Pregnant For The Bully

Pregnant For The Bully

By:  Dbookishgirl  Ongoing
Language: English
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**Dark Romance** Being the new girl is hard, Mary is shy, introverted, and prefers the solitude of being with her books than people. But in her new school, things became different as she got noticed by the wrong people. She catches the attention of the school's bad boy who begins to taunt and ridicule her. ***** I played with my fingers as he stared, he didn't stop staring and I was finding it hard to maintain eye contact with him. His stare was making me feel uncomfortable. I couldn't help but wonder what he was doing here alone. "Mary Davies," he whispered my name. "You are still a virgin right?" He asked smirking. "Hmmmn... Untouched. Innocent. Just like I have always wanted." He whispered, trailing a finger down my collar bone. "I am going to have so much fun with you," he whispered again, kissing my ear lobes. "So much fun." He added, stepping away from me. He began to walk towards the door. "See you tonight."

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74 Chapters
The beginning
Mary I was excited when mum broke the news to me. I got the scholarship to Beverly Dale high. I was changing school, I breathed a sigh of relief. "You should be excited," my mum, a tall woman with a blonde hair, who is in her late thirties said to me. "How are we going to cope mum?" I whispered softly, nibbling at my lower lips. We were not rich, we hardly have enough. I was lucky to even get a scholarship. Mum won't have to bother to pay my tuitions fees again. "We will find a way, I will get a job in Beverly Dale. Don't worry too much honey." She whispered back, cupping my chin. I nodded my head in response, trying to think about the positive side of this scholarship. At least I get to start afresh, from the beginning. This is going to be a new chapter of my life and whatever I do now is going to write my story. "Look at me honey," my mum whispered, raising my chin up. "We have got this and we are going to survive the storms." **** Few days later I gulped the spit
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New Home
Mary "How was school today?" Mum asked, she was looking at me expectantly. Images of everything that happened flashed through my mind repeatedly. "Fine mum." I replied, sulking. I hate it when I lie to her, it makes me feel bad. But mum already has a lot to bare now, I don't want to add more to the burdens on her shoulders. It wasn't easy getting this job, though I don't want her doing this job. But it is the only way we can survive. We at least get to eat free food, even though they were mostly left overs. I don't mind. We were given a room in the mansion, not even in the maids quarters. Mum said we were lucky, but I really don't see any luck in her working as a maid for a rich obnoxious family. I hated the fact that she has to clean up the house after them and also cook for them. "Hope you made new friends?" Mum asked, watching me carefully. I forced a smile, trying to hide the fear I have been feeling since I got home. "Yes,"I replied. At least I made a friend, Taylor was my
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Mary and Olivia
Mary Helping Olivia with her home work was easier than I thought. She was really smart for her age. "Thank you Mary," she said, immediately we finished with her aptitudes. "You're welcome," I replied, standing up to take my leave. I really wanted to leave her play room. "Can you continue helping me with my homework as from today. I really like you." She said, grinning eat to ear. "You are smart and pretty, very pretty." She added, cupping my cheeks with her little hands. "But you should be careful of big brother," she whispered into my ear. I became alert immediately, if this little girl was warning me of her brother, then I should take heed. "He likes girls, pretty girls." She whispered, giggling. I smiled at her cuteness. "I don't have anything to worry concerning that, I am not pretty enough for your brother. Trust me, your brother is definitely of the higher class and I'm from a very low class. He won't even spare me a second glance." "But you are pretty
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He hates me
Mary School scares me, Beverly Dale high scares me. I sank my teeth to my lips as I walked towards my locker. I could hear the whispers, my ear seems to have gotten used to them. I was wearing a palazzo pants and a off shoulder red top to match the black pants. It was new, not really new cause we got it from a thrift store. Mum insisted I wore them today. Taylor was standing right in front of my locker. "Good morning," she whispered, immediately she sighted me. "Hey, Taylor." I whispered softly, hugging her. "I was waiting for you, so we could go to class together." She whispered again. I wanted to ask her why she was whispering, but I decided not to. To be honest, I was damn scared. Like really scared, the insults that were being thrown at us was not making things easier. "She is still here?" Someone said, pointing at me obviously. "Has she not realized she is digging her own grave. The queen and King doesn't want her here and she is still adamant." Another voice sai
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More threats
I took in air, inhaling it in a rush, I sobbed quietly. I was weak and I hated the fact that I was weak. I was trembling, my fingers shook and my lips trembled. "What is happening here?" The voice repeated again. I turned around to face a tall man with a rounded framed glasses. "Young lady, are you okay?" The man asked worriedly. I nodded my head in response, I could see Hawk giving me a death stare with the corner of my eyes. "Hawk, care to tell me what just happened in here?" The man asked. "Nothing, I was just getting familiar with the scholarship student." He replied, rolling his eyes. "Oh! She is the scholarship student. The smart lady who blew our records off. Come forward."The man who I assumed must be a teacher beckoned.My legs felt like jelly as I walked, I got the front of the class and at that moment I felt like disappearing. All eyes were on me, and I hate attention.&nb
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He wants to see my pussy
"Hawk!" Mrs Andrews called out. "Mum, what is this thing doing here?" He asked, pushing me away with his shoulders. Mrs Andrews is his mum, you have got to be kidding me.  "Hawk, this is Mary the new maid's daughter." Mrs Andrew replied her son. "A maid's daughter?" He asked, chuckling. "Damn! This place reeks of low lifes already." He added, sitting on the chair next to his mum. I bowed my head in shame, I was sure things were going to get worst now. I dread going to school, now I won't be comfortable staying here again. "Well, mum my room needs to be cleaned up." He said, taking a gulp of water. "I will go clean it up," my mum who has been quite for a while, offered immediately.  "No, I was not talking to you." Hawk growled out. "I don't want you in my room." He added. "Ever!" He exclaimed. His gaze shifted to me, and I almos
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A long day
Mary When my alarm rang this morning, I refused to get up because today was a day I dread. I tried everything possible to make my mum give me the permission to take the day off in school today. But she blantly refused, giving me lectures about not missing school. I sighed heavily as I walked down the school hall which was empty. I felt relieved, I made up my mind to start coming late to school, that is if mum allows. Flashbacks of everything that happened flashed through my mind repeatedly. "Gosh! I hate him so much." I muttered to myself. I rubbed my forehead which already began to ache me, merely thinking about him was giving me an headache. I wished he could just disappear from the surface of the heart. I still could not believe he was the son Mrs Andrews has been talking about. Hawk Andrews, I scoffed, hissing loudly. The fear of him telling everyone in school that I was a maid's daughter made me retreat back into the hallway. I must not be found lottering around the scho
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Fingered by the bully
Mary I tried my best to let my mum know nothing happened last night, but she still believes something happened and I was trying to hide it from her. The time was half past seven in the evening, I was in the bathroom debating on wearing my panties or not. I left the bathroom and went into the closet to pick a jean trouser, if I wasn't going to wear panties, then this jean trouser should come in handy. "Come back here, young lady." Mum called me back. "What do you want to do with that jean trouser?" She asked, looking at me curiously. "Mum! What else do I want to do with a jean trouser. Obviously I want to wear it." I replied her, sighing. "And what happened to the skirt you are wearing?" She asked, removing her eye glasses. "Nothing," I replied. "Then return that jean trouser to where you picked it from? Are you trying to impress someone or even get noticed?" "Because you want to clean up a guy's room does not mean you have to impress him with your looks. I don't know if you
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Stealing Apples
Maria DaviesI tried my best to avoid Hawk the next morning, I made sure he left for school before I carried my back pack. My mum knew something happened last night, but I could not bring myself to tell her all what transpired between Hawk and I. Fear settled in the pits of my stomach as flash back of what happened last night came into my thoughts. It was like I could still feel his touch lingering on my body, I was angry with myself, I enjoyed whatever he did to me, but could not understand what happened. I brought out my phone from my pocket as I walked into the school hall way. I immediately clicked on the Google App, but I didn't know what to search for. I had no idea of what he did to me, I sank my teeth into my lips as I began to imagine his long fingers in my pussy. I clenched my thighs together and an unknown feeling surged through me. I can't believe I wanted to experience the feeling of
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Hateful Tears
Mary Davies The last person I was expecting to see was Hawk Andrews. "I didn't know you steal." He said, smirking. He began to walk closer to where I was standing. The Apple fell down from my hands and rolled to the floor. I felt guilty, I shouldn't have come here at the first instance. "I don't steal," I whispered. He began to chuckle, I looked down. I felt embarrassed, my mum was going to feel bad her daughter was accused of stealing Apples. "Then explain what you were doing with the Apples, or were you about to wash them?" I inhaled a sharp breath. "Please, don't tell anyone. Not even my mum." I pleaded. "And why should I do that?" "Please." I begged. "Okay," he replied smiling. "Thank you. Thank you so much." I said in relief. "On one condition though. You come to my room tonight." **** I felt so stupid for stealing the Apples, I was foolish and I knew it. I immediately regretted sneaking out of the room as I opened the door to his room, he even left it open for me.
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