Bound By Fate

Bound By Fate

By:  Armeia Aguilar  Completed
Language: English
Dei OrdunaMate: Dei Orduna
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Portia Laurent becomes a part of an organization that’s determined to find a werewolf species for a DNA experiment. Their mission has driven her to search for any living werewolf before the full moon rises and before they can attack humans. Portia has spent her life researching about her werewolf fascination, making it easier for her to discern one. But her knowledge hasn’t helped her in their mission, not until one day, she finds out about the luna. Her friend, Valerie, has told her about a significant mark on her back that reveals her fate. Baffled, Portia tries to suppress her skepticism for she thinks that it may just be a coincidence. As much as she tries to shake off the fact that Valerie may be the mate of alpha, the truth has unfolded in front of her when she meets Giofré. *The full synopsis will be in the first part*

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user avatar
Archie Aguilar
Amazing story! Good job authors 👏👏👏
2021-01-28 03:07:50
user avatar
Armeia Aguilar
Amazing story 👏👏👏
2021-01-28 02:59:01
user avatar
Angel Ray
interesting book
2021-01-23 16:11:20
user avatar
Good work authors👍❤
2020-12-28 22:51:37
user avatar
iam loving the starting.
2020-12-26 21:19:21
user avatar
a really good story😍 keep up the good work author👍
2020-12-24 23:44:58
user avatar
A MUST READ NOVEL!!! Good job to the author of this book 💯🥳💖
2020-12-22 18:18:21
user avatar
Definitely worth the read! The main character is very likeable, and the pace is good, not moving too fast but not too slow. Even if, like me, you are not someone to jump into werewolves stories often, I recommend you to give "Bound By Fate" a try.
2020-12-22 13:59:12
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Carmen Harvis
great story.. i'm loving the characters especially tobias..... keep up author
2020-12-14 22:07:28
user avatar
This story is amazing!! I'm so hooked. I've watched the trailer and I'm captivated. The plot is unique. The descriptions are spot on with perfect grammar and execution of scenes. I'll totally recommend this💯
2020-12-06 15:25:51
user avatar
Compared to movie deal, the mc has more character and likable. The pace was rather slow but it might be just my point of view. Like I said before, the detailing was spot on
2020-12-02 13:31:32
user avatar
Denise Marie House
vy ggbgjgjgh huh
2020-12-27 10:23:27
119 Chapters
Authors' Note
This is my first ever supernatural story that I'm so proud to share with you all. But, I'm not alone. I will be writing with a good friend of mine who has been supporting me in my writing journey. I'm really glad that I got to collaborate with her in this werewolf novel and we're so excited to share with you guys the novel we've been planning to create.Bound By Fate
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Darkness engulfed the surroundings as I lingered my eyes around with my lips quivering in fright. I was shaken out of my slumber when the thunder roared outside, causing me to sprung from the bed and halted. Laying on the cold floor as my heart hammered continuously, I brought my knees closer and rocked back and forth. The gust of wind had swept inside the open window, with the curtains dancing along with them as it sent a shiver through my spine. My teeth were bared, my eyes felt as though it was bulging out of the sockets, and tears had begun to stream down my cheeks. The only light that filtered inside the vicinity was the full moon that shone brighter than I last encountered it.
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Chapter 1
My breath shortened, and my sweats were cascading down to my temples. I took long strides as I jogged by the park over the luminous grass that was drenched with morning rain. Crisp wind swept on my skin, diminishing the heat that arose in my body. Aside from the song blaring from my earphones, I heard my heavy pants as I was reaching the border of the park. Though my heart was hammering in my chest as if it was about to fall out, my legs couldn’t stop running. Energy had overflown inside of me, neglecting the twinge in my chest. My heart was begging me to stop, but since I didn’t want to have another attack, I kept moving.  
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Chapter 2
I raised my brows in awe when the guy started to move closer in this vicinity. He was now holding the leash of the dog that approached me a few seconds ago, as it stared at him with its tongue sticking out. I couldn’t blame her; if I were a dog, I would be drooling over this masterpiece. It was just a shame that I was constantly attracted to a guy like this.   He towered over me, seeming like a wall that was enough to block my way so I could only focus on him. I swallowed, taking in the view in front of me, and tried not to appear dumbfounded. Slowly ba
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Chapter 3
After the long jog I had at the park, I went directly to the café to meet Valerie. I pulled the glass door open, as I immediately inhaled the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee. There was jazz music resounding through the entire place along with the chatters of the people inside. The vicinity was lit with yellow-colored lamps that hung on the ceiling just above the wooden tables. It wasn’t too swarmed by a lot of people, leaving the place neat and spacious. It also didn’t take a while before I spotted Valerie, sitting in the corner of the café, just beside the glass pane that had moist from the air condition. Her chestnut-brown hair was tied to a high ponytail, and her lips were plastered with bright-red lipstick. Her gaze was fixated outside the café as if she was waiting for me, and she would casually glance at her go
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Chapter 4
“You’re kidding me?” she asked, putting the poster down the table. She stifled her laughter, as I shrugged in response. “You’re seriously taking your werewolf fantasy that far. Seriously, since when did you stop taking your medications?” she sarcastically said and I shifted my hand and snatched the poster from the table. “I didn’t stop taking my medications, Val.” I chuckled, folding the poster and slid it back inside the pocket of my denim jacket. “I mean, these people won’t be offering
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Chapter 5
I laid flat on the bed, hands clasped above my abdomen, as I stared at the ceiling. The dim light of the lamp on my bedside table had illuminated the room, as the gust of frigid wind passed through the window, caressing my bare skin that caused me to pull the blanket to cloak my entire body. It was already dark outside and I was inside of my room, contemplating. Since the time I was having anxiety attacks because of the trauma I had when my parents died, we’d moved out of our place and transferred to another. We were currently living in a small ap
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Chapter 6
The day went by and I got dressed for the medical appointment today. Grabbing the keys on my nightstand, I headed out of the room and sauntered downstairs. Just in time when I reached the bottom of the stairs, Aunt Odessa appeared in front of me and gazed. I halted, putting the keys inside of my pocket before gripping the strap of my bag. “Where are you going?” Aunt Odessa asked. 
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Chapter 7
“Porsche?” Valerie looked over her shoulder, with the guy’s arms still wrapped around her. I looked down to cover my face though I couldn't be unnoticed. If only this nurse didn’t have a loudmouth. I could see Valerie in my peripheral view, slowly walking towards me with her skeptical look. The nurse handed out the form after confirming my appointment for today so I faced her to finally leave this counter. 
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Chapter 8
“Are you my doctor?” I glared at his prideful demeanor. He looked around the office and finally answered my question. “I guess I am.”&nbs
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