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Twins, Henrietta and Federica, were orphaned at a very young age. When their father died, Henrietta promised him she would do everything to protect her twin sister. And that’s what she did. For next nine years, her world revolved around Federica. Until that day came when everything changed. Four men appeared in their lives and disrupted it. They only wanted one thing - to take her sister. Because, according to them, Federica was the key to finding their true home. But she didn’t care about whatever excuses they gave. She wouldn’t just let them take away her sister. But how could she fight them when her heart beat unnecessarily fast whenever one of them was around? That one with eyes as black as the night sky.

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    The tears of the nine-year-old girl continued to flow down her cheeks. Her whole body was shaking from too much anger and fear. She kept on convincing herself that all of this was nothing but a nightmare. That tomorrow, she would wake up and find out that everything was just a dream. That all this bloodshed was not real. But the sea of blood surrounding her was telling her otherwise. That all of this was real, that it was not just created by her mind. That the monster with red eyes walking closer and closer to her was not just a product of her imagination. Blood stained his clothes. But she knew that those were not his own. He was a killer, a bloodthirsty monster. She wanted to scream, to ask for help. But she knew it was for naught, no one would come to help her. Because all of them were dead. And her tears once again fell uncontrollably. He was getting closer and closer. She wanted to run, but she felt like her feet were stuck on the ground. She couldn’t mo
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    Chapter One
    Year 2125… Rie woke up with a rushed breath. She quickly scanned her surroundings. She was still in the school's library and not in that nightmarish dream she just had. Rie leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes. She forced herself to erase that nightmare from her mind. She could feel the rustling of the wind outside and she clasped the bracelet on her wrist.Calm down, Henrietta. Calm down. She told herself that again and again until her breathing slowly came back to normal and she could no longer hear the rustling of the wind outside.Rie turned her gaze back to the book she’s reading. It was the historic account of the war that happened a hundred years ago. Before the world, as everyone had known it, ended. In the year 2025, the third biggest war in the history of mankind happened. But it wasn’t between two countries or group of countries. It was between vampires and werewolves.That’s right, vam
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    Chapter Two
    “DOBRE odpoledne, Rie,” the two students greeted her in Czech.“Good afternoon as well,” Rie greeted back in the same language.Both of the girls squealed. She continued on walking, not affected by it. It’s not something that’s really new to her. Whenever she talked to some students, they would blush for no reason. They would even squeal just like those two girls earlier.Czech was the major language in Prague, where St. Markéta Academy was located. It’s a boarding school for girls. Most of the students there were mostly from rich families all over Europe. They would send their daughters here mostly for protection. Because St. Markéta has the most advance defense against supernaturals, particularly vampires and demons.It’s because the headmistress of the school was a high-ranking member of House of Hecate. That’s why a magical barrier surrounded the entire school. For some reaso
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    Chapter Three
    Rie washed her face and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She could clearly see the dark shadows under her eyes. She hardly had any sleep last night, or the last three nights. The nightmare kept on coming back to her. It just became even worse these past few days. It’s like she returned to that moment. That faithful moment that changed her and her sister’s life forever.Rie dried her face using the towel hanging on her shoulder and then walked out of the bathroom. She weakly sat down on the bed. She no longer knew what was happening. Rie was still drinking tea made of flax seeds every night. Flax seed was one of the major ingredients for a sleeping potion.That’s why she couldn’t understand why she was still struggling to sleep. It had been hard for her to sleep since she was young. The solution her aunt thought of was to make her drink tea made from flax seeds. It was effective since she slept much more comfortably. So, what exactly chang
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    Chapter Four
    RIE silently looked outside the car window. She was watching other vehicles passing by. The old town of Prague still favored cars on land. In today’s time, people usually used flying cars that were being powered by electricity. Even with the appearance of supernatural beings in the world, the rapid development of technology still didn’t stop.In fact, because of the presence of these supernatural beings, humans just became more determined in inventing new things or making the existing technology even more advanced. Their inventions ranged from everyday items and appliances to industrial weapons.Maybe they thought that it’s the only way they could fight against these supernatural beings. But if there’s something these humans could be proud of, then those were their intelligence, ingenuity, and their uncanny ability to survive.In just a few moments, they would soon arrive at the hospital. But Rie still couldn’t think of how she shou
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    Chapter Five
    THE wind blew, and a huge pentagram appeared in front of the paper charm. That pentagram then turned into a screen-like circle. Inside it, one could see a woman sleeping in a messy room. She was snoring and only wearing a loose T-shirt. “Casa,” Rie called. But the other didn’t budge. So, she had to try again in a much louder voice. “Casa!” This time, her aunt’s body jerked, a common movement when someone suddenly woke up. Casa sat up too quickly, causing her to fall from the bed. “Fuck,” Casa groaned. She looked around, and the moment she saw Rie, she quickly frowned. “Henrietta?” She stood up and sat on the bed. Seeing her completely woke the other. “Where are you?” With her short brown hair and hazel eyes, Casa looked like she was only in her mid-20s. But that’s far from truth. The other was more than a hundred years old. Another perk of being a witch. “Don’t worry, I’m outside the academy.” Casa nodded. But her expression was still
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    Chapter Six
    RIE shook her head. This was not the time to observe this guy’s appearance. What she should have been thinking right now was where the heck did this person come from? She was certain that she was alone on the rooftop. She examined the place before contacting Casa. The only way to go here was through the door behind her. And since she attached the paper charm on the door, she’s sure than no one had entered it. So, again, where did this man come from? She immediately racked her brain for an answer, but the only thing that came to mind was that the other jumped from the ground to this rooftop. Then that would make this guy a supernatural being. The other guess was that he was a vampire. Those bastards could teleport. But then again, the sun was pretty high in the sky. No vampire would dare teleport to a place this high up. The sun could burn those bastards alive, turning them into ashes. So, no vampire usually went out during the day. Rie’s thoughts were
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