Bedroom Contract With Panther

Bedroom Contract With Panther

By:  farfalla  Ongoing
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“You hypnotize me. I want to kill you so bad but I also want to f**k you so hard that you won't be able to walk for days.”He said to me while his thumb traced the edges of my lips, making me shiver.“Since the day one, I've wanted this." He grabbed the fistful of my hair and devoured me. "Say it. I want to hear my name from these beautiful lips of yours.”He demanded. His dark eyes pierced my soul.“Rh-Rhys.” I said. His thin lips instantly curled up into a breathtakingly beautiful smile. “Now, I can't wait to hear you moan it.” Without wasting a second, he slammed his lips on mine. ------- Rhys Larsen got everything in his life. Breathtaking visuals, fame, and skills that left every girl awe in bed. However, he is afraid to make commitments. So, he is notorious as a playboy. But one night he came across a girl, with whom he wanted to elope with. She messed up with his heart and mind. Meanwhile, Alora Scarlett is a beautiful 21 years old girl. Ever since she was young, she lived a dictated life. But no one knows that she is a good girl behind the facade of raw wildness and desire and this hidden desire was brought out by that blue eyed man. He managed to make her free from the shackles of life. He made her rebel for once and she... she loved every second of it. Thus, they came up with a bedroom contract to satisfy their desires. ^_^ This story is a roller coaster ride of steamy romance, dreams and hardships one has to face in life. Please do give it a good read.

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9 Chapters
While watching press conference.
~Shhh... just a little more~ ALORA POV:He thrusts his length inside her wet pu**y. She tightened around his monstrous length, feeling every inch of him. A breathy moan escaped from her lips as she felt that and he could not stop himself from groaning as well. "I think it is possible for a man to die while having s*x." He said as he continued to torment her with his d**k. She could not help but chuckle. Little beads of sweat shining on her face and breasts. Those voluptuous curves of her body... she looked dazzling under the sunlight that was coming from the window of her room. She looked at him with the hazy eyes and ran her fingertips on his hard abs. Her touch was feather light but his body stiffened greatly. It showed how much power she held over him. And when he lost control of himself, he flipped her in one swift motion, taking her from behind. The sudden change in position made her moan louder than ever. Furthermore, he felt even deeper and bigger from behind. He grabbed the
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Long and dry night.
~I want to see your legs shaking~RHYS POV: The engines screamed as I raced around the track, the wind whipping past me in a blur of speed. My heart pounded in my chest as I pushed harder, each turn bringing me closer to the finish line. "Just one more lap, Larsen." Max said to me in my ear piece. "Push like hell." He added. "Got it, Max." I accelerated the car to the point where sparks started to fly from the tires. "Engine's getting hot." I told him. "You can do this. Judging from your speed you need 4 more seconds to go past Alex." Max was saying, "Just one last spurt." He encouraged me and I gritted my teeth. This is a do or die situation for me. For the last four months I have driven like crazy just to make it to the final and now that I am here, I am not going to let this chance slip away from my hands. I did not care about the heated engine either. If it will burst into flames, then let it be. I will burn with it."You do not need to worry about Ronald. There is a 10 second
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I am not interested in guys.
~Take it like a good girl~RHYS POV:2 weeks later:Past two week have been a hell for me. I thought after I will win the Grand Prix, I will get to enjoy more freedom but here things are going totally against my will. Mr. Anderson and Max are always keeping their eyes on me. So, I wouldn't become a part of some scandal again. Whew!! This is so hard. "Rhys, what are you doing tonight?" Mom asked me as she prepared the dinner. "I have plans with some friends. I am sorry, I wouldn't eat at home." I informed her. "Why are you so busy these days? I thought you are on a vacation." She pouted and it made me chuckle. I couldn't help but give her a hug. "You know I did not had time to hang out with my friends before. From next month, I am starting training again. So, I want to make a good use of this time. I promise, I will take you out for a good meal." I assured her. "It's alright. Don't worry about me. You should go and have fun." She patted my cheek with love. I have grown up in a fam
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Partner in crime.
~My pretty little girl~ ALORA POV:Not even in my wildest dream I thought he will find out about my identity so soon. I gulped nervously as I stared into his deep and black eyes. They were sparkling under the dim lights. "You..." He said and took a step closer to me, that made me move away instinctively and within a second, I was trapped between his arms like a prey. I had to get out of this situation. So, before he could say something, I spoke first, "What the hell are you talking about?" I narrowed my eyes and tried my best to sound little husky. After all the sneaking and cross dressing, I thought I was good at playing with others but in front of this man.... all of my composure was slipping away. His lips curled up into a devilish smirk while his eyes roamed freely on my body. I unconsciously fidgeted in my place under the scrutiny of his eyes. "Even with my eyes covered, I can tell that you are a girl. The lavender scent, your soft and fragile wrists.... they are giving it aw
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Feather like kiss.
~You look so beautiful.... having your shaking legs wrapped around my waist.~ALORA POV:He kissed me. Rhys Larsen kissed me. The touch of his lips was extremely soft and feather like but it was causing my toes to curl. It was making me crave for more and leaving me with anticipation. He did nothing. He did not deepen the kiss but I could feel that kissing Rhys would be a heavenly experience. When he pulled away, which only felt like eternity, I breathed heavily like I just finished a marathon. I warily glanced at him. However, he had his eyes on someone else.I tried to get rid of the tingling sensation on my lips by diverting my attention only to find that Linda was leaving. Now I get why he did that. In order to blend well with the crowd he kissed me so we would look like a couple and my guards wouldn't bother me. I let out a sigh of relief. However, that kiss, that lingering feel, the anticipation, it was only building. "Let's go. I will take you home." He grabbed my wrist me
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My boyfriend.
~I want you wet and ready for me~RHYS POV:It's been 2 days since I last saw her and damn... that girl is stuck in my head like she belongs there. I admit that she is intriguing, beautiful and passionate about racing. She got me hooked. Although I am curious about her identity and who she is, I couldn't bring myself to ask her. It looked like she did not want me to know. I even considered searching for her online. However, I dropped the idea because I thought I would want to hear it from her. I sighed as I put on my black jacket and left my room. "Mom, I will be late tonight." I informed her. "Where are you going? Don't tell me you will be drinking again." She glared at me with a stern look on her face. I couldn't help but chuckle. My relationship with my family is great. We are not like other families who talk once or twice a year. I love spending time with them, I love having a good meal with them and of course, I love talking with them. "Maybe you should really get a girlfrien
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Helping Dad to be a President.
~I want to do bad thing to you.~ Alora POV:My head was a mess. I did not expect to run into Rhys at the restaurant. However, it wasn't the fact that I saw him at the restaurant that was making me anxious but it was the look on his face when he looked at me before I left. It was more like he was challenging me. Challenging me to do something crazy. "Gosh." I kicked my legs in the air and let out a frustrated groan. I couldn't sleep a wink last night and it is all because of Rhys Larsen. "Damn him." I ran my fingers in my hair before pulling off the roots of them. I tried to push all those ridiculous thoughts aside and went to take a shower. On every sunday, I have breakfast with my Dad and that's the only time in a week when I get to talk to him comfortably. So, I took a shower, brushed my hair and went downstairs. Dad was already sitting on the head seat of the table. "Good morning, Dad". I said to him before pulling the chair on his right hand side. "Good morning, Sweetheart."
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Appointed as an ambassador.
~You sprawled on my bed, naked and wet for me.~ALORA POV: 3 days later: I slipped into a formal pink colour suit while Mr. Smith and Linda took me to the office of the Riders. All the way my heart was beating so fast that I could feel it in my throat and it wouldn't be a surprise if it would jump out from my chest. The deafening sound was making me nauseous. "I have met up with the guys of the team and trust me they are really great. Mr. Anderson is also going to be there for you and Linda, you have to be by her side. I do not want her to leave her with a bunch of guys alone. Stay away from all kinds of trouble, stay away from any rumours. I do not want this plan to backfire." The hint of caution and thread behind Mr. Smith's words was more than enough to deliver the hidden message behind this he does not want me to involve with those guys privately. That's the jist of his warning. "I know I am not a kid and this isn't my first rodeo." I said to him, Mr. Smith has been working f
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What are you doing here?
RHYS POV:I was not expecting to see Alora at the company. When I saw her, for a second I thought I was dreaming because these days all I can think about is her. However, the news that she is going to be the ambassador for the Riders was like a bolt out of blue for me. It wasn't that I was mad at her for doing this job but I was mad at her acting like I do not faze her. Alora is a liar, she is one filthy liar and what proves my point is the fact that I can clearly see that she is not happy to be with her boyfriend but the act that she is putting on in front of everyone is what is making me furious."Are you going to watch our matches?" Oliver asked her. "Yes, of course. I am going to attend your matches. I am the ambassador after all." She sweetly told him. Please tell me she doesn't talk like this with all the guys.... The ping in my heart got intense. "Let's go. I have to show you around." I couldn't help but take her away from the guys otherwise these bunch of horny guys are not
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