The King And The Rejected She-wolf

The King And The Rejected She-wolf

By:  Salani  Ongoing
Language: English
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Laura ends up being her pack's Alpha's, fated mate. but what happens when he cheats with her half-sister and then rejects her? Liam is the king of this Werewolf kingdom. after losing his fated mate in a rouge attack only hours after he marked and mated her, his heart has grown hard and cold. One night he is running patrol and him and his wolf catch an unfamiliar scent and find a naked she-wolf passed out. what will happen when Laura wakes up and finds out she had run straight into the land belonging to their king. and what happens when they slowly fall in love with each other will she melt his frozen heart, and will he heals hers? *Warning Mature content* ** English is not my first language so I know especially grammar isn't all what I could but I am working on that**

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61 chapters
Chapter 1 - Prolog
LAURA I entered the packhouse, trying to ignore the pain in my body. I was just coming from the hospital and found out I am carrying our first pup. I am excited to tell Miles the news, even though none of us expected it to happen so soon. Surely he will mark me now so that we can complete our matebond, and Miles wanted to wait a bit with marking me, so we could get to know each other better. And it was not a bad idea, even though we lost all control, and mated that first night when we found out we were mates. But here I am on my way to tell him that I am carrying his heir in my belly now. Something any Alpha wants and needs. I am so far gone in my own thoughts and happiness that I don’t notice the smell of my sister’s scent or the sounds as I walk down the hall. When I stand directly outside the door to Miles's office, I hear it. The moans and the groaning are coming from inside the office. The pain in my body gets stronger, and Kali is whimpering in my head. Slowly opening the doo
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Chapter 2 – Getting Ready
LAURA “Laura!” My stepmother is yelling from downstairs, and I reach over to my bedtable, take my phone and touch the screen, so it lights up and shows it’s only 7.30. “Laura!” Samantha yells again. I get out of my bed and walk downstairs to our big kitchen, where I find Samantha and Leah, my stepsister, sitting by the table, Leah all covered in face masks while her mom is putting red nail polish on her hands. They will look like she had been dipping them in fresh blood. “About time, get to work and prepare breakfast. I am busy getting Leah ready for tonight.” “It is like 12 hours away. “ I argue. “That might be. But we want Leah to look better than everyone else.” I sigh and begin to make breakfast for all of us. Tonight our new Alpha turns 20, which means he can now find his mate. Alphas and other male wolves find their mate when they turn 20. That is so they can make sure they are mature enough to start the rest of their life with their mate. She-wolves, on the other hand,
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Chapter 3 – Finding Mate
LAURA All the girls either giggled or squealed in excitement when the big double wooden doors opened. Again I was hit by the strong scent of fresh-cut grass and spices and then he came out. I have seen Alpha Miles before but at this moment it feels like I am seeing him for the first time. He looks confident when looking at the line of girls and he looks very handsome with his brown messy hair, green eyes, and muscular build, a real Alpha. He slowly looks at the line of girls, when his eyes fall on me he stops. Locking eyes, I feel as if I am being sucked in, and Kali is chanting one word in my head. ‘Mate, Mate, Mate’ “What is he doing?” Leah asks whispering but no one answers her. “Why is he looking at you.” She whispers. I don’t answer, I barely hear her talking. Alpha Miles begin to walk in our direction never removing his eyes from mine, just before he reached us Leah stepped in front of me and smiles wide at Alpha Miles. “Alpha, So nice to meet you, my name is Leah.” Alpha
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Chapter 4 – A Day Full Of Surprises
LAURA It’s been a month since I found out I am Miles Mate. I had imagined it to be feeling different than it does. I mean, he is nice enough, but I barely see him in the daytime because he is busy with work, except in our bedroom. Miles loves sex, wants it every night, and gets grumpy if I say no. So mostly, I just give him what he wants. I have been getting pain in my body around my chest and stomach, so I went to go see a pack doctor today. They first gave me a strange look when I told them how I felt. But then decided to take blood tests and made me pee in a cup. First, I was shocked when the pack doctor returned and told me I was pregnant. After a fast checkup, I was told I was about a month into my pregnancy. I told the doctor to keep it a secret, so I was sure I would be the one to tell Miles. I am sure everything will change now. We will finally start our life together and create a family. I entered the packhouse, trying to ignore the pain in my body. I was just coming from t
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Chapter 5 – Miles POV
MILES I am sitting in my office chair doing a little work when the door opens, and Leah steps in before closing the door. I can’t help but smile at her, and she has been coming secretly to my office these past two weeks. Truth be said, she is nowhere as beautiful as Laura, but Leah lets me fuck her in whatever way I want to, and I never really wanted a mate. For the same reason, I had not marked Laura because that would have given her a direct line to my thoughts and feelings. “Alpha.” Leah greets me with a seductive smile and lust burning in her eyes. “Leah, what can I help you with?” I ask, playing my role but winking at her. “Alpha, I have this burning desire and lust, and I can’t fight it.” I chuckle. “Come here, sweet Leah, let your Alpha help you.” ‘Not again. You are hurting, mate.’ My wolf Titus growls in my head ‘She doesn’t know why it sometimes hurts, so shut it.’ I push him to the back of my mind and block him. Leah walks slowly over to me while undressing, letting
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Chapter 6 – The She-wolf In The Forest
LIAM I am out for my evening run like I do every night. I do not have to do this, I am the king of all werewolves and can get anyone I want to do this but I like doing it, and gives me a chance to run off the stress from the day. My wolf Shadow is a beast that everyone knows to fear, he won’t let anyone harm our people and packmembers of our pack “The Royal Moon Pack” it is our duty to protect them. Shadow is running our usual route but tonight something feels different. I tell him to slow down so we can find out what it is when the wind carries a barely noticeable scent towards us, Jasmine and Vanilla. Shadow decides to follow the scent, wanting to find out where it comes from. Coming up to the small lake with the waterfall we have on our land, we stop and look around. ‘There, by the rocks, there is something.’ Shadow tells me. I look through his eyes and see he is right ‘Let’s check, but be prepared. I don’t want to be surprised by an attack.’ I feel that he agrees. Coming close
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Chapter 7 – Waking up
LIAM I am sitting in my office cursing this paperwork when my mother Rosa comes in and hands me a cup of fresh coffee. “Thanks, mom.” “Your welcome my son. Any news about the she-wolf?” “No, not yet. Waiting for the doc to tell me when she wakes up.” “I have sent for some sweatpants underwear and hoodies for her. You said you found her naked. And I thought something comfortable with being best.” “Thanks, mom, you’re the best. Didn’t even think of that.” “Your welcome. Remember to eat something, Liam.” She leaves my office I know better than not doing as she says so I mindlink the head omega telling her to have someone bring some food. And it does not take long before someone comes with some lunch. When Mack enters, I am sitting in my own thoughts, bringing his own food. “No news?” He asks and I shake my head. Mack was just like me and everyone else stunned by her beauty. She really is something you don’t see every day. We are talking about where she could come from, and other
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Chapter 8 – Moving On
LIAM I sat in my office in my office yesterday after coming back from talking with Laura. It is at times like this that I am not very proud of being the king of our species. Cheating and rejecting your goddess-given mate, you can’t be more stupid than that. And Laura, fuck I loved my mate, but Laura is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. At this moment I am in my car, driving to the hospital to pick up Laura and bring her home to my house. My mom has made sure to have a room with a joining bathroom ready for her, and also ordered the necessary clothes including underwear sets. My mom is looking forward to meeting Laura and having someone she can take care of. My mother is a sucker for making sure that the people around her are feeling good. Something she put her time and soul into after my father, her mate, and husband died. Driving up to the hospital and walk my way to Laura’s room and when I enter, the doc is there signing her release papers. The doctor turns and bows when
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Chapter 9 – A New Beginning
LAURA I have been here at the Royal Moon Pack for a little more than a month and everyone has been so sweet. Rosa has helped me a lot making sure I am eating the right food held my hair when I had morning sickness. She also took me shopping, which I felt was a little wrong when I didn’t have my own money to pay with. But she didn’t care about that and Liam just shushed, me when I tried to get him on my side. Kali also loves it here. She had been very quiet in the beginning after I had accepted Mile’s rejection and severed the bond to the pack. But after a few days, she began to come back to normal. She told me last night that Liam’s wolf sometimes communicates with her. And that makes things easier for her. I am grateful that someone has helped her. I am currently lying outside on one of the garden beds and enjoying the sun when I feel a shadow fall on me. Looking up, I see Liam looking down and me and smile when I open my eyes to look. Liam has been really sweet to me as well. Noth
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Chapter 10 – Walking Through The Pack.
LAURA Liam led us into where all the packmembers have their houses, but there are also shops and a place where you can sit down and get a coffee. He showed me the gym and where his warriors work out and train daily. I was surprised to see so many she-wolves there, but Liam told me he likes for everyone to be able to protect themselves, so he encourages as many as possible to at least take some classes in self-defense. “From the look on your face, I take it that this isn’t something you are used to.” “No, she-wolves were not allowed to train. Especially not with the warriors. My dad wanted to train me, but the old Alpha said no. When Miles became Alpha he continued that.” Liam nods. “Sadly many packs still function in that old fashion way. But that means you never trained?” “Yes, but I wanted to." Liam smiles at me. “When you have given birth, I will train you until you are ready to train in the gym.” “I would love that, thank you.” We continue walking down the streets and com
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