By:  Anita Edobor  Ongoing
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Sofia Williams was a typical shy and breathtakingly beautiful college student who was an intelligent student at that. She believed that after college, she was going to graduate and pursue her career in medicine. She wanted to be an OB/GYN (obstetrician/gynaecologist).She had passion for pregnant women and babies. She and her best friends, Whitney and Nora shared an apartment together, they have been best friends since middle school. All her dreams came crashing down before her eyes when the most ruthless, powerful and dominant mafia don storms into her life. Matteo Russo is the don of the Italian mafia, he is the most cruel and ruthless man known in Italy and America. He runs the criminal organization in America, Italy Colombia and part of Mexico. At the mention of the Italian capo everyone shivers in fear. Read the story of Matteo and Sofia.

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5 Chapters
Chapter one~
Sofia's pov; *Ring ring* My phone rang, I stretched my hand to get it from my night stand,"hello...",  "hey girl, do you have classes today?" my best friend Nora asked me,"Uhm...yes I do" I told her with my groggy voice. "What time does your class start because Whitney and I have classes together by 9:00am, so I just wanted to ask if you have classes with us"Nora said.   Nora, Whitney and I shared an apartment but I stayed at my parents for the weekend. "No not really, I have class by 10:00am, so I'll meet you both at college" I said already getting up from my bed. "ok meet you there and remember to say hi to your parents for me"she said. "ok bye,I I have to get ready now and I will tell them you said hi" I tell her while giggling. Nora loves my mom because she said my mom reminds her of hers. She lost her mom when we where in high school.   I went to my bathroom to get ready . 30mins later I went downstairs and I met my
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Chapter two~
I arrived a school at 9:40am because there was a minor traffic on the road, I had 20min left before my class start.    I fastened my pace to my class so I wouldn't be late, I got to class early because the lecture hadn't begun yet so I arranged my books and awaited the lecturer. The lecturer arrived on time and started lecture immediately, time flew and class ended at 11:30. I packed my stuff and left the class to go meet Nora and Whitney.    Lucky for me I had only one class today so I was done for the day. I saw both my best friends walking towards me but they didn't see me yet . I hadn't seen them throughout the weekend and I already missed them. I smiled when they saw me and they both had huge grins on their faces. When we were finally close enough, we embraced ourselves in a tight hug.    "My bestie, Sofia, I missed you so much. It's like you left for a year" Whitney said while breaking from the hug.<
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Chapter three~
We arrived home and we went to our separate rooms. I was tired so I decided to take a nap. Thirty minutes, while I was still sleeping I heard a knock on my bedroom door,    "Sofia, can I come in" I heard Whitney say on the other side of the door." Yeah, come in, the door is unlocked" I said to her as I sat up and rubbed my eyes still feeling sleepy. She came in and said    "Nora and I are going to get the groceries, because we forgot to go get them on our way back from the restaurant". I chuckled remembering that we were supposed to go to the supermarket after we left the restaurant but we were so engrossed in our conversation that we actually forgot.    "Yeah ok ,I'll just continue my nap then. Bye". I told her as I got back in bed since I had nothing to do for the day.   The rest of the week was uneventful as we went to college and we went to work after college.  Today w
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Chapter four~
Matteo pov~ I was walking towards the entrance of my club because I got bored and was probably going to a putana to relieve my stress at one of my hotel. I was bumped into by someone, I was pissed because I was already tired and someone decided that it would be interesting to bump into me.    As I was about to cuss out the person and possibly strangle the person, the frown on my face faded into a shocked one as I saw the familiar face.." Oh come on why do I keep bumping into peo-", She was stuck on her words as she looked up to see who she bumped into. " The second time we meet and you bumped into me, again tesoro (treasure) " I said as I smirked at her. She looked into my eyes dazed. " I'm sorry, I didn't see you ", she said shaken up maybe at the fact that she didn't expect to see me again. "Si(yes), it seems you like bumping into me Mia cara ( My dear) " I said to her. Before she could reply, my phone rang and I told her as I left "Mi scusi". (Ex
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Chapter five
A/N; Good day everyone, I just want to say a big thank you to those of y'all reading my story. Thanks you so much, it is really encouraging. First I started the story because I was bored but now I'm actually feeling it. So please if you like this story even just a little bit, I would like to see your comment to know if I just continue. Thanks once again.   Sofia pov cont'd ~ I woke up feeling much better, so I got up from my bed and checked the time. It was four in the evening, I couldn't believe I slept that long. I stretched my muscles and went to the kitchen to fix something for my self cause I was starving, I saw Whitney and Nora sitting by the counter talking and eating macaroni nd cheese, they hadn't seen me yet so I made my presence known.    "Hey girls what's up" I said, my voice still sound sleepy. "Oh hey Sof, how was your sleep" Nora said as she ate the last food in her plate. I walked to put some macaroni for myself.
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