Mr. CEO, Please Marry My Mommy

Mr. CEO, Please Marry My Mommy

By:  Moonlight Muse  Completed
Language: English
104 ratings
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Cheated and humiliated by her husband, the heiress Dahlia’s life is turned upside down. In a burst of anger she vows to prove to the world she doesn’t need anyone. An unplanned kiss with Dane, a young upcoming businessman who has secrets of his own; opens the doors to new possibilities and makes them join hands. What will happen when the two realise they have far more in common then they ever thought? When lies are uncovered and secrets are spilt, will their budding love blossom? Or will this world of danger, desire and deceit tear them apart? ----- "Are you naturally clumsy, Ms El Nazari, or do you just need an excuse to fall into my arms?” I frowned pushing him away, trying not to pay attention to how firm and toned his body was. "You can carry on wishing Mr Altaire,” I said haughtily, stepping closer I patted his cheek. “I don't do younger men.” ----- I'll close my eyes, Mama. So you can kiss Uncle!” Aria's words made my eyes widen in shock. "We aren't kissing!" I said, quickly rushing off to find a bowl for the beans. I didn't miss Dane's smirk as Aria's eyes became shadowed. Her cheerful mood from moments earlier vanished as she looked down at her shoes. "But I want uncle to be my daddy.”

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Gayatri Devra
how amazing ... ... ...️ ...️ ... ...️
2024-02-04 22:15:22
user avatar
“Another One”-DJ Khaled voice! Moonlight Muse does not disappoint. Different from her Alpha/Dragon series as it’s down to earth human based but still with suspense and romance we all love. Great read and will keep you on your toes. Thank you Muse!!
2024-01-15 03:07:37
default avatar
Love this story, Moonlight Muse is an amazing author.
2023-12-17 08:12:29
user avatar
I love her books, they always give me an adrenaline rush. This story is one of them, and it’s not for the faint hearted
2023-11-09 18:40:24
user avatar
samira mashni
I just love re reading this book ...
2023-09-04 04:15:57
user avatar
You can’t predict the next scene..
2023-08-10 23:35:58
user avatar
Barbara Chandler
i love thus book!!! cant wait for more like it !!!
2023-07-29 03:47:14
user avatar
Theresa Clark
Each new book I read from Muse, takes me on a different journey. No two books are the same. I really enjoyed this tale and Muse, keep doing what you do best. your talent to draw your readers in and let them feel like they are there in character is what make all your books exceptional.
2023-07-21 09:48:58
user avatar
Giovanna Anose
what an Amezing storie....I really enjoy it.
2023-07-20 08:32:38
user avatar
D. Gill
I love all of Muse’s books! This one was a really good read.
2023-06-24 21:56:31
default avatar
Nicky Esparon
I loved this book. So sad it’s ended. You truly are an amazing writer
2023-06-16 05:41:02
user avatar
The story is really great, and it keeps you on your toes from beginning to end. Love the characters' growth and development, and not just the main characters. And the chemistry between Lila and Dane is off the charts!
2023-06-09 09:58:06
user avatar
Another amazing book! I couldn’t put it down
2023-06-09 06:01:12
default avatar
Sharline Smith
Muse has done it again, gripping story that I can’t put down
2023-06-09 01:56:42
user avatar
Summer Tutty
wow this was an amazing read Moonlight Muse ...️...️ always delivering the goods, what an amazing story line loved every chapter
2023-06-02 11:17:45
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87 Chapters
1. A Betrayal
DAHLIA   “Aria! Where are you?” I called out to my 6-year-old daughter. Looking around the foyer of our mansion I could not see anyone but one of the house staff, Maya arranging flowers in a vase in the centre of the hall. She lowered her head to me politely. “Ma’am, Aria is hiding in the master's office.” She said politely. “Thank you, Maya.” I said, shaking my head as I made my way through to my husband's office, my smile that I had taken years to perfect no matter how upset I may be inside threatened to falter. Aria was not my husband's daughter and because of it I know he disliked her going into his office no matter how much he tried to hide it, I often saw the irritation or annoyance on his handsome face.  “Aria my darling?” I said entering the room, how did she know the code? A light giggle drew me to the desk and I shook my head crossing my arms. “Hmm it seems Ari isn't here, that’s fine I shall go have pancakes by myself
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2. An Impulsive Decision
DAHLIA “How dare you!” I shouted, pain and anger consuming me. I looked at the coffee that the cheating slut was offering me, and whacked it out of her hand not caring when she screamed, the burning hot coffee spilling over her. It wasn’t enough, the pain within my chest was suffocating me. “Dahlia!” Warren said as he grabbed some tissues patting Kendra’s shirt. My eyes stung with tears, how dare he! How dare he do this to me? What was I lacking? I pushed him away, knocking him into the tray that stood on the corner of his desk.  Grabbing Kendra’s arm, I slapped her hard across the face. The resounding echo, loud in the now quiet room. She just stood there, whimpering in pain and fear as if she didn’t even know what she had done wrong. “Darling, listen to me, what is the matter?” Warren asked. I could hear the fear and worry in his voice. I turned angrily to him. “How dare you ask me that! You cheated on me! You gave her t
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3. A Deal
DAHLIA Two weeks had passed since the scandal had hit the Nazari Empire, the stocks had taken a blow when the world found out about the collapse of my marriage. I had applied for a divorce on the basis of infidelity. My failed marriage was plastered on the cover of every newspaper and business magazine, every assumption and every remark were only adding salt to the already deep wounds that Warren had left me with. But I was still trying to remain strong and composed. True to my words I had appointed Dane Altaire as CEO, although the official signing was to take place very soon. I was not going to move from my decision although the board of directors were trying to break my resolve at every meeting. On top of that my father had summoned me, he had been abroad on a holiday when everything had happened but had returned home swiftly when he realised what had occurred. My chauffeur Markus now drove through the gates of the huge Nazari estate, the place was
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4. A Dinner Party
    Dane Three Days had passed since my dinner with Dahlia, or should I say the spoilt princess. She was partially a mystery to me; at times she didn’t seem to care that her husband had cheated on her and then at other times I thought I saw the sadness behind those alluring grey eyes. I frowned, stopping my train of thought. She was nothing more to me than a stepping stool to get to where I wanted. I stepped out of the bedroom of my small apartment in the busy city, it wasn’t too big but it was well kept and decorated with a modern interior. I had only recently moved out of my family’s small apartment and if I was going to do this then I didn’t want to draw too much attention to who my parents were. Tonight was the party in my honour, celebrating my new status as CEO of the multi-billionaire company. I looked in the mirror, the suit I wore was well-tailored in a dark navy shade, underneath it I wore a red shirt, a few buttons
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5. Scandals & Lies
DAHLIA My heart thumped in my chest, which rose and fell erratically. Stepping back I looked at the clearly drunk and dishevelled Warren. It was the first time I was seeing him since that day and although I had invited him to show him that I didn’t need him, I did not expect him to be in such a state. “Dahlia! So is this the bastard who you left me for?” He spat coldly as he staggered towards me. “Security!” I heard father thunder. Warren was ruining their relationship as much as he was his own. Warren glared at me; I could see the anger he felt as he looked me over. He had spent the last 2 weeks pleading, begging and promising to do better through texts, emails and every other way possible. I refused to listen. Once a cheater, always a cheater. The only interaction from my side had been when I sent him the divorce papers. Papers he would never sign without a fight. “Mark my words! I will destroy the both of you!” He hissed, keeping his voice
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6. Over A Cup Of Coffee
DANE “Would you like to come inside for a coffee?” I looked at her, trying not to look at the way water trickled down her collar bones and into her cleavage. This was not a good idea… I glanced at the mansion hesitating. Should I agree? “Sure, I guess I could use a hot drink.” I said quietly, not missing her eyes widened in surprise. I raised an eyebrow. “Why ask if you didn’t want me to agree?” I asked. She shook her head vigorously, a tendril of hair falling in front of her face. My fingers itched to brush it aside. “No, no that’s not it. I owe you, come on in.” She said getting out of the car as she hurried to the door, my jacket around her shoulders. She reached inside her purse and took her keys out. Unlocking the door, she stepped aside allowing me to pass. I looked around the entrance hall that was dimly lit by the rectangular wall lamps that glowed warmly spread across the soft brown panelled walls. The floor was marble and the
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7. A Bad Start To The Day
DAHLIA The following morning dawned rather cold; I was sitting in the car with Aria. We would drop her at school before I headed to work. When Warren was around, he forced me to stay home from work more often than not. At the time I didn’t mind, loving to spend more time with Aria. Ever since baba became ill, I had worked a lot more. I wondered if Warren's reason was so he could mess around at work. Were there other women at work he had been sleeping with? Just the thought sent a pang of pain through me. I was annoyed at the same time. I sighed until I felt someone watching me and looked at Aria who was watching me thoughtfully. “Is everything ok darling?” I asked her, caressing her hair that was in two pigtails. “Is mama sad because daddy left us?” She said. I froze, my smile vanishing. “Who said daddy left us?” “Kids at school, and Mrs Riddle was telling the other teacher…” Aria mumbled. I frowned, feeling anger spike inside.
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8. A Day At Work
DANE I looked up at her not missing the anger and pain she was fighting and closed my laptop. “Don’t be foolish.” I said now standing up. I looked down at her. She was still a few inches shorter than me even with her heels. She wore a red silk blouse and a black skirt that hugged her figure perfectly. “Excuse me?” She said glaring at me, I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow. “Don’t be stupid. If you fire those women they’ll just realise you really are affected by it all. Let them carry on, they're not worth it.” “This is my company Mr. Altaire!” She snapped. I raised an eyebrow. This woman really did know how to give someone a headache. I frowned. “Look. This company is already at a very rocky point. So, tell me what do you want? To fire a few women for having an affair with your ex. Or to stabilise it? Your ex-husband is mostly to blame. He’s the one who cheated on you.” I said coldly. She looked away but I knew that had hit home.
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9. Missing!
DAHLIA I turned away from him, I had no idea why I even told him that. The fear of something happening to Aria ate at me like maggots ate the flesh of a dead body. I felt sick and the anxiety was building. I made to run down the steps but I had only taken two steps when he grabbed my wrist making me gasp as I almost stumbled. If he had not been holding me, I would have fallen. I turned and saw him frowning deeply as if struggling with himself. “I’ll take you.” He said curtly, walking past me and down the stairs still holding me. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at his back. He was helping me? We had just reached his car and drove out of the parking lot when my phone rang. The name Markus flashing on the screen. “Ma’am! The school CCTV showed that it was Master Warren who took her!” He said, it was clear he was rather panicked. At least Markus was one of the rare ones I trusted and knew he took care of Aria with genuine care. “Thanks
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10. A Mysterious Call
WARREN I looked at my reflection. That bastard! How dare he strike me! Middle-class scum! I slammed my hand into the mirror. This wasn’t going to work. I had seen the look in Dahlia’s eyes when he dragged her out! Jealousy reared its ugly head and I felt it spread through me. She was mine. She couldn't leave me. I frowned thinking back to our time married. She had been the perfect wife… but a man couldn't just be tied to one woman. Why couldn't she see that? I took my phone and looked at the hundreds of miscalls from Kendra. Maybe it was high time I used her. An hour later, I had stopped the bleeding and had my nose set back in place. I was fuming. Kendra had just arrived, and she was more than happy that I called her. She ran into my arms and I simply caressed her hair. Now noticing all the differences between Dahlia and her. Her hair wasn’t as thick or silky as Dahlia’s. She smelt of strong perfume whilst Dahlia’s was always subtle yet seductive… Ev
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