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Cara is a second-year college student taking up entrepreneurship. She dreams of becoming a successful businesswoman, so she studies hard to finish college with flying colors, but an unexpected event will change her life. Her parent's business closed, which led them to a huge financial problem. She had to stop studying and work at a convenience store to help his parents pay for their daily expenses. Cara opened a small baking business with Julia, her best friend, and Austin, who secretly likes her. Will they become successful in their chosen career? Will their friendship get through with the problems that will come? Will Austin have the courage to admit his real feelings for Cara?

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14 chapters
chapter one
Success doesn't come easy. Success requires hard work. That was the last sentence of the book I was reading. I was so hooked on the book that I forgot someone was waiting for me. "Cara, hurry up! Your dad is waiting for you," my mom shouted. I hurriedly picked up my book and went downstairs. I grabbed a sandwich and an orange juice and went inside the car.  "Where's Carlon?" my father asked me as soon as I entered the car.  "He's coming, "I told him, and I saw carlon running down the stairs. "Why are we in a hurry, dad? My class is at 9 am. It's not even 8 in the morning, "Carlon asked my dad while my dad started to run the car. "I need to talk to a client. They're planning to withdraw their huge orders from us. I can't let that happen. Our employees started working on their orders we will lose a lot of money if that happens since it's customized," Dad told us furiously
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chapter two
CHAPTER TWO I arrived at the store and found the owner entertaining a few customers. I quickly helped him. Once the customers left, he taught me what to do. I'm a fast learner, so he didn't have a hard time teaching me. While I was waiting for a customer. I sat beside Roman and had a little chat with him. I told him how kind he is, as my friend says. He was a bit shy after that. He told me he's in his 40s. We talked about his family. I can see his sacrifice for his three children, as he had to come here to the city to find a good job to support their education in their province. I was moved by his story, so I also shared mine. "What's your dream?" he asked me. I looked at him and smiled, "My dream is to become a successful businesswoman. I want to be able to give back to my family. I want to make them proud." "I know your parents are very proud of you today." Read more
chapter three
CHAPTER THREE The next morning. I met up with Julia in front of our school. We decided to buy some breakfast before our class started. The smell of the newly baked bread at the bakery attracted us, so we went to buy some. "This bread tastes good," I said while munching on the bread.  "Hmm, it's okay, but I think my mom's homebaked bread is tastier," Julia said.I tasted some of Julia's mom's bread and pastry. Julia always gives me whenever she brings some of them to school. I bet she'll go big when she tries to sell it, but she has another job, and baking was just her hobby. Julia must be so lucky to have a good baker mom at home. I know she's trying to learn how to bake cakes now, and I'm excited to try it. "Do you want to make delicious bread with me?" she winked at me, and I frowned at her. "Then, if it tastes good, let's try to sell it," she added. "What if it doe
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chapter four
The second semester is coming to an end, and I can't wait any longer, but I guess I'll spend most of my time in the convenience store since I'll start working all day once the break begins. "I'm so stressed, roman," I whined. "If only I could run away," I said. "It's easy to run away, but remember that facing your problems and working on them will make you stronger," "You're right, but it's a headache," I told him. I'm restocking some chips on the shelves while sharing my problems with Roman. I have been thinking about the money we need for my father's therapy. I was thinking about where I could get the money we needed, not until Roman gave me an idea. "How's your business going?" he asked me."We haven't taken any orders yet," I sighed."Why don't you try selling your brownies here in the store? Talk to the owner, ask him if you can do that," he suggested."
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chapter five
"Do I know him?" I asked Julia   "Why aren't you saying a thing to us?" Austin asked her also.   "I'm sorry. I'm planning to tell you soon, but you caught me today," Julia said. "Let's have some lunch, and I'll tell you about him,"   No wonder she wants me to date.   We went to a Chinese restaurant inside the mall. Austin ordered for us at the counter.   "Tell me now, who's the guy?" I asked her,   "Let's wait for Austin," she laughed.   When Austin arrived with our food, he asked Julia who the guy was.   "Austin, I'm sorry if I didn't tell you sooner, but I want you to promise not to be mad at me. Okay?" Julia asked him.   "Geez, now I'm sure I know the person. Fine, I won't get mad. Tell me now who the guy is,"   I was listening to them, waiting for Julia to say the name. I
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chapter six
CHAPTER SIX Austin left as soon I got off his motorcycle, but I didn't mind it and went inside the house, and I found my parents sleeping in the living room and snoring. WHAT THE HECK? Lights are off at Carlon's room too. So, he's asleep by now.    I was helping my mom prepare for lunch today. I miss doing this with her. Ever since I started working and baking, I seldom helped her with these chores. "Mom, about the enrollment," I said. I only have two days left to enroll for the second semester. "I don't have the money yet. Where's your salary? Can you use your salary for the last month, first?" she asked. "I gave it to you," I said. "I already spend it for our expenses," she sighed. "Will I be able to enroll this sem?" I asked her frankly. "I want to enroll you this semester, bu
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chapter seven
AUSTIN POVSince the start of our college life, cara has been there to help us all the time. I'll miss her a lot this semester. I know she'll work all day, and I hope she won't stress herself too much because of their problem. I was already in our room for our first subject for today. I sat at the back and waited for Julia to arrive. This girl is always late nothing changes. Our professor last semester almost dropped her out of the class because she's always late in her class. She always has excuses, unlike cara, who is always early and always prepared for a quiz or any test. These two best friends are opposite, but they get along. I guess the one thing that made us closer is whenever we think about the future. We always visualize our future, and whenever we do that, I get motivated and inspired to do more. We wanted to be successful, and I'm glad to partner with them in this baking business. I hope we can make this big, and speaking of baking. I have to talk to
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chapter eight
Carlon sat infront of me."What about cara?" he asked me."She's been working too much.""She is. That's why I volunteered to deliver the brownies, so she won't have to worry,""Always look out to her. She might overwork herself again. I'm worried," I said."Don't worry, Austin. Our father will start his therapy soon. That's was the only reason why cara worked so hard, to earn money for dad's therapy, but his batchmates from high school helped him.""That's great news. Anyway, that's all I want to say, to watch over cara," I smiled at carlon."Thank you for looking after my sister. She found great friends with you and Julia," he said. We ate there and planned about basketball.  CARA'S POVWe were at Julia's house baking brownies and cookies. Austin and I message a couple of influencers to send them free products for an unbiased opinion. We make sure to put it in presentable packaging.<
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chapter nine
Julia and I sent the cookies and brownies to the social media influencers. We are excited about their feedback because we know our products are good.  "My professor talked to me yesterday," Julia said as we went out of the delivery store."Why? is there something wrong?" I asked."My grades are getting low," she said in frustration."Why?" I asked her again. Julia is not as studious as I am but she did great in our previous semester, same as Austin."I don't know, but our professor told me that noticed that I was a bit distracted.""Do you think baking is distracting you? I can bake our orders alone, so you can focus on your class," I said. I don't want her to be distracted. I care about her grades, it's her future."No, it's not baking. Our professor told me I spent too much time on Dylan," she said."You think so?" I asked."Maybe he's right. Instead of studying g I alway
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chapter ten
"Stay," he said. Should I stay? I guess there's nothing wrong staying here at Julia's place to accompany these two who were drunk. So, fine! I'll stay. I sat on the other couch. "Sit beside me," Austin said. He is so demanding when he's drunk "Just sleep on the couch and I'll stay here," I said. "C'mon, cara. When I fell asleep you can go back there." I sighed and sat beside him. He rest his head on my shoulder and closed his eyes. I couldn't move and get my phone as he might wake up. I was about to fall asleep too
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