Resisting the Irresistible

Resisting the Irresistible

By:  Agatha Rose  Completed
Language: English
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For someone who was rude and cunning, it surprised me how he could be soft when it came to kissing. He placed soft kisses at the corners of my lips and held my face in his warm hands as his fingers tangled in the hair above my ears, tugging my ponytail and messing with my hair. His brown eyes filled my vision, hard and intense, a direct contradiction to his hot, sensual mouth. The tip of his tongue touched the seam of my lips, and my breath caught in my throat. I could feel a jolt clear in the soles of my feet, a warm tingling that curled my toes and settled in the pit of my stomach. The kiss was tender, almost sweet, and I fought to keep my eyes open and pressed my lips tight. I fought to remind myself that the lips brushing mine, as if he were my lover, belonged to an egomaniac asshole who told lies and swore to make my life miserable. When your bully becomes your knight in the shining armor, what would you do? Book 2 of Autumn Summers Series. Can be read as a stand-alone. ******* Book 1: The Bad Nerd Boy (Completed, exclusively on Goodnovel) Book 3: Pulling Off The Impossible (on-going)

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59 chapters
Chapter 1
Meet Frazier Ronan. He’s the meanest of mean, a notorious bad boy who always gets what he wants when he wants in the way he wants. There’s nothing he wants more than a sassy brunette girl who drives him crazy at the college party, Autumn Summers. She’s done something no female has ever done before, she turned him down. In public. Right now, he’s hellbent to make her college life a living hell. * * * * * * * TYLER POV I dumped the rest of my clothes onto my bed and took the suitcase out of the cupboard. I’d meet with Autumn, Jess, and Colton in a few hours. The day has finally come for all of us to leave D.C. and started our university life in New York. I opened the suitcase and put it on the bed next to the piles of clothes. I knew I didn’t have to bring all of them but putting them all on the bed helped me choose which one to bring. My eyes immediately fall upon a blue T-shirt and grabbed it. It was the same T-sh
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Chapter 2
TYLER POV“Are you sure you don’t want to come?” asked Autumn as she glanced up from the black dress she was wearing and looked in the mirror at me, who was trying so hard to figure out how the heck four straight metals could turn into a towel hanger.I put the IKEA instruction manuals on the floor and stood. I walked towards her and stopped right behind her. “You know you don’t have to come if you don’t want to.” I raised my hand to close the zipper on the back of her dress. I kissed the spot between her neck and her spine.“I know,” she said with a deep sigh. “But I can’t let Jess come alone.”I frowned. “I thought Colton is also coming.”“He is. But he’s her boyfriend, she needs a girlfriend too,” said Autumn. Sometimes I didn’t understand girls, this was one of those times. “What if she sees a cute guy? She can&rsqu
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Chapter 3
AUTUMN POVI knew I should run. But I didn’t. Because I was not a coward. If I was going to be dragged and kicked out of this ridiculously humongous house for doing what I was about to do, which was kneeing him where the sun didn’t shine, then so be it.I didn’t care if he was ridiculously handsome or if he owned this huge ass house, he was a downright asshole. Sure, this was his house and he could do whatever he wanted, including making out in the kitchen with a gorgeous blonde, but that didn’t mean that he could place his hands in places where they didn’t belong. He didn’t even look sorry for Hemmings’ sake!“Hey, there you are!” A blonde came out of nowhere and linked her arm around Phraser’s. He dropped his bloody hands from my waists. His eyes, however, were still fixated on mine. I wasn’t some dumb girl who didn’t know her place and waited until the girlfriend gave me
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Chapter 4
AUTUMN POVHe was towering over me, with two of his minions on each side. Seriously, why do douchebags always have followers? I stole a glance at Jess but she was already passed out, her head rested on the arm of the couch and her lips slightly parted.Everyone’s eyes were on him as they all waited for his so-called announcement. I bet it was something unimportant like how he finally managed to excel in the art of torturing innocent people or seducing some other girl to dump her boyfriend. Whatever it was, I didn’t plan to listen as I pulled out my phone, leaned on the back of the couch, and opened Instagram.“I just found out that this girl,” he started. I didn’t notice he was pointing directly at me until I could feel everyone’s eyes making a hole in my head. I looked up at him and sighed, waiting for him to continue so I could get it over with. I doubted he could really ‘make my life a living hell&rsq
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Chapter 5
 AUTUMN POV  The drive was quiet. He was driving in silence, keeping his eyes on the road while I was riding shotgun. I didn’t expect a conversation either, considering we were both strangers. Even though what happened tonight seemed to be the longest three chapters of my life, I hardly knew him, maybe I only knew one or two things about him. One, he was an ass. Two, he was a charming but arrogant pain in the ass. I saw the metro station in the front and pointed it with my forefinger. “You can drop me there....” He didn’t slow down. “Now it’s behind us,” I watched the station as we drove past it. I turned to face him, penetrating him with a stare that I hoped could make a hole in the side of
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Chapter 6
 AUTUMN POV I woke up alone. He was nowhere on the bed. My first thought was that he was probably in the shower or busy in the kitchen. Tyler was an early riser, after all, he was wide awake once his feet touched the ground and he’d stay wide awake throughout the day. I, on the other hand, was not a morning person. I hated waking up. Be it for school or on weekends. I was one of those bed-huggers. The longer I stayed on the bed, the happier I was. I’d be grumpy the whole day if I didn’t get enough sleep. Tyler knew of this, which was why he’d never wake me up unless it was necessary. I stretched my body across the king-sized bed and then stared at the ceiling for a solid five minutes, contemplating my way from bed to the fridge. I pushed myself up and made a sma
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Chapter 7
 I stopped right in front of him. He was a lot taller than me so I had to look up to meet his eyes. “I want to have a word with you.” I went straight to the point. He turned and looked at the crowd behind him before returning his gaze to me. “Fine. Let’s go somewhere quiet. I don’t want to risk my rep by talking to you in public.” I rolled my eyes. “If anything, I should be the one risking my rep for talking to an asshole like you.” He gave me an annoyed look and shifted his weight on one foot as he folded his arms beneath the grey shirt he was wearing. “Do you want to have that talk or do you want to piss me off?” “Talk,” I replied curtly and followed him as he led us to one of the b
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Chapter 8
 AUTUMN POV I folded my arms around myself and looked at her in defiance. There was no way I let someone like her intimidate me. “It’s funny how the people who know me the least have the most to say.” She raised her brows and tried to look down at me from her five inches high heels. “Oh, she talks. I thought you just nod your head while banging someone else’s boyfriend and the admission board.” “Watch your mouth, Margo, she and I are just friends,” said Frazier as he moved until he stood right in front of me, the side of his arm almost touching my shoulder. “And she didn’t sleep with the admission board.” I looked at him in surprise. I thought he sa
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Chapter 9
 AUTUMN POV I couldn’t concentrate during the lecture. All I could think about was Jess and her telling someone about my past relationship with Joe and Ashton. No one would be able to understand the struggle of wanting someone to love me, needing someone to love me, when everyone else could care less. When I grew up, my family wasn’t as loving and caring as they were now. My dad, my older brother Steven, and I caught my mom having sex with our neighbor Josh. Since then our parents decided to remain married but continue to have sex with other people. It was sick and wrong. Steven and I grew up without the love of our parents. When my high school boyfriend of two years, Ashton Martin, cheated on me with the captain of the cheerleader, I couldn&rsquo
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Chapter 10
 AUTUMN POV “Let me know which asshole this Phraser guy was, so I could teach him some lesson,” growled Tyler by the time I finished telling him about what happened at the party last night. “Hey, he and I are friends now.” I didn’t know why I defended Phraser. Maybe because he defended me in front of Margo and promised to clean up the mess. Above all else, I didn’t want Tyler to get involved in a brawl. Tyler stared at me. An incredulous look plastered on his handsome face. “You’re friends which someone who made up a rumor and swore to make your life a living hell?” When he put it that way, it sounded ridiculous that I even considered becoming friends with Phrase
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