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I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it has an underlying truth. You can try but one's heart is never to be put into words. "Are you saying that I'm pestering you?", she asked chuckling lowly. Had it been somebody else she would've fired them right away? As of now, her grip only tightened slightly on the little spoon in her hand while he slowly opened his cat-like eyes and avoided her gaze. "Torturing would be a better word," he whispered in hopes of staying alive so he could go home and cut his tongue for being so sharp. What was wrong with him? "Glad you understood my intentions." An arrogant boss lady whose mood flips like a switch every day who runs from the idea of love. A cute Barista leading a second life as a camboy who wishes for nothing but love. What could be a better combination?

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chapter one
    More often than not, people think they have nothing but pain to offer to their lover. Maya thought the same for me but all I saw was how complex and giving one must be to think that they're nothing but pain to others. We're all made of a thousand different things and emotions, some show, some don't. Neither of us are better than the other. You just need to look for the person who thinks the pain you give is beautiful.                                                                                 - Young-Jae always found life to be unpredictable. He could never guess something coming his way, it was as if on any coming day a life-changing surprise could be knocking at his front door in the morn
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chapter two
Young-Jae's hands furiously worked on the keyboard of his laptop, a cigarette clasped between his teeth, and his brows furrowed together into a frown. He was ordering a few accessories for himself, more specifically for his next Livestream. He pulled the cigarette out to blow the smoke out of his mouth as he leaned back in his chair putting it off on the ashtray kept by his side.It was a never-tiring cycle for him, excitedly scrolling through so many products and imagining what he would look like wearing them or how it'd feel to have so much leather or metal on his skin. Would he like it? Would he not? Nevertheless, it was pretty much the only happy time he had.He looked through almost every item available on the website currently, only two getting his attention. One a black leather choker and the other one being a matte black hand harness which he would completely body. After placing his order, Young-Jae closed his laptop and got up f
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chapter three
I feel your hands on me hours after you're gone, my fingertips feel like I had them dipped into your cologne when in actuality, everything I touch turns into you. You might not be here right now but I flush like your eyes are still above mine, full of mischief and mirth. And when I turn over in bed, all I feel is the unstable beating of your heart. Tell me now, was it just lies or were your brown eyes lying when they told me how beautiful I looked? My muscles ache, my body writhes; only because even when you're away, you're close enough.  - Young Jae had just finished his food when his phone's screen lit up and the music toned down slightly telling him that he just got a notification. He grabbed it only to find someone had followed his personal Twitter account. He frowned opening the notification since he never really used that account, he just used the NSFW one. 'Ja
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chapter four
'No, how could he- Was it really her?'Young-Jae was fucked in bold capital letters that were stamped across his forehead.He had to be a fool to not know his own boss' name or even face. Minjae's face was literally the least he could've known about his boss considering that he had been working here for over a whole month. The easiest shift of one to six at first since it mostly had a few customers who wanted a simple order of Iced Americano and some random dessert while they sat in the expensive cafe with their laptops and glasses out.Two weeks later, Seok-Min told him that the rest of the time was too busy and he needed help considering he worked full time so there Jae had stood, wearing his work shirt and apron as he placed orders on different tables, sweating profusely."Where'd you go, Min? Too flustered to clap back now?", Minjae laughed loud and obnoxious, obviously amused by his shocked st
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chapter five
Your hands itch to hold onto my hips, I wait for you to do it while I button your shirt back up. There is a smile, soft and hesitant as you whisper my name thrice under your breath. Once into the air, twice into my hair. A kiss to my forehead and handprints imprinted on my skin, once again I feel like I'm floating, walking on thin ice as I thank God for not letting you say it for the fourth time. Please break my heart, please love me, please want me, please hurt me. Do whatever you want w me, just let it be me. Right now, before, after let it be me and not him.  - His phone dinged again when he was just about to turn the damn recorder again. He sighed annoyingly but opened her messages again.  JAEMINMIN: How old are you?  MINYOUNG-JAE: i'm 26  MINYOUNG-JAE: and u JAEMINMIN: Read more
chapter six
 With a curt nod, Young-Jae scurried behind the counter to make the chamomile tea again while she fished her phone out, deciding to toy with him a little more. Young-Jae's phone dinged and he flinched very slightly but clicked on the notification thinking it was another comment on his cam account. JAEMINMIN: Hey :)MINYOUNG-JAE: hi JAEMINMIN: How are you? I just got a break at work.MINYOUNG-JAE: ok MINYOUNG-JAE: hbu JAEMINMIN: I am good too. JAEMINMIN: Hey, your pictures are very nice! MINYOUNG-JAE: thanks JAEMINMIN: wanna see mine?The man ran a hand through his hair, thinking if he wanted to get rid of the mullet for a second but then again he thought it gave him a rich look so
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chapter seven
Even the changing landscapes weren't enough to drown out how much I missed you. It is wrong, I know. It is not supposed to happen, I know but I still want to keep you close to me whenever and however possible. I know it might be for just a second but I would still choose a second in your arms over millions in somebody else's. The sun sets, lights drown out and that is when you come to me. You come to me when the ache from another 'her' returns and I welcome you with arms wide open. It could be days, weeks, months, years from now and I'd still welcome you with arms aching from being held up in the air because I know it is wrong, I know it is not supposed to happen but I will forever choose a second with you than millions with others.  - Young-Jae had sent 'jaeminmin' a double text over two hours ago but she hadn't replied yet. He sighed finishing up after uploading his video on
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chapter eight
Aren't half of your assets are supposed to be transferred to my name after the divorce is finalized?," he asked with a smirk but Minjae broke out into laughter. "God, I'm so happy I didn't marry you. Please educate yourself before you talk to me, fucking uneducated bastard," she shook her head without even turning to face the man. "Whatever, I'm here to return the ring and everything you bought for me," he gritted through his teeth, not wanting to return the luxuries but he had no choice because of his pride. "Keep them. I don't want anything related to you near me. Oh and that includes you yourself.""Alright, I'll go but only after I have my coffee. You can't say no to that. I'm a customer and we wouldn't want a customer upset because he was denied service, now do we?", Jiwon grinned sadistically and Minjae's fists balled on
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chapter nine
It's a weird thing isn't it? To touch someone and feel like you're on fire when it's your fingertips that are freezing cold. They shiver on their own as I run them down your neck, your collarbones, the dip between and you huff, half at how agonizingly slow the touch is and half at how incredibly it affects you, makes you fall apart without realisation. It is all so elevating, the hair at the nape of your neck stand, my skin ripples in goosebumps and yours follows the effect. There is a fingertip, cold, nimble and long in the middle of my back. It splays up and runs down till I shiver, back arching into you and I part my mouth from yours in a whimper. It really is weird, isn't it? I break for you, shatter and turn over inside my body all because I get to touch you and most importantly, I get to be touched by you.  - Young-Jae only tilted his head in confusion as she went on talking to herself til
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chapter ten
"Here try this. It's like the best pasta ever," Hyunexclaimed transferring a generous amount of the dish onto Minjae's platter. She sighed and took in a deep breath, he was constantly feeding her new dishes she would taste. Every dish that was good enough and passed Minjae's checkpoint arrived at Young-Jae who further examined whether or not it'd be perfected by him. "I can't eat more," he whined tugging at Minjae's blazer sleeve and she whipped her head to him with furrowed brows and a very smile small on her face. "I promise this will be the last for today. Do you not like the food?", she asked scrunching her nose up and he vigorously shook his head no. Of course, he liked the food, it was the most delicious lunch he had ever had except that one time  Seok-Min had made him Bulgogi. "My stomach is gonna burst I swear to god," he groaned holding a hand
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