When Two Wolves Collide

When Two Wolves Collide

By:  Butterflydiva23  Updated just now
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When Tiffanye Rebel and her mate Quinton McKnight rejected each other, Tiffanye left her pack, never to return. 5 years have passed, and Tiffanye had returned to the same place that brought her nothing but pain and misery. As time goes on all the bad memories begin to surface. There are secrets to be revealed, Will Tiffanye ever get past all the lies and betrayal, or will these unfortunate events will finally break her?

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57 chapters
     "I had fun tonight, and we made a lot of money; I cannot wait to do this again tomorrow night.""Ok chill Tanina, before you wake up the whole werewolf community with your mouth.""Oh hush Shaughnessy, you know I'm telling the truth.""I agree Tanina, but I'm still telling the truth about your loudmouth.""I second that.""Tiffanye, you up?" Tanina ask."Of course, how can I get some sleep with you two talking so loud?""Whatever Tiffanye, we are just happy to have money in our pockets. Thanks to you for putting a word in for us down at Jax club."Chill Tanina, nobody likes a kick-ass, anyway remember, do not tell anyone about this. Because if word gets  out that Jax is having underage girls dancing in his club, all hell will break loose, especially if Alpha gets involved.""Do not worry Tiffanye, our secret is safe; no one will ever know," Shaughnessy said.Tanina nodded while dri
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Chapter 1
         The sound of my phone had awoken me from my peaceful sleep. I rolled over reached my hand out, and grab my phone, once I had it in my hand, I open my eyes to see that it was Journee calling me, and I immediately pick up the phone."Hey Journee, what's wrong?""Hey sis, nothing wrong, I got some exciting news, I found my mate Tiff.""Ok Journee, you don't have to scream in my ear.""Sorry Tiff, I'm just so excited about finding him, I could not wait to tell you.""Well Journee, you could have waited, and told me about this later. Do you have any idea what time it is?""Again I'm sorry Tiffanye, I just wanted you to be the first to know, I'll be having my mate ceremony soon.""Congrats Journee, I'm proud of you, just let me know when, and I will be there.""That's another reason why I call you, I need you to help me plan my ceremony.""Journee, I don't know nothing about planning c
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Chapter 2
           Finally completed my workout, I went to take a shower, and wash my body from all of the sweat. I enjoy my workouts because I have a lot of energy. Also, I have to keep my body in good shape, let me tell you that all that hard work pays off, cause I’m thick in the right places. Especially my ass, I get those hard stares at men everywhere I go. I don’t care, they can see, but they cannot touch, shower completed its time to dry off, and get ready for work. I put my clothes on and redid my hair by putting it in a ponytail. I grab my bag and left out, I was in my car and headed to my job. I got a job working at this club called “The Big Ballers” it’s a well-known club, especially with the strippers including me being one of them. The club is about twenty minutes from my house, the club is a nice brick building, when you go inside you can see how lovely the establishment is. The walls are red, and black, w
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Chapter 3
   Morocco eyes were wide because he was in shock at what I revealed to him. I knew what he was thinking, before he could say anything, I was the first to speak. “You don’t have to worry, I dance at a club back home, no one became suspicious of me, so you can relax”.Morocco replies “It’s just I cannot believe it, you look Twenty-one”“Yeah, I get that a lot, so it wants to be a problem, people already think that I’m older so it works out for the both of us.”“Would you give me, and the guys a minute to talk it over?” Morocco asks.“Sure, I go ahead and get dressed,” I said walking away leaving them to talk. In the dressing room, I put my clothes on and headed back out to the front. When I got there the men stood there waiting for me, Morocco was the first to speak.“Hey Tiffanye, me, and the guys had talked it over, and we decided that you are hir
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Chapter 4
   Tonight is in full swing, and the club is crowded, to the point that we had reach our capacity. People are still outside lining up waiting to get in, as Morocco mentioned, I had many clients in the v.i.p. room for private shows. There were so many that I lost count after nine, finally finishing my final show. I took a look at my phone and saw that Lexi left me a text message. She inform me that everything was taken care of, and I felt so relieved. I sent her a thank you when I was about to put my phone away. My phone started ringing, and the name pop-up was of course good for nothing Jerome. I thought to myself that it was time to get it over with. There was no point in keeping stalling, I wanted this ass hoe out of my life for good, so I pick up the phone.“Hello”“Hey baby, what’s going on? My key does not fit in the door.”“Because I change the locks, and I’m kicking you out” I replied.
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Chapter 5
       Tiffanye POV:   In a few minutes, I will be pulling up to my old pack. I dreaded coming back to this place, because of all the bad memories I had to endure here with the people that I call my family. Also, another bad memory that keeps surfacing in my head is the night I and my ex-mate rejected each other, I still remember the aftermath of it.   Flashback: I open the door walk into the house, and close it behind me. I started heading up the stairs, before I could walk up “Where the hell have you been?” I turned around to see that it was my father standing there with an angry look on his face, and arms folded. He gave off a look like he wanted to rip me to pieces, my relationship with my parents is not a good one at all. I never understood why they resent me so much? I never did anything wrong, I always respected my parents. But it was never good enough for them, they just ignore me because in thei
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Chapter 6
       Journee P.O.V.I’m so excited that I found my mate, that I did not know what to do, It all happen so fast, I that I could not event think straight. It was when I when I went with my father, and brother to the Nightwood pack, we were going there to renew alliance between both packs, also Dad wanted Emiliano to learn more about Beta duties. When we pull up in front of the packhouse, we was soon greeted by a tall gorgeous man once we got out of the car.   From the aura, I can tell he was Beta, I could not take my eyes off him. It was becoming so bad that I started having dirty thoughts, I knew I had to stop because if I did not they will all start to smell my arousal, and I will be embarrass if my dad, and brother will pick up on it. So I decided to keep my head down.“ Beta Rebel, it’s nice of you to grace us with your presence, welcome back” The man said.“It’s an honor Beta
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Chapter 7
       Tiffanye POV:I was in a deep sleep when I felt someone shake my arm, I opened my eyes to see that it was Journee standing there. I wiped my eyes, I looked at her again, there I see Journee in an emerald green short sleeve dress, her hair in a half-up ponytail with spiral curls. She was wearing pearl earrings with a matching necklace; the final touch was her lips were perfect with red lipstick.“Hey what up Journee?”“Time to get up, we have thirty minutes before we go to the packhouse,” Journee replied.“I slept that long?’“You must be real tired Tiffanye? Anyway, get ready; I’ll be waiting for you downstairs,” Journee said.Once Journee had left, I got up, heading into my bathroom to shower. When I came out, I grabbed one of my bags, looking for something to wear. I finally decided to wear blue jeans with torn knees, a white beater, and a blue denim s
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Chapter 8
     Roland POV:  I stood there as I watched that bitch walk out of the room, I never felt so embarrass in my life til tonight. As soon as the aura had die down, I apologize to Alpha, me and the rest of my family left. It was silence as we walk into the house,  the conversation begin.“How dare that heifer embarrass us like this, especially in front the Alpha?” my mate said.“I know Phyllis, I’m piss off too I want to kill that bitch so bad, that my blood is boiling.”“We need to teach her a lesson Roland, she needs to know her place.”“And what place will that be?” we both turn around to see that Journee was standing with folded arms.“She needs to show us some respect, we are not going to tolerate any disrespect,” my mother said.  “What about the disrespect you both show her tonight including Roderick?
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Chapter 9
    Tiffanye POV:   When I made it outside I went behind a tree, remove my clothes, and shifted when done I grab my clothes and begin running into the forest. I was so angry that I felt I was going to lose control, the nerve of my parents, and that idiot Roderick. Interrogating me like that, I was truly hoping after five years of being gone, that they would at least had changed, but that dream had long sailed, now all I feel is hate towards them, all the pain they put me through just flash before me.    Jezebelle is angrier than I am she wanted blood, and I would have been glad to give it to her. If Journee would not stop me it would probably end up in a blood bath. I finally, stop running when I saw a lake, I headed over and drank some water. Once I had enough I sat down, watching as the light from the moon reflected in the water. I felt myself relaxing, I did not know how long I say there, and suddenly I pick up on another scent, i
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