My Marriage Is A Contract

My Marriage Is A Contract

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You'll regret this Charlotte, I'll make sure of that," Sebastian threatened furiously at the woman who crashed into his car. Sebastian Gerano is the most feared business man not only in his country but beyond, due to his arrogant and ruthless nature. He isn't one to forgive or forget. Charlotte Brooks, the only daughter of the famous Brooks family crashes into his car and refuses to bow before Sebastian daring him to do his worst. Will Sebastian manage to bring her to her knees especially now that she is bound to marry him or will Charlotte manage to stand up to her husband especially when she finds out that he is her arch enemy's lover? Find out in My Marriage is a Contract.

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123 Chapters
Chapter One: Crashed into his car.
"Nice shot Charlotte, " Her manager complimented as he helped Charlotte to get down. She had just finished with a photoshoot and she was exhausted. "Thank you," said Charlotte as she headed over to her make up artist to adjust her make up before leaving the studio. The manager followed her to inform her about something he had just seen. "Charlotte, have you seen the new rankings?" He asked as he brought out his phone to show her. "Here, have a look," said the manager as he handed over his phone to Charlotte. Charlotte glanced at him "It's out already?" She asked in surprise as she collected the phone from the manager. She wasn't expecting the list till tomorrow. "Yeah, it's out already and as usual, you're still the number one model in the world." The manager said with a big smile on his face. "As expected," said Charlotte as she checked out herself in the mirror. She smiled as she was satisfied with her look. She then turned and focused her attention on the phone in her hand. C
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Chapter Two: The revelation
"Mom, why did you call me here suddenly?" Charlotte asked in a serious tone all trace of friendliness gone. "Come let's discuss this in my room," Martha said gesturing for Charlotte to follow her. Henry, Charlotte and Martha all headed into her room with Henry closing the door behind them. "Have a seat Charlotte," Henry said making Charlotte feel more anxious. Charlotte did as her older brother told her to and sat down on her mom's bed. "Charlotte..." Her mom started. "What I am about to tell you will change your life forever." Martha walked over to her daughter and sat down beside Charlotte. "Before your father died, he had a best friend. They grew up together and did everything together. They were inseparable." Martha started. "Mom, why are you telling me this?" Charlotte asked in irritation. Talking about her father always made Charlotte sensitive as she never knew him before he died. Her mom was eight months pregnant with her when he died in a car accident. She had lived h
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Chapter Three: Get married to her
What?!" Diego exclaimed. He was shocked and confused at the same time. "I do not understand." Alexander explained everything to his son. "You are really close to your brother and so, I would suggest you tell him that there is no way out of this marriage." Alexander dismissed Diego as he was done with him. There was no one that would change his mind about getting Sebastian married. Sebastian reminded Alexander of his younger self. He was exactly how Sebastian was, cold and horrible. He had only one goal and that was to be successful. He did become successful but he did not feel happiness. He felt empty and alone inside until he met his wife Victoria. She filled the empty space in his heart and brought happiness into his life. He did not want Sebastian to make the same mistake he did which was why he wanted this marriage so badly. Charlotte was the one who would bring light into his son's dark world. He had watched her closely for years hence, he knew he was not wrong in making s
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Chapter Four: We meet again
"There, all done," Charlotte's make-up artist said after he finished dolling her up. "You look fantastic," he complimented as he took a picture of her. Charlotte looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. She was wearing a long black strapless dress which showed a little bit of her cleavage. The dress hugged her body bringing out her curves. Her long hair had been straightened and it was touching her back. Her make-up artist did a bold and smoky eye make-up for Charlotte. In one word she looked stunning. She looked at the time and saw that she was already running late as the party had already started. The rest of her family were already at the party. "Wish me luck," she requested as she headed downstairs where a limo was waiting for her. Charlotte took a deep breath as her car entered the Gerano Mansion. She was finally here. In a few moments from now, she would be meeting Sebastian Gerano and just thinking about it made her anxiety return. The anxiety she was feelin
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Chapter Five: Trapped by Alexander
"We finally meet Miss Brooks," Sebastian said with a grin on his face as he watched the colour drain from Charlotte's face. Her reaction to finding out that he was Sebastian Gerano was priceless. "Y-you are Sebastian Gerano," Charlotte said in horror. What kind of luck did she have? The man whose car she crashed into was the same man she was to get married to. She should have known from his arrogant nature that he wasn't an ordinary person. Charlotte felt a little bit afraid of what would happen to her. She had challenged Sebastian to do his worst after crashing into his car. He had threatened to make her pay for what she did to him and now her marriage had been arranged with him. Wouldn't Sebastian take advantage of that opportunity to make her life miserable? After all, he was known for his unforgiving nature. "Yes I am," Sebastian answered. "So do you still not care about who I am?" Sebastian asked with an expressionless face; his black cold eyes starring at Charlotte so int
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Chapter Six: She rejects!
Diego had left, Charlotte turned to face Sebastian. "We need to talk about this marriage," She said in a serious tone. "Come with me." Sebastian grabbed Charlotte's hand and took her to a quiet place as the hall was a bit noisy plus, he did not want anyone to interrupt their conversation. "What is there to talk about?" He asked. "Your father and my father signed a contract stating that we would get married as soon as you turn twenty four. What don't you understand there?""It's not that I do not understand, I just don't accept it!" Charlotte answered. "What don't you accept?" Sebastian asked, his eyes fixed on Charlotte.Getting stared at like that made Charlotte uncomfortable and she shifted restlessly trying to avoid Sebastian's eyes. Why did he have such an effect on her?"I do not accept this marriage, Sebastian. There is nothing in this world that will force me to get married to you!" Charlotte said as she looked at Sebastian with contempt. "Please go and tell your father tha
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Chapter Seven: Let's get married
"I have come to see my future wife," Sebastian said casually. "What?!" Charlotte yelled, not sure she had heard right. He couldn't have said future wife. No! She must have heard wrong. "I have come to see my future wife," Sebastian repeated shamelessly. He himself was surprised by how he was acting as it was not like him to act in such a way but as the saying goes, 'all is fair in love and war. Charlotte could feel her blood boiling. She had made it clear that she didn't want to get married to him so why was he still referring to her as his future wife? "I already told you that I do not want to get married to you. Were you deaf when I was speaking to you?!" She snapped in irritation. Sebastian clenched his fists in anger. He did not like Charlotte's tone but there was nothing he could do about it at least for now. However, he wouldn't think twice about teaching her some manners once she becomes his wife. "I wasn't deaf when you were speaking to me...""Then why are you here at t
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Chapter Eight : His proposal
Charlotte felt like killing the person who had interrupted what was about to happen between her and Sebastian. Couldn't the person have waited a few more minutes before calling? Those were the thoughts running through her mind before she came to her senses and remembered that she wasn't supposed to be getting close to any man, especially Sebastian Gerano.But what could she do, the man could make her lose her senses just by his touch. Sebastian felt really awkward after what had happened. The room suddenly became small and it was suffocating and all he wanted was to get out of there. He didn't want to leave abruptly as that would make things more awkward and Charlotte might start having the notion that she drove him crazy just by getting close to her. His phone stopped ringing and Sebastian took it out from his pocket to see who had interrupted what was about to happen. He was grateful to whoever called as they had stopped him from making the biggest mistake of his life. He hat
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Chapter Nine : Worried about her
Charlotte woke up the next morning with a hazy vision and a confused mind. She had thought that if she got some sleep, she would be able to think clearly but she was wrong as she was still confused. Should she accept Sebastian's proposal or not? That was the question that was running through her mind. She would lose either way and it was now up to her to choose how she wanted to lose. She sat up and grabbed her phone. She checked the time and saw that she was already late for her shoot. 'Shit!' Charlotte cursed and jumped out of her bed. She had overslept. She grabbed her towel and quickly headed into the shower to have her bath. She had never overslept so why did she today and on the day of such an important event. "Sebastian Gerano," her mind unconsciously answered. Great, she was going to be late all because of Sebastian and his stupid proposal. There was no way she would accept his proposal now. That man was trouble! ****Sebastian checked the car's mirror for the umpteenth
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Chapter Ten: I accept.
Charlotte parked her car opposite the tall building. On the opposite side of the road, she could clearly see the Gerano corporation standing high and tall. She took a deep breath trying to calm herself down. She was about to take a very big step in her life and it made her really nervous. She had decided to accept Sebastian's offer. She had to do it for her family and for herself. She would lose too much if she rejected the marriage. She and Sebastian would get married after which they would go their separate ways for a year. She took another deep breath and stepped outside her car. She entered the building and as usual, she was greeted with stares from the people who were present as she walked in. Normally, Charlotte didn't mind the stares as it was part of her life but it was really irritating to her right now. Would it kill them to stop staring at her? She was already uncomfortable as it was. Their stares were just adding to her discomfort. She didn't know where Sebastian's o
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