked my lips but could taste the crustiness on them, sitting up so I could get up but instead I was attacked by a wave of dizziness. I don’t remember feeling this bad yesterday. There was no warning and now I’m here feeling like shit. I inhaled deeply and got out of bed, reaching for the wooden chair by my side and thankfully I had that to support me. I felt my knees immediately growing weak as soon as I got up from bed. —why did I have to fall sick now?— I groaned and walked towards the bathroom, splashing the cold water against my face and slowly looked up at the mirror. I look like shit.Read more
Chapter 10
Lola It’s been hours since Adonis left. Well, he left in the night after making sure I was okay and would be able to sleep well on my own. After making sure I ate, used my drugs and even had my bath. Weird isn’t it?Adonis would do that much for me?I could only watch as he fretted over me, making me wonder why the hell I was feeling so many things for him at the same time.It’s been hours since he left, hours since I’ve been laying on this bed but couldn’t sleep. What exactly am I feeling? This is exhausting. I shut my eyes close, trying to push out the thoughts of
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