A Demon’s Kiss

A Demon’s Kiss

By:  Midika   Ongoing
Language: English
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"You...You what?" Kastriv examines my husband with an unforgiving, ice cold gaze. "I want to fuck your wife. And you're going to let me." *** Aspen has a secret. A dark one, that few know. One of those people is her abusive husband, who is hunting down those like her, threatening to reveal her secret to ensure her compliance. Until she meets a powerful Noble, Kastriv. Not only can Kastriv expose the nature of Aspen's abusive relationship, but he can help save her kind, while unlocking the secrets of what his magic is revealing to him. But Aspen finds herself falling for the mysterious man with powerful magic and seductive gaze, despite his dark secrets and hidden motives, no matter how hard she tries to fight it. And it's impossible to fight a bond forged by fate.

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33 Chapters
~Aspen My gaze drifts out the window, watching the rain glide down the glass in thin rivets. I press my hand deeper into the cluster of ice in front of me, wincing. This time, Oliver chose a unique punishment. One that can be attributed to a domestic mishap, if anyone pries. My eyes squeeze shut as images of me holding that hot poker with a tight grip while Oliver slowly counted to five flash through my mind. The accompanying clatter of the hot iron as it hit the kitchen floor a moment later has haunted me all day.Read more
~Aspen I stare up at the house, shuddering. It's beautiful, for a Territory One home. It's located in an oasis, trees growing all around the building, looking like something you would find in Territory Four, if it weren't for the red sand. Oliver didn't say anything to me the entire journey here. Not even to warn me. He's unnerved. Kastriv and his unpredictability makes him uncomfortable. Killing Demon's is worth it though, for him to go through this. I jus
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~Aspen Were Kastriv an ordinary man, he would be dead. I look toward my husband, so shocked I'm lost for words. He seems to be struggling to form a response too, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. "You...You what?" Kastriv examines my husband with an unforgiving, ice cold gaze. "I want to fuck your wife. And you're going to let me." I could throw up. Not because the notion disgusts me, although it does terrify me, I'm just so afraid he's serious, motivated
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~Aspen Yawning, I wander down the stairs, holding my stomach. I'm nervous to see Kastriv again, and in this large home, I'm afraid of stumbling into something I shouldn't see. So I head straight down to where we were yesterday, lingering between the foyer and the living area. "Good morning." I flinch, whirling around. Kastriv strolls down the stairs, not much longer after I did. He must have just woken, ivory hair mussed in such a way that has my mouth dryi
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~Aspen "I can't believe he did that." I stuff my head deeper into my pillow. "Neither can I." My friend stands by my bedroom window, gazing out. Kaia has been the only friend I've had since meeting Oliver. He made me cut off all of them, and right now, he doesn't know I'm close to Kaia. He suspects, but ultimately, he thinks so little of his staff, I don't think he believes I would befriend her. "We need to get you out of here soon, okay?" She turns, lookin
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~Aspen Both Oliver and I are left speechless. I try not to look at him, to reveal anything. If Kastriv knows I am a Demon, who knows what he could do...He claims to believe others like me are not dangerous, but that does not mean he can be trusted. Oliver let's out a choked laugh. "Aspen is not a Demon." "The spirits information may not always be reliable, however, this I am certain about," Kastriv says lowly. If Kastriv is so confident in his assessment, w
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~Aspen Kastriv is methodical and efficient as he continues to sew up my wound. "Fuck this," I grit out, stomach clenching. It's odd, knowing I should be feeling more pain currently. My arm is numb, either from adrenaline, or from whatever tonic Kastriv gave me, that is currently making my head spin. Finally, after what feels like centuries passing, Kastriv pulls away. I watch as he turns back to his table, rummaging through the supplies. "All done now. Let me clean it up and bandage it." 
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~Aspen I stare blankly up into those dark eyes of his, wondering, despite his seriousness, if he is teasing me. "What?" I whisper. Kastriv lets out a long breath. "I know...I've seen this woman since I was a child, so you can imagine my horror when I first laid eyes on you." I hadn't noticed...Although that attentive eyes of his always troubled me. It were as if he was looking at me like he knew me, knew my secrets. And now this?Read more
~AspenI shiver, pressing deeper into the couch, clasping the hot cup of tea between my hands.Kastriv sits on the coffee table in front of me, our legs basically intertwining. He has had the same grim look on his face since I came in."I'm sorry, Aspen, but I'm not letting you return to him," he murmurs lowly, brows furrowed.I swallow thickly.The thought of going back to Oliver now has my heart racing to the point of pain, leaving my limbs trembling and head spinning. It feels different this time.This time, I have a way out."I'm not going back. I'm done," I say over the rim of my cup, sipping the hot tea. I'm still shivering, my clothes and hair soaked through from my trek in the rain, but the blanket Kastriv draped over my shoulders earlier has helped.Kastriv leans forward, reaching out to brush his thumb along my cheek. When he pulls away, there's dried blood on the surface of his glove from the small cuts along my face."How could anyone do this to you?" He says it less like
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~Aspen"Kastriv!"I'm at his side in an instant, shaking his limbs. He's alive, but barely. It was as if something overcame him, turning him into a monster.He's completely limp as I shake him incessantly, trying to bring some life back into him. His breathing remains faint, while he is entirely unresponsive.And I'm out here, somewhere in Territory Ten, alone."Please wake up...Please," I beg, groaning with frustration. He's my way out of here, with his magical abilities...And once it gets dark, who knows what creatures will come out of the forest to tear me apart.Eventually, I gather resources to light a fire, which is almost impossible, considering how damp the material is, but by the time night has officially fallen, I've created a spark that grows into a healthy fire.Kastriv remains unconscious. The best I can do for him is sit close, and keep an eye on the fire.Soon enough, my eyes become tired and my body grows wary.I need sleep. But can I really sleep out here? In the dist
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