Mafia's Deadly Obsession

Mafia's Deadly Obsession

By:  dayyyyydreamerrr  Completed
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"I want nothing else than your body for a night. Give it to me and I will make sure that nothing happens to your mother!" He said. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Amaira Faye, a sweet innocent girl, fighting with the odds of the world to keep her family safe and happy, was dared by her friends to kiss a stranger. Say it her luck or misfortune that stranger turns out to be a ruthless CEO, Mr. Dominic Kingston who gets captivated by the taste of her lips and wanted to devour all of her. His filthy secret is related to Amaira's past but both are unaware of that. His obsession for her grows day by day when she starts working for him. He asks to spend one night with him and in return he promises to save the life of her ailing mother. Will he be able to get over the obsession after one night stand or that will only grow further? What will happen when that one night stand will be followed by an unexpected pregnancy? Will they be able to keep their relationship strong even after knowing the past? That's for you to find out 😉**The story contains the elements of forced love, obsession and mature content, move ahead only if you are comfortable!**

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120 Chapters
1| Mine
Amaira's POV As I felt a hand crawling over my skin, my breath quickened up. I wanted to shout but found myself tongue-tied. I was in a deserted region, completely surrounded by darkness. Only my own harsh puffs were audible to my ears. My eyes searched the area which seems to go on forever. I feel as if I am lying on thorns, and someone is pushing me deeper. A horrendous wind blew through me, chilling my bones and shuddering the life out of me. The hand that was resting on my thigh began moving up, and I felt compelled to run. But, I found my body bound with invisible chains and ended up combatting myself, which only worsen my condition. The palm crawled under my t-shirt and rested on my bare stomach. It was rough and heavy, indicating that the hand belonged to a man, a big, muscular man! All of my senses were focused on identifying the man's face or memorizing his features but the darkness prevented me from doing so. I blinked multiple times to see his face but all my attempts
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2| Dare to kiss
Amaira's POV"Amy!" "Amy!" Someone shook me, breaking the trance of my thoughts and bringing me back to reality. "Umm... Yeah!" I blinked twice to act normally. I don't want her to know that I was lost somewhere and why she was blabbering continuously otherwise she will kill me with her bare hands. "I have been calling you for the past 5 minutes, but you are somewhere else. What's the matter with you girl?" My roommate, Chloe, nudged me."Sorry! I am all ears!" I gave her my most charming smile, which is enough for her to melt. "Seriously Amaira, it is getting too much now! This cheesy smile of yours is not going to work this time. First, you took half a day off, and now you are lost in your world. There is undoubtedly something which is bothering you which you are not sharing with me!" She said out of anger. "There isn't anything like that. You are overthinking things. I am fine" I gave her another phony
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3| The smooch
Amaira's POV"Take 10 steps backward and kiss the first man you encounter!" His words stunned me and my jaw dropped down on its own. How could I possibly kiss a stranger? "Oh no! Leave the poor girl alone!" My head snapped in the direction of the voice "How could she kiss a random man when she hasn't even kissed her boyfriend ever before" And everyone began mockingly laughing at me. I gulped down the embarrassment which felt more like humiliation. I lowered my head to hide my face with my hair. Why did I come here in the first place! "Come on Amaira, let's do it" Chloe nudged me and everyone cheered me up. I fisted my dress and took a deep breath. I am forced to do this as I don't have any other option. Now, when I have come here and become part of this dare I have to do this, willingly or unwillingly.As I stood up, a wave of dizziness washed over me. My hand rose up to hold my head and stop it
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4| The offer
Amaira's POVI was startled awake when cold water was splashed directly on my face, mercilessly. As I tried to take in my surroundings, I gasped for air and blinked frantically.Am I kidnapped or what?My hands shot up immediately to wipe the water from my face and clear my blurry vision.I exhaled a sigh of relief when I realized I was safe in my small apartment.But how did I end up here?I was kissing a mysterious man last night, and then..."Amy, come out of your Lala land right now!" Chloe screamed at the top of her lungs, jolting me out of my reverie.When I looked up, I realized it was her who had attacked me with the ice-cold water. When I saw her fully dressed and ready for the office, my eyes widened. It is 9 in the morning and I have to reach the office at 9:30. Oh God, No! I can't afford to lose this job at this moment. "I would never have used this trick on you if we hadn't been running late for work!"I shifted around quickly to get out of the couch and get ready, but di
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5| First Day, First Meet
Dominic's POVWhen the receptionist greeted me, she turned around and her chocolaty brown eyes met mine. It was the first time I was seeing her emeralds, and they captivated me. I couldn't take my eyes off her beauty. She was looking fresh and professional. The white light was reflecting on her face and it was shining even more. She was blinking and looked a little scared. I am guessing my presence is affecting her, she is feeling nervous because of me. However, her eyes tell me that she hasn't recognized that I am the same man from that evening. How could I expect her to recognize me when she blanked out before her gaze could fall on my face and her brain could remember me?She gulped down in fear, her lips quivering slightly, and my gaze trailed down to those soft petals.My tongue protruded from my mouth to moisten my lips in reaction. I could still taste the saccharine taste of her lips on mine, and I really wanted to taste them right now! "Sir....""Sir...."The constant callin
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6| The Evil Eye
Amaira's POV When he hovered above me, I squeezed my eyes shut tight. My chest was heaving up and down, and I was trying my level best to keep my movements under control so that I didn't touch his body with mine. We were so close that I am sure he could hear my heart that was drumming in my chest. Although he has not touched me, not even a single inch of his skin has come into contact with mine, yet I felt touched; his eyes were penetrating so deeply into me that it appears he has reached my soul. His hot breath fanned my neck, causing goosebumps to appear all over my skin. Under him, I was practically trembling like a leaf and I don't know why he was having such a strong effect on my senses. My entire body was numb, and my mind was completely blank. I couldn't figure out why he was doing all of this! I mean, there is something called personal space and he was invading it without any hesitation. I so wanted to push him away but my hand co
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7| Her Punishment
Dominic's POV Her presentation ran long. The audience present in the hall would have grown restless if not being captivated by the beautiful lady moving before them, gracing their eyes with a beautiful view."As you could see..." she continued to give her presentation in her soft and sweet voice, blinking and pointing at the projector screen, attempting to concentrate on her work.But my gaze was drawn to her baby pink lips, which were constantly moving. I can't get the taste of those plump lips out of my head, which I want to taste over and over again. This desire of mine is dominating my thought every minute. I was envious of how people in the hall were gawking at her lustfully, and she was getting uncomfortable with their intense gaze, but it was necessary to punish her for her actions.Yes, the punishment!I followed her out of the office the other day and was surprised to see her with a boy. She was hugging him and acting all touchy-feely, which made my
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8| Knowing his not so good intentions
Amaira's povWhen he took a commanding step toward me, my breath caught in my throat.What does he want from me now?My hands absentmindedly clutched my skirt, and I gulped hard as I scrunched further into the wall behind me, wanting it to swallow me whole. I just wanted to keep a safe distance from him because his presence causes my brain to shut down and my body to go numb. I don't know why I feel so insignificant in front of his frightening demeanor!He came to a halt when he reached me. We had very little space between us. I literally have to stop breathing, to stop our bodies from touching each other. He was staring down at me without blinking, and I tried my hardest not to show any signs of weakness by looking back into his eyes.His gaze fell to my quivering lips, which were trembling from nervousness, while his expressions remained stoic."Why?" The word spontaneously came out of my mouth.I b
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9| Anonymous helper
Amaira's POVToday, it felt like the longest ride I had ever taken to my home. Normally, it takes me two hours to reach my city, but it felt like twenty hours, even though the bus arrived on time. I know it happened because I am anxious and stressed about my family. I was simply moving back and forth to shorten the journey, taking deep breaths to relax and taping my shoes to distract my mind. My heartbeat was not yet ready to return to normal, and my palms were becoming cold. I tried to call John again but he didn't respond which only fueled my tension. My phone began to ring; the call was from the CEO, but I ignored it because my family was more important at the time, and no power on the earth could prevent me from reaching them. I know he is calling me as I left the presentation in the middle but I can't help when it comes to my family. As soon as I arrived at the hospital, I dashed to the room where she was being treated. John told me that h
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10| Caught up
Amaira's POVMy mother's condition has improved from before. She is no longer in danger, but the doctor has stated that she will require surgery anytime. It could be a week or a month so I must remain prepared for that. I have to collect enough money for her surgery. That's why I joined the job on time, because I couldn't afford to enrage the CEO any further. He was already on fire when I left without telling him. This could even cost me my job, which I cannot afford to lose right now.I had been preparing for the auction since the morning, while Mr. Kingston was busy giving me orders to ensure that everything was in order. I was practically moving on his fingers. I couldn't sleep the whole night and my body is constantly working since morning, making me completely exhausted. He has organized this auction in order to sell a portion of his old business. By doing so, he will be able to generate a large amount of revenue, which he will use to expan
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