Chosen For His Love

Chosen For His Love

By:  SilentlySweet  Ongoing
Language: English
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With exactly three days until our house is seized and everything we have is taken away. My father sits in his chair slumped over and defeated "Rose" he calls to me and I go to him. On bended knees, I answer him, "yes father my voice echos as it bounces off our now bare walls". Dear, I'm afraid I've failed you and we have lost everything, sighing he peers at me and continues. A man stopped by this morning offering to help me figure it out but I'm afraid the cost was too high. What was the cost father please tell me. Looking at him with pleading eyes, he sighs as he began to explain. He offered to pay off my debt and restore my business if I was to give up that most precious to me. My eyes widen and my throat goes dry just as my eyes fill with tears. Someone wants me I whisper and see his eyes dim just a little. Yes, my dear, and I can’t do it. Grabbing his hand, I lean in close so he can hear me. I’ll do it, "his eyes grow wide as he begins to shake his head no fast”. I smile and continue for you I will do it. He wants to be wed this evening my dear and we know nothing about him. “If he can stick to his end of the bargain the rest does not matter I will serve him if it means you won't have to worry”. My tears tickle my face the ones I didn't even know escaped. Standing to my feet I look at him and sigh, if there is to be a wedding today we should get ready with that I take my leave locking myself in my room.

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10 Chapters
Chapter One
Today started just like any other, me and dad both up at the crack of dawn. Me shuffling through the kitchen to prepare breakfast before our busy day at work. Every morning starts the same him sitting at the table with the paper and a cup of coffee reading the weekly comics. Me doing the house chores, cooking and cleaning. It's been our routine since my mom passed three years ago, and something I've come to treasure. My father isn't a very verbal man but the time spent with him is most precious to me. Today was an important day he has a meeting with our bank to see if he can refinance his business loan. When the pandemic hit we suffered a huge income loss and lately we've just been staggering along. He doesn't seem to worried so I try not to ask any questions. We both head out and he drops me off downtown at the small cafe that I work at. The small shop sits on the business corner in the city's most profitable location. "Annies" is the name of the cafe and we are surrounded by firm
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Chapter Two
Sitting on my bed I let my tears flow without making a sound. I'm to be married today to a man I've never met and know nothing about. My heart beats rapidly against my chest as I try to calm down. I shuffle through my jewelry drawer and find my Mom's pendant I hadn't thought much about ever wearing it but I at least thought that when I did, I would be marrying the man of my dreams. “Definitely not a stranger”, there's a knock at my door and my face twist in confusion dad never knocks he does the one two three walk in and that's always been ok with me. Walking to the door I pull it open and there stands a man with a big bag and some boxes. Standing there shell shocked a little I forget my manners. “ Mame these are for you these are the things my boss wished for me to bring over for this evening's ceremony. He places the bags and boxes on the bed and exits the room again, turning to face me. “Looking at his watch, then back to me, you have an hr to get ready. We have an hr drive ahead
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Chapter Three
Walking inside my home I call out to my father and listen for his voice, but it never comes I look inside his room and I see that his suitcases are no longer there. It looks as though he left in a rush. I sit at the table and write him a letter explaining everything to him and to let him know I will write and stop by often seeing as I'm not as close as I previously was so I thought I should explain. After I read it and checked it over I placed it on the countertop to ensure he sees it when he returns. Heading to my room I grab the small bag I packed earlier and my mom's knitting needles. As I walk to the door the silence breaks through and one single tear falls, “I guess I'm all cried out” having to accept what is happening for the better. Knowing dad wouldn't just forget about me I open the door and Gideon reaches for my suitcase. It's ok I try and speak but he stops me mid-sentence. Mrs.Rose this is my job please allow me to do it, with that I release the bag to him and he holds out
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Chapter Four
Rose........ Rose, I hear a distant thundering of a door and jump from the water just as the door comes clambering down. Not thinking straight I stand there stark naked and I see angry blue eyes glaring at me. why weren't you responding to me I've been calling you for over thirty minutes? Releasing the breath I was holding I snap back to reality as his eyes rake over my naked body and he turns and rushes forward enveloping me in his arms looking back at the door he screams get out and I hear the shuffling of feet outside the bathroom. he pulls the towel from the countertop and wraps it around my body. Why weren't you answering me he looks at me sternly waiting for an answer. Stuttering I begin..... I...I fell asleep inside the tub I didn't try to I think I just relaxed a little too much I rush out seeing the anger in his eyes. But it immediately fades after I speak, You shouldn't sleep in the tub love it's dangerous, did you finish bathing he glances down at me as our eyes meet in th
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Chapter Five
I slept the entire day away and most of the evening, when I awoke my eyes were swollen and puffy. My first night in a new house and my first night away from my father dread fills me as I swing my legs off the bed slide from the bed to the floor still in my naked state and then scurry to the bathroom. " I must have messed up pretty bad, he went from declaring his love to giving me the cold shoulder within minutes". Maybe I should be happy, but why is my heart in pain? Maybe he expected me to have a little bit of experience but I've always believed honesty is the best policy. Standing and looking at myself in the mirror, I cringe as I hear soft moans coming from the other side of the wall. Hearing her get louder and louder. "Oh oh De'Shawn yes right there, she repeats it like a mantra and my heart sinks to the pit of my stomach. How could he? Why would he? What did I do? This man is evil and deceitful, but I have no right to object. I take my rejected heart and slide into the whirlpool
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Chapter Six
He watches me like a hawk as I take my seat on the bench at the bottom of the bed, looking at me with his eyes set in a glare. "That was quite brave, even for you Rose, I don't have to explain anything to you but for the sake of me being misunderstood, I will. "Sir, you don't have to explain I try and cut in, but I'm cut off before I can finish. Enough his voice bounces off the wall and halts me all at once and I'm stunned into quietness turned on by his assertiveness and that confuses me. My heart begins to beat faster, I can feel the vibrations all over my body. "Rose.....he shouts and my mouth refuses to form any words Rose" he calls again and my mind is clouded and confused. After a good couple of minutes of him trying to grab my attention, he walks over to me and kneels beside me. In a very different voice he whispers, Rose, I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you, peering into my eyes I can see he didn't mean it but I also see something else. If I'm not mistaken it looks like pain,
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Chapter Seven
What was meant to be quick and fast turned into an exhausting morning leaving my body rigid and tired? I lay in bed slumped on his chest barely keeping my eyes open. That wasn't fair DeShawn you trimmed me with sex, that wasn't a fair fight. “Fight I don't remember it being much of a fight he laughs kissing the top of my head”. After going through those rounds who would be able to fight back, but foreal can I please go to work? I need to feel worthy and you taking care of me won't give me that. Does it have to be that place you go back to work too can't or be somewhere else maybe a place where you can make more money? Yeah, that would be nice but right now I only have the skills to work at Annie's seeing as I never finished college. So if there was another job you would want to take it and explore other options. “Well yes assuming that it's something that I'm capable of doing and I'm not taking someone else's job I wouldn't see the harm in at least trying it". I lift my head from his
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Chapter Eight
Calling her from the street her eyes meet mines and she lights up with joy oh Rose dear she calls coming toward the car. Where have you been Ive missed you these past two days and your father hasnt been reachable I thought something bad might have happened. Im sorry Mrs.Anne Im not sure what going on with dad lately but I have had some changes lets go back in the building so I can tell you all about them and see about getting this line out the door down. She smiles at me and takes my hand thats fine dear lets go in and you tell Mrs Anne all about it. holding his hand and her slim waist i help her into the building. Grabbing an apron I look at the screen and go to work serving each car quiker then the last.When I've got the line caught up I tell her to take a moment in the office to collect her thoughts. Just as a black maybach pull into drive thru it's just after 10am and im expecting the irratared dr driver but the car continues to pull up until  the back door is in vi
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Chapter Nine
Arriving back at the coffee shop with two minutes to spare I put my things downwash my hands. What would you like me to do first Mrs. Anne I ask seeing her with a ton of orders on the screen we need them all dear you start and just let me know where you are whipping them up one by one some with whip cream some with small designs writing a note on each. One by one we get them done and I'm off before I know it. Just like Javier mentioned Gideon was outside and waiting by the curbside smiling as he held the day open for me.  Good Evening, Mrs. Rose, he greets, hey Gideon thanks for the ride home I smile up at him as soon as I make it to the car. “No problem at all it's my pleasure dear”. Opening the door to the car for me to enter, stopping mid-step I stop and turn to him. Gideon do you think I can possibly stop by my fathers it's closer than heading home right now and I just really want to check upon him. Trying my best to keep my tears at bay I wait for his response, hit
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Chapter 10
The morning sun shines brightly through the balcony window which I left open because the view warms me but today I just want to quickly run away. I ease from his arms and lift myself from the bed keeping the noise down, I walk to to bathroom and lock the door behind me and turn on the shower. Halfway through my shower I hear him awake and try to twist the nob I hurry and finish just as he begins to knock I pull the door open and walk pass him quickly to the closet. He dosent say anything he watches me for a moment before entering the bathroom and I quickly throw on my work clothes and run down the stairs the best way to avoid confrontation is to stay away from him. My block now completely back up, I enter the kitchen grab an apple an scurry to the door, I ordered me an uber and he is sitting outside the gate I pulled the door closed behind me and walk to the gate. Soon as I approach the gate Gideon steps from behind the wall, "Good Morning Mrs.Rose", I jump when I see him. Good Morni
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