The King

The King

By:  Joyhce  Ongoing
Language: English
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Cyrus wondered if there was anything in this glittering and hectic world that could truly make his heart feel at ease. He put on the mask of a gifted individual who was admired by others. But buried underneath that veneer lies a yearning for genuine love. Cyrus realized that all he had sought for a long time was simply encased in a lovely youngster when Claude appeared in his monochromatic universe. Claude Hemsworth was the name of that young man. They experienced misunderstandings, quarrels, and even times when they couldn't be together. Will Claude and Cyrus be able to endure the challenges of fate, hold hands, and walk toward their desired destination in the end?

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11 Chapters
Chapter 1: He is just an underdog model.
Claude rubbed his eyes and jumped out of bed. The first bus of the day always departs at half-past five o'clock in the morning.Even though there was only one car drive to the city in the entire village, Claude Hemsworth's small shack on the side of the fishing road still cost him sixty dollars a month.It's been almost four years since Claude moved to this city.Four years have passed, but every morning when he wakes up, he feels befuddled, as if he is still in a foreign country.He tried to regain his composure because today he received a call from his manager, Jason, which means that after three months of not having the opportunity to perform, now he has one. Claude Hemsworth quickly washed his face, then put on a black hoodie and faded jeans. It must be noted that hi
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Chapter 2.1: This was how they met
Claude entered the adjoining library, grabbed a magazine, and accidentally saw the cover of a handsome man holding a sweet, smiling noble girl. Next to them was a headline. "The good news is that the eldest son, Thomas, will marry the second daughter of the Clare family by the end of this year". He only heard an annoying sound in his ear, and then he heard the man's voice somewhere. "Claude, come here, what's there to be afraid of? In the future, my house will also be your house." "I like your eyes the most. They are like two pure black pearls." "I like you, Claude. Because you're Claude Hemsworth only for me." "Don't worry, I will be with you forever." But those sweet words
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Chapter 2.2: This was how we met
Then, taking a deep breath, Claude mumbled a few times, "The gentleman does not accept the weak person," and soon, other things on the plane caught his attention, especially the 3000-foot-high sea of clouds halfway through.Looking at the clouds, he smiled slightly. No matter what, he was now on cloud nine compared to the person he was two years ago.Two years ago, when Claude worked hard to plough and hoe on each terraced field, every now and then, a peacock waddled through the muddy mountain trails enough to fill his eyes. He couldn't believe it. Some days, he can even fly."This is really satisfying." He thought to himself. But in those days, adding an egg for breakfast was enough to make him happy all day, but now it's too difficult to find something to ma
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Chapter 3: He is the one you chose, right?
Since then, Claude has been very obedient as an assistant, specializing in carrying bags for this famous photographer named Cyrus. The production company chose the location as a landscaped area next to Swan Lake, an immense body of water. People standing there can only look at the blue sky and blue water. Just like standing in a painting, everyone's mind is different. much healthier.There are many people who want to flatter Cyrus, but Cyrus is the type of person that hasn't waited for you to approach.Besides, he was extremely quiet, even Jason explained that he didn't dare to brag in front of him, so Claude followed him quietly.When the models arrived, they realized that they had to shoot not only commercials but also MVs, with the main theme song being "The King", sung by Bridget Elain.Read more
Chapter 4: Change the actor
Everyone in the entertainment world has a secret that they don't want others to know. This is one of the few extreme truths that Jason has ever taught. Claude was no exception. When he returned to the set, he saw Jason looking down. Aaron quietly crept over and whispered, "Do you know who just arrived?" "Who?" "Sect's boss Ruber Johnny!" The guy jerked his head at Jason, "There's a huge difference, so he's shocked." The guy said that reminded him of the man wearing the Hugo Boss, and continued, "He's just got lucky. If Jason could meet Henry Jackie too, he'd be no less than Ruber Johnny. " Aaron laughed and said, "It's true that time is stronger than people. How many people have met the towering golden mountain named Henry Jackie, like Ruber Johnny? I heard that once they receive their show, they are paid up to seven digits, or dollars. Sect's hand reaches out to all of Asia. Now almost every management company has their shares. created. What does that mean? It means the Emperor
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Chapter 5: They were drunk
Victor immediately ran to get the pure white outfit. Costumes with capes with very large hats are often seen in Western fantasy stories; people wearing them will have extremely high figurative character. Cyrus nonchalantly accepted it, then walked towards the van, didn't take a few steps, turned around and called to Claude, "Still not coming over to help?" He didn't know what Cyrus was going to do, so he just followed him into the car. Cyrus ordered the props staff to bring black ink, poured it into a basin, then dipped his robe in it, and ordered Claude to stir with chopsticks. Claude sat down and poked his clothes. Cyrus crossed his arms and looked behind him. Suddenly, Claude said in a whisper, "Thank you." The corner of Cyrus' lips lifted. The two of them then said nothing, as if the words of thanks had never been uttered. Waiting for the pure white robe to be dyed to a black that reeked of drugs, Cyrus ordered Claude to hang this stinking shirt on a wooden stick and place i
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Chapter 6: He still can't let go of the past
The beautiful receptionist, of course, knew that the entire floor was a model shooting for an advertisement, and there were also a few female colleagues who asked for Claude's autograph, so when he asked, she quickly looked up her name and replied cheerfully, "Dear sir, Mr. Leonard Lensegh, you checked out at six o'clock in the morning." Claude politely thanked him, thinking to himself, so Cyrus' real name is Leonard Lensegh. "Hey hey, that thing is hot to know, isn't it?" Aaron put his butt down next to him. "What?" For a moment, Claude did not understand what he was asking. "Do you think that suit was damaged by Simon?" Aaron asked again. "No, not him." Aaron startled, "How do you know?" "Probably intuition." Aaron leaned forward, "Maybe you're right." Seeing Claude's surprised expression, he was proud. "The day before that, Bridget Elain received a phone call. Her face was grey. Listening to the content of the conversation, it was clear that the caller put some pressure on
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Chapter 7: He is the one who ruined the suit, not Simon
The MV advertisement was quickly put on the market. Claude certainly created a small wave; countless people visited the character in a black and white shirt who played The various forums that specialise in gossip about the stars were also flooded with topics about Claude's visuals, most of which were full of praise. The current evil spirit characters are very flamboyant, whereas the evil energy on Claude's body is hidden beneath strength and elegance. This fever has not passed. Also during this time, Vogue published photos taken by Nicon, making Claude's Ouja role hotter than ever. Vogue specially printed this photo into a folding poster, titled Ouja. Elain suddenly became a supporting role in the work. With a bright star-like Elain in the background, Claude couldn't help but waste a bit of time. Jason was surprised and equally startled. He received countless casting offers for Claude, so he patted him on the shoulder, complimenting, "Who knew you were this good at acting?" The s
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Chapter 8: I don't want to bother you
Claude tried to tie his shoes, then quickly left. Stepping out of the house, enjoying the smell of the wind, he realised that his face was red and his heart was pounding. The feeling when Cyrus' soft lips were still on her skin was truly unforgettable. He shook his head, straining his eyes to find a car to catch. Claude also has to spend several hundred dongs in a taxi, even though his salary is now quite good, but he still regrets the money. The security guard heard him say he wanted to take the bus and gave him a strange look before pointing to the west and saying, "It seems there is a station there. Sorry, we don't go where we are going." The bus is over. " He was a little embarrassed, but then politely replied, "Thank you." He followed the direction the guard pointed, but he didn't know that he had to walk a long distance to find the station. He studied the timetable for a while to find out. He can only go to the subway station. He will have to catch another bus to return. The
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Chapter 9: His chance, don't dream he let go
At the door of the company, his heart was still pounding like a drum, just like when he received the casting news.Claude stood at the door, trying to calm down for a moment before opening the other glass door.At that moment, the door was opened from the other end to a surprise of Simon had not seen for a long time.Simon wore H & M's latest summer clothes this year: a white shirt with two patterned front flaps and tight-fitting black shorts.The outfit is both fashionable and comfortable with a delicate and handsome look; it really makes people's hearts flutter like the rose boy in Oscar Wilde's work.The corner of Simon's lips curled slightly, "H & M's casting? "Never mind, I got the message."Claude was taken aback, and replied calmly, "Need to go or not, Jason will inform me."Simon sneered, slowly walking down the stairs. When he passed him, he said, "You think you can always get lucky?" I haven't enjoyed it. How can it be your turn? " Then, the boy put on Gucci sunglasses and s
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