His Second Chance Mate

His Second Chance Mate

By:  Gold Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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Bella's luck changed when her crush, Trevor the Alpha Prince takes a sudden interest it only to break her heart and crush her in the cruelest say possible. Years later, she's now a successful single mother after going through so much from getting pregnant when she was a teenager and after her step mother and sister chased her away to take all the properties that belongs to her. But fate forces her back into the arms of the same man that broke her heart when he's in dire need of a second chance mate and he realizes that she's the one and now, he has no intention of letting her go.

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Isabella E
Amazing beginning!
2024-02-05 06:24:33
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It’s just the beginning and I love it so far!
2023-11-04 03:23:53
99 Chapters
1: Fat Girl
BELLAI held my breath as I stepped into the hallway of Empire High, mentally preparing myself for the snickers, murmurs, taunts, and all that. I was used to it, scratch that, I should be used to it by now but I wasn't, it still feels fresh every time I step into Empire High, every time someone mocks me, points at me, or laughs at me, it still hurts like hell. It still made tears pool at the corners of my eyes. "Hey Fat girl," my first abuser, a slim girl with the perfect body, perfect face, and perfect everything snickered at me and I had to force myself to keep walking, had to force myself not to run into the nearest classroom and hide myself there. "Were you able to walk through the doors this morning? With the way you're going, they'd have to tear the walls down for you to be able to do that."The whole hallway snickered at that and the harsh whispers and condemnation grew more venomous. How can anyone allow themself to look like that? Is she not embarrassed? If I were her,
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2: Lucky Girl
BELLAI blinked, expecting the too-good-to-be-true scenario that I’d imagined in front of me to disappear just as soon as I'd imagined it but it remained there. He remained there, smiling encouragingly at me and gently nodding his head towards his outstretched hand, gesturing for me to take it. I could not believe it. I could not believe my eyes. The students in the hallway were still whispering furtively between themselves, and I could feel the eyes on me, on us. “My hand is starting to hurt, Sweetie,” he murmured in that deep husky voice of his, sending tingles all over my body.And I didn't know when I raised my hand and placed it on his, the feel of his my hand in his making me feel an indescribable feeling that made it feel like my entire being was liquidifying and I was melting into the floor. He pulled me up effortlessly as if I weighed nothing even though I was sure I weighed everything. I don't know what had gone wrong in the universe or why this was suddenly happening
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3: Unlucky Girl
BELLAHis kiss was everything passionate and soulful.His hand remained on my chin as he kissed me as if I was the most exquisite thing he had ever tasted. He was going slow, kissing me reverently as if was an angel, a thing made to be worshipped. Even when the kiss turned outrightly hungry and feral, he still didn't stop kissing me as if he was in awe of my existence, giving me the kind of pleasure I never knew existed until now. I had no experience and I didn't want to do anything for fear of being clumsy and putting him off but Trevor didn't seem to mind as he kissed me more and more intently, passionately stroking his tongue with mine, causing mewls of pleasure to escape from my mouth. The next thing I knew, his hands were on my zippers and undoing them while his mouth still remained fused with mine and that was when I remembered that the lights were still on. I hesitantly tore my mouth away from his and even though he looked like he wanted no distraction with the intense hung
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4: An Elaborate Prank
BELLAI ran.I ran as fast as I could, ran as I fell as I could. My vision was so blurry from so much tears that even my wolf’s eyes couldn't save me from stumbling and falling but still, I ran. I needed to get away, from school, from Mara, from the taunts, from everything. From Trevor.Oh, Trevor.My already broken heart shattered completely at the thought of him. I couldn't believe it, couldn't believe this nightmare, couldn't believe what had happened, what was happening. It had all been a cruel joke and as usual, I was at the receiving end of it. It was an elaborate prank, one that was orchestrated by Mara and Trevor had gone right ahead to play along, to play me, to make me feel like I was loved and valued. He had treated me like I was a Queen, like I was worthy and deserving but it had all been a lie. Was he hiding his disgust when he saw my body?When he called me Sunflower? When he told me he knew even the mundane things about me? Thinking about it now, I was sure it was
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5: Pregnant
BELLAThe smile froze on my face and it slowly evaporated until my face was set in a grimace. The weight was suddenly back, this time heavier and I did not know when I jolted off the bed and grabbed my phone.My period... I hadn't seen my period in over a month, that harshly dawned on me and I could feel and hear my heart beating loudly against my chest. I tried to convince myself that it was all in my head but I was sure... I was sure I missed my period last month. I usually saw my period between the 18th to 22nd of the month but today was the 12th of the next month and... And my period was still... I haven't seen my period. I didn't see my period last month. What if I was pregnant? At this point, my hands were shaking visibly. Getting pregnant at this stage of my life was an absolute nightmare. No, it had to be some health issues. Maybe stress was delaying the flow or something else.The voice in my head didn't help matters. I could swear I wasn't alone in the room…"Bella, you ha
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6: Thrown out!
BELLAI was undettered by the heavy downpour and even though the road was slippery, I couldn't stop running. The only rational thought in my head was getting a cab and getting to the hospital.My dad was involved in an accident?I still couldn't believe it but the voice at the other end of the phone had been crystal clear. My dad was involved in a ghastly mother accident and he was in a critical condition. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I was punched in the face by the most horrible news that could happen at this time and as I sat in the cab that I was only able to flag down after trying for almost 15 minutes because of the heavy rain, I couldn't stop myself from shaking. Not from the cold, but from the prospect of what this accident could mean. My dad... My dad... My poor dad. I couldn't stop myself from crying and the driver, sensing what must be going on from the address he was driving me to tried to comfort me but my pain was too loud for me to even hear a thing.
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7: His Second Chance Mate
Some years later. TREVORThe burden of what I was going through held me in choke hold. Only a few months back, I was sure of my position as the Alpha of the pack. I was sure of my Luna standing by my side all through my reign. We were all waiting patiently for the Luna festival, then suddenly, Mara ditched me.I thought I had it all figured out. I went out of my way to please Mara, doing everything to keep her by my side. There were side talks about how materialistic she was. Mara was at a party almost everyday…she was either throwing one or getting an invite to one. Everytime, I had to meet outrageous demands, but all that didn't matter to me. An Alpha will do anything to keep his Luna.I thought she was happy with me. I expected a smooth sail, I mean, it was Mara. She wasn't just any stranger, she was my friend too. I made her satisfaction my priority, little did I know she would put me in such a mess. Here I was, an abandoned motherfucker in desperate need of a second chance mate.
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8: Met Again
The atmosphere was charged and I sensed a familiar presence around me. It was so strong, it sent shivers down my spine. I knew someone was behind me and it wasn't just anyone. Then there was a soft tap on my shoulder, causing my pulse to race and the hairs on my skin stood erect. I dropped the pack of chocolate I was holding as I turned around to see who it was. “Mate,” that familiar voice breathed, the same one that had dipped my world into hell many years ago.A torrent of emotions swept through my body as I stared into those deep gray eyes. Trevor! He stood there, an intense reminder of my past. His eyes, although familiar, now held a gleam of authority. He was definitely not the same Trevor from nine years ago. I couldn't name what I was feeling; bewilderment, resentment, hurt, shock _ everything came rushing like a whirlwind.And anger. God! I was so angry. The intensity of the anger I was feeling was so extreme that I could literally feel myself shaking and convulsing in ra
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9: Rejected
TREVOR.I came back to an empty space. She was nowhere to be found. I looked around, nothing. I rushed outside to see if she was there, the bottle of water still in my hand. I was consumed with tension as I caught a glimpse of her hastily driving off, at a high speed.I felt a rush of urgency in my instinct, to go after her. I finally found my second chance mate and she just disappeared! My wolf whimpered, a deep growl forming in my throat. I was devastated. I ran my fingers through my hair, circling in agitation. I had to find her!I was desperate. My wolf was agitated. I kept gasping and howling. I beckoned on my trusted pack and had them find out who the stranger was.I needed every possible detail to unravel the mystery surrounding my newly found mate.***I was not myself after the encounter at the supermarket. I growled at regular intervals. My wolf was completely on edge. The thought of her still had my pulse racing. I still couldn't wrap my head around the fact that she esc
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10: Kidnapped
BELLA.I stormed out of the hall. Anger surged within me like a raging storm. How dare Trevor ruin such a special event for me! I was still trying to wrap my head around the "second chance mate" saga at the supermarket, now this!A public declaration of me as his mate?My wolf was wheezing as I rushed through the crowd. It felt like I could not breathe. I knew Trevor was daring, but I didn't think he could be this arrogant and narcissistic!I got out of the hall to find a crowd of reporters waiting for me, recorders in hand. They came after me like a swarm of bees."Madam…Excuse me ma'am," filled the air.I hated dealing with paparazzi, especially in a scandalous situation. Apparently they had used the main exit to block me. I quickened my steps as I rushed to the car waiting for me. I hit the driver seat with a sense of urgency and instructed him to zoom off immediately.That was not the end of it. On arriving at the hotel, there was another team of reporters. I cursed at Trevor und
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