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All her life she has been an hunter, loves it, lived it being it, she never saw it coming being killed by her own and becoming one of the monsters she hunted , now she's mated to an alpha would the drive to kill still be instilled in her?, Would she reject the mate and server the mate bond?, What's

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126 chapters
Çhapter 1
   LAURA   I watch as the rain hits the glass  making the tip tapping sound,  thunder strikes, my little brother holds me, I jerk his hands off me he looks at me irritated ,. I turn away from him and look back at the window.   We've been travelling for about six hours,I'm beginning to feel suffocated , I won't mind being alone for a whole day but being with my family in a cramped space is nothing I'd be happy about,     Dad got a promotion at work and decided to apply for a transfer, he says he's bored of staying in our hometown and wants to move away, try greener pastures. My mum and brother threw hell of a fit not  wanting to relocate but for me, I was full of happiness to the brim .&nb
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Çhapter 2
  ARTHUR  I walk angrily into my room, shutting the door behind,, do these people really take me for a joke, to hell with  them , they can give the alpha position to whoever they seem fit,       I take off my shirt and pants staying only in my briefs.   "I can't believe it, even mum was involved. They think they can give my position away to my brother just because he found his mate before I did? Matter of fact I do not care" The door to my room opens , I paused staying fixes in the middle of my room,  "You can come in William" Read more
Çhapter 3
      ASHER I watch the both of them gaze at each other, the look of fondness, I know this feeling I get it Everytime I see my mate she makes me go crazy with just a smile, but whatever fondness this is it would ruin them both,,    I don't like Arthur , we are a twin but I've never felt like we really are equal, when Arthur shifted and I didn't I became detached from him, ever since then I've never really felt close to him anymore, it felt like our twin bond was detached and was replaced by something else,   but William has always being a friend all through my childhood till now, I felt broken whemmi found out he and Arthur were hooking up, somewhere deep inside of me I know the fact that I loved
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Çhapter 4
VINCENTI roll in bed next to my mate, I open my eyes and shrug, it's morning already,. Time flies real fast when you become an alpha , the responsibility weighs you down, but at the same time it's a thing of honor, I feel my mate brush her hair against my chest, "Awake ?"  She smiles at me ,  " Yes my Lord" I laugh at her statement " And what's with the cheeky line ? , did you sleep well?" "I did,but judging by the fact that you're grinning first thing in the morning I guess you didn't get a lot of sleep" Read more
Çhapter 5
 LAURA  My phone rings for the fourth time tonight, thank goodness I placed it on vibration , I walk quietly and slowly down the stairs , I'm not afraid my parents might find me they probably are sleeping like logs of woods by now , they are always exhausted everynight after a day's work at the office  the only worry I have is Bruce, I can tell he's up playing video games , I don't want him ratting me out to my parents     I make a little squeaky sound on the last stair   "Damn, the floorboard must be loose"I look up the stairs waiting for anyone to show up anytime soon after few seconds of waiting and no sign of anyone I proceed to open the door quietly,
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Çhapter 6
LAURA   I stretch lazily, as I open my lids slowly, I adjust to the r dim lighted room, I can barely see things clearly , I move my hand unconsciously to feel something soft , I look down to my hand, it's a bed      An alarm rings in my brain all of a sudden , it's a bed but not my bed,  the memory of the previous events and my blackout hits me, instinctively I search around for a weapon, anything , but all my attempt  ends in failure , the only thing in the room is a bed and a sofa,    Someone turns on  the light switch  a I squint my eyes away from the light and slowly open them back ,gradually my lenses adjust to the light I see the woman from the previous night before the door,     I
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Çhapter 7
 WILLIAM I grunt so loud everyone hears, I've always being a sucker for school trips but this summer i have no interest in going , every year the school organises school trips during summer on resumption I've always loved going because It creates more time for me to hang out with Arthur, we spend quality time together away from the prying eyes of the pack ,   Somehow this summer everything managed to go downside within a week,it's enough trouble I have to go through the heartbreak cycle but now I'm stuck in rooms with him   Are they screwing with me?, Last night I hoped to speak with him, I looked all around for him I was prepared to plead , grovel , i'd do anything to stop him from brooding but to my greatest shock I saw him flirting with
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Chapter 8
  ARTHUR  I hold my hand down towards my lower abdomen, the feeling to retch overwhelms me, I've been in the bus for an hour , I'm headed for the school trip in Kentucky , I've avoided cramped spaces a lot ruthar likes being free once he stays in a place too long he begins to get the feeling of being caged    During my previous trips I've had fun times not minding anything being with William on the bus but this summer it all sucks , I think very hard    "I'm not jealous right? Am I getting the feeling to retch  due to my being cramped with noisy kids on the bus or because of the scene before me?"  I look u
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çhapter 9
 ASHERI highlight from the bus  tilting  my head then stretching , I had  fun watching my brother drown in despair,  he's such a loser, I've had my eyes on him all through , i want him to take his rightful place as alpha but he seems to have little or no interest in becoming one, he has a timeline of 3 full moons to find his mate but he seems to be making little or no effort in finding her I hope my plan goes down well."Go on I need rest and change if clothes I'm soaking wet from sweat in this outfit"  I raise my hand to Pat her hair, she's pretty I watch as she continues to whine about the stuffy bus and the long trip,  "Callie, I told you not to wear I warned you it was going to be a long trip and we would be cramped  but what did you say ?" She looks down at her feet pouting , "I had to look colourful at least to make a statement"She's pissing me off ND she knows it<
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Chapter 10
 ( WARNING THIS ÇHAPTER CONTAINS R18 PLEASE SKIP IF YOU AREN'T IN THE AGE RANGE )   ARTHUR I restrain myself from wiping off the tears, he sniffs  "When I said I lost it, i meant I couldn't get things right , I was confused and alone you left me shattered, and there's nothing between frederik and I , dad told me to arrange a meeting with alpha Zack, I asked for him but I was told he went for an alliance meeting, trust me I was stuck with Frederick he came onto me I didn't see it coming , we talked about little things and relayed the message dad asked me to and all of a sudden he kisses me out of the blue, I left as soon as he did it,
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