The Duke's Unwanted Wife

The Duke's Unwanted Wife

By:  Greyworrld  Ongoing
Language: English
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Natalia Adamantine was the prized jewel of the capital of the Kingdom of Ducroft. As such, she was married to the Duke of Kristen, one of the most powerful men in the kingdom, tied to the Kin. Ten years later, she is throwing herself off a building, ending the misery of her life. Now, she's brought back to the past, the day she is being married to her husband. Unable to refuse the marriage, she plots a way to escape her fate and create a new life for herself. Marvis Jane was an orphan with a secret who had his life change when the Crown prince of the empire makes him his secret weapon. Even though he would give his life for the crown prince, he soon becomes the scapegoat for the crown prince and is branded the murderer of the imperial family. He is rescued from the brink of death by a passerby who had as much distrust for him as he did for her. Faced with an uncertain future, the two grudgingly work together, creating a bond unbroken by time or magic.

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    While falling from the building, there was only one thought in her head. 'If rebirth is real, I hope I'm not born ever again. Life is too horrid to live again'Her head hit the ground, splitting into a million pieces. The perfect way to die for someone who wanted to be unrecognized and forgotten. Like a painful dream, she opens her eyes and she's back again, 10 years in the past. She was back to the day she was being married off to the duke who was destined to abandon her and love another, to a prince who was obsessed with other people's possessions, and a witch who pretended to be a saint. 'One of you gods up there must be messing with me, right?! I said I didn't want to live again! What is the meaning of this?!'Brought to the past, Natalia has two choices, flight or fight. ---------------------What would've become a wasteful life in the slums was reversed when he had a hand stretched out to him. The prince was charming a
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    1: Fairy Mother Madaline
    {You know the language of fae because you learned it?}“If you can use magic, it’s a simple language to learn. The god made it possible for us to use magic that easily”{I see. That is why I sense foul magic on you}“It might be the curse that brought me back to the past. Do you know, fairy mother, that I have lived this life already? It’s a hellish life”{Read more
    2: Hard To Swallow
    “I greet you, my lord” she bowed. “Just sit and let us start lunch”Apparently, he also adhered to the tradition and didn’t eat before going to his wedding ceremony. She sat gracefully, waiting for the first course. She could feel his stare burn a hole in her side but she refused to look at him. If she looked at him, he would regard her with disgust. If she didn’t look at him, he would think she was being disrespectful. He was aggravating, if not anything. The first course soon arrived. While the aroma steaming from the duke’s food was tempting, the course served to the duke’s new wife was subpar. There was evidence of the meat rotting and the sauce barely had any taste. The smell of the duke’s food covered the smell so nobody noticed anything was wro
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    3: Wedding Night
    For the wedding night, Natalia had to go to the duke’s room. As she walked through the dark corridors, the fear of past and present merged, making her steps falter. She held fast to the object inside her sleeve, trying to calm herself. It was bad enough she was dizzy and still had to use magic in that state. She reached the door and it was opened for her by the duke’s guards. They stared at her with dark eyes, like they could devour her at any moment. She knew they weren’t human. They were beastkin, the reason why dragons hoovered on the roofs of the castle. Her heart beat faster as she entered the familiar room. It was just like her room, huge and depressing. He wasn’t there so she had time to set up. She took the object out of her sleeve and set it on the bedside table. She waved her glowing fingers over it and it lit with
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    4: A Place to Belong
    It had been a week since she got married and got contracted to Madaline. The effects were immediate. She felt lighter and could use magic with so much ease, it was ridiculous. With power like that, it would be easy to get away with poisoning herself and escaping. The situation in the dukedom was as she expected. Even Wilbur forgot about her existence. No one came to assign the duties of the duchess to her and she was left alone, save for mealtimes. They were as dreadful as ever but it brought her closer to her goal. If they treated her nicely, it would be difficult to implicate them when the time came. “I slept well again today”The duke was convinced they spent the first night together and no longer called her to his room. In her past, he only did it once every three months to avoid the eyes
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    5: A Worthless Venture
    {You want a poison that will make you seem like you are dead?} “I want to slowly escape this place after all. I want to go somewhere without the reach of my family or this kingdom. The best place to go is the Empire of Illumine. This is the reason for my contract” {You changed your mind about dying?} “If I die, it will change nothing. I want to get rid of this regret first” {You know
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    6: Cage Russell
    Since she spent the better half of her first married year looking up and down for the elusive man, she could recognize him and his route even in her sleep. No one was assigned to help her so she bent her back to find and persecute Cage. Even the lowly guards of Traisen mocked her, the duchess who chased after another man. There were rumors that he was her secret lover. The descent of her reputation started from there. “I wish I were his lover. He is a better man than Fredrich would ever be”When she finally met Cage, he eluded her grasp more than one. He said his hobby was messing up noble ladies, seeing them descend into depravity, giving them the pleasure their uptight husbands couldn’t give. Because she was so intent on finding him, it made her his next target. Natalia fell for his sweet words and started to look forward to seeing him more. She had her dignity as a noble so she didn’t fall for him but the pleasure that Fredrich couldn’t give her tempted her. It was
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    7: The Town of Traisen
    The stuffy air of the carriage was hard to endure when the breeze was fresh outside in the city. Everything the man in front of her harped entered one ear and came out of the next. It was okay to ignore him, especially as she searched the crowd for familiar faces. Even after 10 years, her memories were still fresh, making her mission easier. “Milady, we would alight here. Please hold on to this”“Thank you” she smiled, taking the tablet. It had traces of fae magic which in the past, burnt her fingers when she took it. It was one of Wilbur’s many pranks. In the past, she flinched whenever she touched it but when she took it, even after a burn appeared on her hand, she didn’t flinch. The carriage door opened and she got down, leaving the stunned butler inside. It was the
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    8: The Skills Of A Married Woman
    “Who are you and what do you want from me?”“KNEEL”He fell to his knees, the dagger dropping from his grasp. Her heels rested on his head, pushing it into the ground. He felt her cold eyes rake over his body and the chill that accompanied it. “This is the last time I would tolerate such behavior from you. I am your master and you serve me. I don’t need to answer your questions”“I do NOT have a master,” he grunted, struggling under the hold. “If you defy me one more time, you will be granted the chance to lose an arm. I’m sure that would be quite unfortunate going through the forest of damnation” she quipped. He was immediately calm, clenching his teeth. “Good. Let's try this again. I am Natalia Adamantine. Just a few days ago, I was married to the Duke of Kristen. I have enslaved you for one purpose only, to get out of this hell hole. You have two options, get me out and I free you from your hold or die right now and I take over your little squad. I can
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    9: Knowledge from the Past
    {Do you need me to heal that for you?}“No, that’s not the reason I called you, Madaline. You live in the forest of damnation, right?”{Do not call our home with that terrible human name}“......I apologize”{Yes, I do live in the forest of Telra. Do you need anything in particular?}Read more Protection Status