Protecting The Heir

Protecting The Heir

By:  anlaS0  Ongoing
Language: English
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From knowing nothing to knowing something. That one secret that my father kept turned my world around. I wonder where everything started? After meeting HADES. They became my happiness and family. One day my dad revealed to me that he was a mafia leader. He hid his identity away from so that I wouldn’t be in danger. However, my dad couldn’t keep the secret any longer as I got into danger. He had no choice but to let me live under the same roof as HADES. Yes, a group trained by my father to protect me. Not to mention they were all guys. To my sister in heaven. I never knew you went under such pressure in your life. But I hope that you’re doing well up there. I miss you. Even if I don’t have memories of us being together. One day my dad revealed to me that he was a mafia leader. He hid his identity away from so that I wouldn’t be in danger. However, my dad couldn’t keep the secret any longer as I got into danger. He had no choice but to let me live under the same roof as HADES. Yes, a group trained by my father to protect me. Not to mention they were all guys. To my sister in heaven. I never knew you went under such pressure in your life. But I hope that you’re doing well up there. I miss you. Even if I don’t have memories of us being together.

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13 chapters
Chapter 1: The School Duo
Have you ever felt that you lost something important to you? Because I did. At the age of ten, when I woke up. I couldn’t remember a single memory. Not even who my parents were. According to my parents, I got into an accident on the way back to school. They said that whoever caused the accident fled from the scene and was never found. That is my life. I lost ten years of memories and also lost an older sister. Her name was Hannah Ambroise. According to the maids in the house, they said everyone loved her. She was bright, intelligent, and loved by everyone. It’s unfair how we’re not alike. “Sofia! Hello?” After hearing my close friend, Micah Dehila calling for my name. I snapped out of my zone  “Sorry, where were you?” I asked Micah, who sighed and flicked my forehead. I groaned softly and rubbed my forehead. “You weren’t listening to me again. How can you?” She scolded me. “I was caught up in my own dream,” I confe
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Chapter 2: The Pink Haired Man
What kind of situation am I in? Since when were knives allowed inside a night bar? I looked at the knife pointed onto my neck and gulped."Release me," I ordered though I knew he wouldn't listen."That necklace. Do you even know what that is?" The man asked me. Judging from his voice, he didn't sound young but some from his thirties."I don't. It's something my sister owned," I calmly answered the man. While my eyes wandered, trying to find a solution way out."You're sister? What is her name?" The man asked, making me wonder why he was invading my privacy."You don't need to know," I scoffed. "Rather, what makes you think I'll tell you?""Young miss, your life is on the line right now.""You're right. However, my privacy is important," I stated loud and clear, which made the man tighten his grip around my neck.I winced in pain and noticed I was slowly being choked by the man. I thought it was the end of me not until the door
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Chapter 3: Ambroise Family
It has been three days since then the incident had happened. Trust me when I told myself to forget about it. I couldn’t. I couldn’t help but feel bothered by the necklace.I stood in front of a memorial picture of my sister, who looked exactly like me when I was younger. I removed the necklace off my neck and placed it in front of her.“Just what is this?” I asked her.The young girl brightly smiling in the picture was my older sister, Hannah Ambroise. Since we’re siblings, it’s natural to look like each other.I stared at the necklace and wondered why it was so important that even strangers asked me about it. I haven’t heard from father since he hasn’t been home. The same goes for my mother.Well, without them, I don’t think I can live a luxurious life. But they’re lucky I don’t like spending their money. Since it feels like I’m wasting their hard work, spending on useless thi
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Chapter 4: Normal Students
I guess life is unexpectedly a mystery. In a world where mafias ruled the underground. While the businessmen ruled the overworld that even the government couldn’t control them.  Tuesday 6:30 am I woke up earlier than usual, and I didn’t know why. I was sitting on my bed while scrolling through my feed, seeing the same usual boring thing except for the recent news about a murder in an alley.  Do people kill each other just for money, for justice, or for fun? Well, what can I say? We’ll never know since human nature is like a snake.  I stood up and prepared myself for the day. I have to go to school today. I don’t want to keep Micah and Soleil worried about me. Since I didn’t read their messages yesterday. 
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Chapter 5: Unusualness
“Care to explain what I saw earlier?” Micah nudged my arm with a cheeky expression. “What? Isn’t it normal for classmates to talk to one another?” I answered back. “Since when did you guys become this close?” Soleil asked me as she tended to her fingernails. “I left home earlier than usual. I didn’t expect them to be in school this early, too,” I truthfully answered her. Which is not entirely a lie. “Not really,” said Micah as her brows rose, and she pointed her finger at me. “I won’t ask anything further. But if one day. You become close to them. Don’t forget me.” Soleil and I laughed at Micah for being overly dramatic. Not in a hundred years will I ever ditch Micah and Soleil. Then a group of girls stood by our classroom doors and called for Soleil. Micah and I looked at each other than at Soleil as she walked towards the group of girls. Micah moved to sit beside me and whispered. “Why is she talking to them?” “I don’
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Chapter 6: Friendship Broken
As I walked to our table. I heard the voice of Soleil laughing with another group of girls. When our eyes met. I gave her a smile and waved my hands at her. But she ignored it. It doesn’t feel right at all. Soleil, I don’t understand why you’re treating us this way. Unless because you’re sick about Micah, and I don’t stand out as much. I placed the tray on the table and grabbed a spoon of mashed potato. Then shoved it into my mouth. Another tray was placed on the table. I looked up and watched Joshua sit beside me. “What’s wrong?” He asked me. I looked away from him and questioned myself for staring at him. “Nothing.” “I see,” Joshua took his seat and began eating his lunch. “Are you always this quiet while eating?” “Hmm, you can say it became a habit. When I eat at home, it is completely silent on the table,” I awkwardly laughed. “Which is why I prefer being in school rather than at home, alone.” I never thought much about it.
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Chapter 7: Sudden Question
I picked up the chair Soleil pushed to the ground. Then looked at Micah, who was rumbling mean words.  Micah couldn’t forgive Soliel and the truth to be told. I couldn’t either, but unlike Micah, I was reminded to stay cool-headed.  Micah looked at me and asked, “Can’t you get angry, or aren’t you mad at all?” I softly laughed as I didn’t know how to respond to her.  “Well…I am angry. But we’re in school. I can’t just lash everything out,” I tried answering her.  “You should get angry more. I don’t like the fact you always stay calm in everything,” Micah looked away from me and pulls out a black notebook from her bag. “I didn’t want to do this, but she’s now in my death notebook.” I guess this is how friendships are. There will be those who aren’t genuine at all. No, I’m actually at fault. I should have known what kind of person Soleil was. But her acting was too great that I didn’t notice. “Micah, did you ever noti
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Chapter 8: A Bit Terrified
You don’t have to stay with me,” I covered half of my face using my notebook while Joshua continued to stare at me. If he continues to look at me like that. I might find things a bit complicated.  “It’s alright. I told you having a change of space can help when it comes to studying,” chuckled Joshua. No, it’s not alright at all. If any of the famous girls see me together with him. There is a million chance something terrible might happen to me. As much I admit it. Joshua is handsome. His facial features are just something other boys don’t have.  It didn’t look like the typical masculine or cold-looking guy. Each expression he made looked gentle, and not a single fierceness was hinted at.  At this point, studying for the test would become pointless. The distraction is too much for me to handle. How, no rather what. What am I doing? I must have looked like a fool or a random fan experiencing this unexpected fan meeting.  “Sti
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Chapter 9: Scared For My Life
I woke up with a terrible headache. The back of my head was aching as if I got hit by a brick.  I stabilized my vision before looking around the area. Where am I? The ceiling was high, and there were barely any lights around me. I struggled against the ropes around my arms as I tried to remove the rope.  But every time, I struggled against the rope. It would burn my skin. I hissed as I felt a burning sensation around my arms. I stopped struggling and instead continued to observe where I was.  It smelled like gasoline, and I could hear the sounds of waves splashing onto a wall. If I put it all together. I'm sure I'm near a seaport right now. I don't understand why I'm here, but there must be at least some way to get out of here.  "You're awake?" I heard a deep voice ask from behind. I didn't bother to look who it was since I was slightly frightened.  "W-who are you?" I stuttered and acted tough, which was a complete fai
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Chapter 10: The Truth Will Be Revealed
When I opened my eyes and heard the heart monitor beeping. I knew that I had been asleep for a while. I remembered everything that had happened—and thinking about how I almost died scared me to death.  I grasped onto the bedsheet as I thought I almost died back there. Everything was still clear that the words J told me still lingered in my ears. “Daughter of Harrison, not just a businessman, hiding me all these past few years. Is there anything my father is hiding from me?” I muttered to myself, staring at the ceiling.  I gasped aloud and sat on the bed, looking around the room. Where am I? It doesn’t look like the hospital room. It’s more like a house, and the room was bigger than mine.  I detached the IV needle, and my foot met the cold black marble floor. I walked towards the glass pane that was as tall as the wall. I touched the glass pane and looked down to see a flat green grass.  On the side, there was an infinity po
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