By:  Otis Bright  Ongoing
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The mystery behind their births and the sacrifices that were made to keep her them safe and apart from each other is brought to light when a brother and a sister reunite seventeen years after their birth. Their world is completely altered by this revelation but an answer must be found as to how who they are and their destiny.

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16 Chapters
The night’s wind was softly blowing the curtains around and the gleam of the moon crept into the birthing room. A bowl of red water with a towel in it sat on the small table made of Elivian wood and the fabric of the bed sheets were made of wolf’s fur that was now becoming stained with the blood of the queen in labour.“Breathe, Neyra! Breathe! The baby’s almost out. I just need one more push from you,” The midwife, Kathia urged.“It hurts, Kathia. I think there’s something wrong.” Neyra said in tears as she tried to push.“There’s nothing wrong, my dear. You just need to push. Gemma, get behind her and massage her shoulders to ease her pain.” Kathia said to the handmaiden that was assisting her to birth the queen’s baby.Gemma went behind the queen and rubbed her back just as she was instructed.“Just try to breathe, my lady.” She said.Neyra screamed in total agony as she struggled to push out her child. It was more pain than she had been expecting but
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Tale Of A Prince
Saint Theresa Orphanage, Boston MA...“Ever since we found out from the doctor that we wouldn’t be able to have our own children, it broke our hearts but now, we’re trying to move on and have decided that this is the way.” The woman said to the sister in her office.“I completely understand and I assure you that he’s a wonderful little boy and I’m sure you’ll instantly fall in love with him when you meet him, Mr and Mrs Johnson.” The sister said to the couple.“What’s his name again?” Mrs Johnson asked.“His name is Joseph, although he prefers to be called Joe,” The sister said.“Well, then. Let’s meet him.” Mr Johnson said excitedly.“Now? O…ok, of course. Please follow me.” The sister said nervously.She got up and took the nice couple outside to meet their potential new son. As they walked along the cor
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Tale Of A Princess
Sarah Francesca School For Girls, Boston MA...The door was opened by the chauffeur and Lydia stepped out of the long and luxurious vehicle and unto school premises for the first time in months. This was her happy place and she was glad to finally be back after the long school holiday. She had intended to make the most of the new school year and finally begin to leave her mark because she knew she had more to offer. She was more than just the only child of a wealthy and powerful woman; Miss Eunice Delibottom.“Why couldn’t Mother bring me today, Jeffrey?” Lydia asked the chauffeur, clearly disappointed by her mother’s absence.“You know how busy your mother is, little dove. She has a lot that she needs to take care of.” Jeffrey replied.“But she promised she would come and get me today and bring me to school. And you know how important today is, don’t you?” Lydia asked.“Of course, I know, little dove.” Jeffrey felt a bit sorry for her because
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Proximity Restored
"Are you ready?""I was born ready," Kurt replied."Remember to grab only the essentials while I distract him," Joe said with a smile.They were about to rob a bakery because it was the only way they could get food. They had initially asked the owner of the store for a job but the mean old man rudely chased them away and now, they were back to teach him a lesson and get their "daily bread" at the same time.It was late at night and the bakery was closed but a security guard was patrolling the area during his night shift. He had stopped walking around and sat on his chair that was right beside the bakery.The boys had been waiting for him to leave but he didn't so they decided to distract him before stealing what they came for. Joe stared at the window that was closest to the ground and raised his hand in its direction. He closed his eyes and focused on the window for a few seconds and the birthmark on his palm began to glow, and
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Joe couldn't take his eyes off the girl on the street. He felt like he knew her or something and there was this connection he felt towards her that he just couldn't explain."What do we do?" Joe asked his friend, unsure of how to proceed."We have to go talk to her," Kurt suggested."I don't know, man. This article says that she ran away from home and that her mom is offering a lot of money to whoever finds her. If we approach her all of a sudden, she might get scared and take off," Joe said."You're right. We don't want to scare her off so we need to be tactical about how we do this," Kurt added."Totally! But what if it's all just a coincidence and she has nothing to do with me? What then?" Joe asked, worried."I don't know, Joe. I don't know but for now, we need to have a little faith," Kurt said and touched his shoulder.The boys left the cafe and crossed over to the other side of the street. They hid behind a dumpster and watched the girl.She was cleaning the display glass windo
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Hot Pursuit
"Run, run, now!" Lydia screamed at the boys and they all began to run away from the masked man that was chasing them.They scampered through the alley and out into the open on the street, surrounded by people but the man was still chasing after them despite this. He didn't seem to care that they were in public because he still had his sword in his hands and was still looking to finish them off."He's not stopping. Keep running," Joe screamed and the kids ran across the road and into another alley.They put some distance between them and their pursuer and managed to lose him behind a couple of old buildings in the busy city.They ran through the alley and found a large dumpster by the wall of a building and took cover behind it."Did we lose him?" Kurt asked, out of breath."I, I think so," Lydia replied.Joe was also breathing heavily and was also sweating quite a bit and so was Lydia. His palm was still glowing and it was burning him like never before."Man, this hurts," He said while
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Son Of Archaeology
"Who are you?" Lydia asked the stranger."There's no time to answer that question. We have to go now," The man said just as he started running.The kids were confused but they followed the stranger. Better him than the assassin. They all ran out of the alley and reached the road. The stranger took out his car keys and ran over to a vehicle parked on the side of the road. He opened the door and went into the driver's seat."Get in," He cried out to the kids.They didn't want to enter the stranger's car because they didn't know who he was or if they could trust him so they just stood still."I know you don't know me but please, get in now before he..." The stranger said but his words were cut short after a sword shattered the glass of the passenger seat window.The assassin was back and he'd thrown his sword at the kids which narrowly missed them and struck the car. He raised his hand and the weapon flew back into his grasp and he ran after them.Not having any other choice, the kids got
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Panic Room
The young kid led his visitors into his massive home and the three of them walked through the halls with their mouths left agape due to the marvellous decor of the house."You should see your faces," Micah teased.The living room space was wide and it was filled with a sort of ancient artefacts from all over the world hanging on the walls or sitting on pedestals for display. The most important of the artefacts were placed in bulletproof glass display cases to preserve and protect them from ruin. Everything felt exotic and rare, packed with historical richness and cultural uniqueness and it made the house feel like a foreign museum."Wow! Joe, check out this crib," Kurt said to his friend."I'm checking it out, Kurt. Believe me, I'm checking," Joe said as he looked on."Come on, this way. My dad's study is just along this corridor," Micah said and they followed him."Is there anyone else in this place?" Lydia asked Micah because she couldn't believe that just he and his father lived he
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The Unguarded Kingsguard
SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO..."I'm definitely not in Troleyadia anymore," Phileous said to himself as he got up and ran into the night.He didn't know where he was or where to go but he didn't worry about that. The only thing on his mind at that moment was finding the twins and finishing them off but they were gone and he had no idea where they were.He got close to a bridge and saw a group of people sitting under it with a fire burning around them. The night was cold so he decided to go sit by the fire and warm up.He reached the fire burning in a metal barrel and put his hands over it while the homeless people around all stared at him like he was a lunatic because of how he was dressed."Dude, what are you wearing, man?" One of the hobos asked."This is a Kingsguard uniform. Only the bravest warriors earn the right to wear one of these," Phileous bragged."Well, looks like someone's been watching too many episodes of Jumong," Another hobo joked and the others burst into laughter."Mock m
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Good Surveillance
"I know this is for our safety and all but, I don't know how I feel about being locked inside a panic room," Kurt said as they reached the door."Trust me, Kurt, you're not even going to feel like you're in a panic room. It's state of the art and very spacious," Micah told him.He punched in the security code on the dashboard and put the key in the hole and opened the door.As they stepped inside, the lights came on and the room became bright, revealing everything that was in it."Welcome to our panic room," Micha said with a gesture of his hand, inviting them in.The panic room had two separate parts; the first was filled with fancy furniture and had a ceiling while the other looked like a yard and it had a lawn, a small bench, a garden filled with flowers and the sun was shining in the sky."Wow, this is awesome," Joe said.They all entered and scattered around to see the place. Kurt ran to the kitchen area and opened the huge refrigerator and grabbed a few snacks before he jumped on
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