Pains of Amara

Pains of Amara

By:  Adaririchichi  Completed
Language: English
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(A Nigerian-themed Romance) The mysterious and sudden death of her parents at age six puts Amarachi, a young Nigerian girl, at the mercy of her uncle and his cruel wife Lydia, who will stop at nothing to make Amarachi's life miserable as a result of a personal vendetta she holds against Amarachi's late mother. Born out of rape with a special gift in sewing, fate takes Amarachi on a journey to discover her roots and triumph against all odds as she encounters betrayal, pain and most importantly love admits people who are bent on ruining her life even if it means killing her. This is a beautiful Nigerian story that portrays the plights, self discovery and self determination of a young gifted girl who wants to succeed not withstanding the difficulties of life.

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96 chapters
Chapter 1
FlashbackMany Years Earlier    The young woman made her way towards the iron gate not too far from her as she adjusted her black skirt with a native ankara blouse.   She was a true dark beauty. Her skin was ebony.Having all the curves in the right places, her hips swayed as she approached her destination. Her hair was pure afro, thick and virgin, untouched by relaxer.She had black eye colour which was very common in Nigeria. Her lips were naturally light pink with long eyelashes which added to her beauty.Indeed she was a true dark beauty!   Her name was Chinenye. Chinenye approached the gate and opened it. She stepped inside the large compound.Read more
Chapter 2
The young girl of about 5 years sat still on the wooden chair as the woman's finger walked around her thick afro hair. Cutting some hair apart, she braided them downwards and let the dark braids fall on the girl's neck. She was making a popular hairstyle"All Back". She cut out another part of the young girl's hair and swiftly but carefully braided the hair downwards. Her fingers were strong yet soft on the young girl's scalp which made her very comfortable with having her mother make her hair.The young girl kept on smiling to herself as her mother braided her hair. "Amara!"She suddenly heard her name but it sounded like it was coming from a faraway place because her mother was still busy braiding her hair and she was sure her mother didn't hear it."Amarachi!" The voice shouted again, this time very harsh. It immediately jolted her out of her dream and back to reality.Amarachi was a
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Chapter 3
FlashbackMany Years Earlier  CHINENYE  "Are you pregnant?"Emeka asked instantly. His grip on my arm tightened which made me shudder in fear. I couldn't even look him in the eye as I put my face down trying to fight the tears that were threatening to spill over my cheeks.What would he think of me now?A prostitute. A shameless girl. Nobody would believe me when I tell them the real truth behind my pregnancy. The society will call me shameless, they will all say I put on something revealing which is why I got raped.I hadn't even told my mother yet. My family name will be ruined, my child will be a bastard. My silence was already an answer to Emeka, I could feel his gaze on me like a knife pie
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Chapter 4
AMARACHII stepped outside the house with heavy sleepy eyes. Scanning the empty buckets in the backyard, I realised my workload this morning will be much.  The atmosphere was so cold and  sky was still dark. Some stars could be spotted as the darkness covered the entire horizon. I rubbed my hands together trying to feel warm.A deep sigh escaped my mouth as  I took a jerry-can and made my way out off the house."It was still dark, why couldn't aunty Lydia just let me rest?"Stepping outside the iron gate of my house, I felt the cold breeze run through my body and I shivered.There were just few people on the road, probably those of the working class as they went their way not even minding anybody elseI greeted some of them, most replied while some didn't.Heaven knows I was still sleepy as I tried to keep awake whilst wa
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Chapter 5
AMARACHI I took hold of her hand and she led me to her parked car. We got into the car and the driver ignited the engine."Take us home" she ordered but with a soft tone.The driver nodded and turned the car around.  I still felt a bit tense which I'm sure she noticed as I found her gaze on me."What is it my dear?"she asked me with a smile on her face.I didn't want her to think I was being rude so I smiled back at her and shook my head."Nothing ma"She sighed and let out a laugh"it's ok. I understand you may be a little scared. I'm just trying to help you"I didn't know this woman from Adam but the kindness she showed me within this few minutes surpassed aunty Lydia's attitude towards me my entire life."You can come to my house whenever you want to fetch water ok. My d
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Chapter 6
FlashbackMany Years Earlier  Lydia quickly and stealthily walked out of the compound, opening the gate quietly and closing it in that same manner so as not to make a noise.   "Where could Francis be now?"Lydia thought to herself once outside the gate."Yes, he is probably at Dike's workshop. Francis my love prepare to loose your Chinenye"   A smile formed on her lips on the thought of Francis loosing his love for Chinenye. She quickly hurried towards meeting Francis.She would have to pass the community market which was a very good way of seeing Adanne or as she is popularly referred to as "Nne", Francis' and Emeka's mother.
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Chapter 7
AMARACHI  I felt sick in my stomach every time I had to explain myself to aunty Lydia. She can never love me, I want her to love me the way she loves Ogechi but she can never love me.   I atleast thought she will be happy on seeing that I fetched the water early but instead she called me a witch.Was it fair?Isn't this life being too unfair to me?"Answer them Amara. Quiet their tongues"Nne nudged my shoulder.I had been silent the whole time I didn't even realise it.  "Nne she can't say anything now. What can she say? You are spoiling Amarachi o"Ogechi remarked harshly which got her a glare from Nne."Aunty Lydia"I began"Yes the community tap was obviously closed but I met Chief Justice's wife and she took me to her house and told me to fetch from her house" I explained.I saw how quickly both aunty Lydia
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Chapter 8
AMARACHII stepped outside the door of the house, putting on an okrika(fairly used) blue floral gown. I didn't have much fancy clothes like Ogechi, aunty Lydia hardly bought me any nice cloth so the ones I had, I made sure to keep them in good shape. My afro virgin hair was combed and packed to a bun and I carried a little handbag which contained some sowing equipments.I was already through with the house chores and I had already freshened up but I had not eaten.The heat of the sun had already begun, it was probably ten o'clock by now.I spotted aunty Lydia and her husband, my uncle Francis, sitting under the umbrella mango tree discussing. 'Uncle Francis', that tittle 'uncle', was he really my uncle?He accompanied his wife in maltreating me, he hates me the way aunty Lydia hates me.Is this man really my late's father's younger brother?I doubt it.If
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Chapter 9
AMARACHI    After I finished sweeping, I proceeded with cleaning the sewing machines, tables and chairs. I had to make sure everything was neat and orderly if not I'll attract the wrath of Aunty Lydia.Something which I definitely didn't want. I had already gotten enough of her anger this morning, I didn't want more.Once finished, I sat down on my own personal sewing machine. It was actually my late mother's own. The only material things I had in remembrance of my late mother was the locket she gave me when I was still little and this sowing machine.The locket had a small space for storing a photograph and her picture was in it. I wore it everytime, it became my skin. I never took it off because I was so use to it.  I took some materials from a polythene bag next to me.   Gosh customers cloth! They were so many and they needed to be sewed. I really worked all round th
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Chapter 10
AMARACHI  After my friends left, I went back to my work. It really wasn't easy. Time moved really slow and it frustrated me.I was cutting, sewing and mending customers cloth. More and more customers kept on trooping inside aunty Lydia's shop, bringing materials for sewing.I took measurements endlessly. I liked the fact that aunty Lydia's business was booming but the effect was taking a toll on me seriously. I was working round the clock here and I didn't even get a 'thank you' from aunty Lydia.I kept on working until aunty Lydia came in during noon.She was on a yellow lace top and she tied a wrapper matching the lace coupled with her handbag and her heavy jewellery.I immediately stood up and cleaned her particular seat for her even though I had cleaned it before."Aunty good afternoon" I greeted her with a courtesy bow.She eyed me and hiss
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