An Omega Breeder For The Ruthless Alpha King

An Omega Breeder For The Ruthless Alpha King

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"You will carry my child in your womb!" She let his words sink into the deepest part of her heart as he grabbed her hair fiercely and pressed his lips against her ear. "And your body will remain mine. Mine to fuck and Mine to own!" Moistening my lips, she gulped hard. ****************************************** After the horrible death of her mother, Daisy was sold to the cruelest Alpha king Maximillian by her step-father, she accepted her fate after they made a bargain that she would leave after birthing his child. But what Daisy didn't expect was that the Alpha king was her mate. The sad part was that he didn't know it. She waited believing that he would realize the bond sooner or later. Just when she fell in love with him, she discovered that he was in love with another woman, Jezebel. Jezebel vowed to ruin the relationship between them so she could be his Luna and this she did by poisoning Maximilian's heart against Daisy. Unable to bear the hurt and humiliation she was subjected to, Daisy fled with her babies. Max realized his true feelings for her and regretted his indifference to her love. He swore to find her and take her back no matter what. What would happen when some shattering secrets are revealed? What happens when Max sets eyes on her and this time, love, a new feeling overtakes his heart? Will she ever love Max again now that she is sought by many Alphas? And if she does, will their love survive the trials that shook its foundations? We can only find out as the story goes on.

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Signed off to the dreadful Alpha King
Daisy's POV"I have said you will go to school next year!" He yelled at me "Next year?" I scoffed.It all seemed like a dream to me. I could not wrap my head around it. Everything around me was happening so fast."Is that promise you made to Mother!?" I yelled back."I will not answer to you." My stepfather gritted his teeth.I knew the signs of his uncontrollable anger and I knew the consequences if I continued speaking but I had had enough! This had been going on for months and my life was in danger."You don't have to answer to me. Your actions have done that a long time ago. You pranced around the Pack with different sizes of women while you squandered my trust fund like a spoilt child and now you tell me to wait a year?" I was like an uncorked overpressured bottle."What about the times I had to clean up your mess also? Have you forgotten how you made me lose this same chance last year with your gambling habit?""You gambled my tuition fee and came back home with nothing! Since
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An escape attempt
Daisy's POV. I stayed curled up on the bed with tears streaming from my eyes. I had been crying for days but no one had come to me nor had Alpha Maximilian who took me from my stepfather. That day I begged my stepfather to allow me to stay with him, that I would never make any complaint about my tuition fees or his bad habits but he paid deaf ears to all my pleading. He pushed me away when I tried getting closer to him. He said a lot of awful things to me and confessed how much he loathed me. I knew he hated but I didn't know he detested me so much to sell me to a heartless Alpha. Though Alpha Maximilian hadn't done anything to me since I arrived here, I was still afraid. I exhaled sharply and pushed those thoughts aside. I sat up and folded my knees upwards then pressed them against my soft breasts. "Why did you have to leave me?" I cried and buried my face in between my knees. "Why did you leave me to suffer so much?"My mother committed the mistake of being with the wrong per
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Your body will remain mine!
Daisy's POV. I gaped at him, wondering what he was trying to do. I yanked his hands from my buttons and stepped away from him. "What are you doing?" I challenged him, not hiding my glare at all. He frowned at me and grabbed my arms again, at this rate, I knew that would break my arms off. "Are you this naive or acting stupid?" Alpha Maximilian asked mockingly. His blue eyes had darkened and instead of scaring me, I found them beautiful. Staring into his eyes felt like drowning in a dark hole or rather into the pit of hell but relishing it. I wasn't listening to anything he said, his eyes were everything. Though they maintained their coldness, I fancied them. "Look down!" I heard his roaring Alpha's voice. I regained my senses and lowered my gaze, I had angered him enough. He wasn't known to be such a patient person. "Any more words or resistance from you and you will be very wistful" He threatened and released my arms.Then, he reached for my buttons again. My breath halted,
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Good or bad news?
Daisy's POV. Three months later… I had been staying here for some months now and I looked forward to each time he made love to me because he went easier on me and was only back to his stony expression when he was done.Sometimes I wished it could last for days because I knew that beneath that stoicism, there was a cool man. The Packhouse had lots of servants who were extremely nice to me, especially Beta Travis, who had been the kindest person I had ever met, probably after my mother. I thought that after a night together, Alpha Maximilian would continue treating me in that way but I assumed wrong. He didn't regard me with those desirable orbs except during sex.It was my eighteenth birthday today and I was supposed to get a mate from the moon goddess but I doubted if that would happen especially since I now belonged to a man who would invade hell before he let me go.I was locked up here with Alpha Maximilian. How pathetic could my life be? Fresh tears filled my eyes and I wiped
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Jezebel's surprise
Maximilian's POV. I was staring balefully at Travis who kept ranting about Daisy, it was irritating to my ears and equally insulting to my status. Though I hadn't told anyone yet that she was my mate but that didn't mean anything to me. Firstly, she was an omega, the lowest and weakest rank in the Pack. She was also unfit to be my Luna. "Maximilian, you're my brother and I respect you but you are making a huge mistake by treating her this way, Daisy deserves better than just being your…" He trailed off, unable to say the word 'Breeder' or rather my future 'baby mama' like it was some abominable word. "So, what are you insinuating?" I questioned while coldly staring at him. Travis chuckled dryly and replied; "I've watched you treat her like dirt and it saddens me that you are treating a beautiful girl like her in such a despicable manner" "I simply have to tell you the truth, I am not only your Beta but friend and you doing the wrong thing by using her to achieve your selfish ai
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Trouble ahead
Maximilian's POV.  "Jezebel, are you really sure about this?" I questioned, uncertain of her sincerity.  "Yes and I am sorry. I have been thinking about it for these past few months and I have decided to make that sacrifice for you. That's how much I love you." Jezebel said with excitement in her voice.  I was elated that she was now prepared to bear a child for me but it was too late, Daisy was already pregnant.  "Is that the real reason for your sudden change of heart?" Travis asked with his eyes squinted at her.  Jezebel rolled her eyes and walked to my side, she placed her hands on my shoulders and slowly leaned close to my cheek.  "That's such a silly question to ask because Maximilian is the love of my life and I'm prepared to bear his next heir, your future Alpha" Jezebel responded, simpering close to my ear. 
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The bully
Daisy's POV    Sighing sadly, I touched my soon to be protruding stomach. The events that had occurred these past few days were enough to drive one insane . But as an Omega, normal was an uncommon word.  My child was going to be born into this insanity, I sighed again. I had thought by the time I got pregnant, things would be better between Maximilian and I, that he would at least look at me.  Not treat me worse than my stepfather treated me. I wanted to feel love again and with everything inside of me, I swore to give my children love. They wouldn't grow up like me. The thought almost brought tears to my eyes as I tried to console myself when a knock pierced through my thoughts.  "Daisy." I opened it to see Nicholas who had a warm smile on his face. I found solace in Nicolas, he was the only one who truly cared for me.  "Is some
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Evil plot
Jezebel's POV "Where is the fucking whip??!" I turned around, just in time to see the maid rushing towards me, a horse whip in her hand.The instant look of fear and panic that spread across her pale face filled me with immense satisfaction.  "Jezebel!" I raised the whip over my head, ready to strike when I heard a cold and powerful voice. It was Maximilian. I turned around just in time to see him striding towards me with a deep frown etched on his features. "Oh honey, you're back. That was too early." I tried to smile walking towards him, ignoring the frown while I seethed in rage. This was the wrong time for him to appear. "What are you doing??" He thundered, as he grabbed the whip away from me instantly and walked past me to pull Daisy from the floor.  "Thank you." Daisy said in a soft voice that made my insides churn in anguish. A maid scurried over almost im
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Falling for the trap
MAXIMILIAN’S POV  Jezebel was clearly threatened by everything that had happened with my breeder and she had come back to seal her rightful place.  She had even decided to have a child with me. If I had known that this was what it took to get her agreeing, I would have done that a long time ago. But then there was the problem of the breeder who was, by some twisted sense of irony of the moon goddess, my mate. I had tried to pretend that she was nothing to me, but she clearly was.  And I didn’t appreciate the way that Jezebel treated her well, but my love for Jezebel made me overlook so many things. Someone knocked urgently pushing my thoughts away. "Come in." A maid dashed into my office looking startled. "What happened?" I sprang up from my chair. The maid cowered at me for a second then sa
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DAISY’S POV       I jolted from the bed and sat up feeling nauseous while trying darting my eyes around the room. My eyes widened when I saw the ECG machine. All that happened flooded my memory as I clutched at my belly in fear.  I shrieked. “Is my baby ok? Is my baby ok!” I began to scream. “Someone help me! Someone help my baby! Someone please help.” I sobbed so hard as I shook with waves of fear on the bed. I didn’t know what was going on, but I could tell it wasn’t good. My baby was in grave danger. A nurse rushed in not long after and tried to calm me down but I was too restless. As much as I struggled, I still felt the pinprick of a syringe injecting something in my neck. My head began to swim even again. I lapsed into unconsciousness once again.  ** ** ** Someone had tried
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