Mated To The Enemy

Mated To The Enemy

By:  Beth Venning   Completed
Language: English
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Erika Parker, this totally normal girl living a totally normal life in her totally normal town. That was until her totally normal life is turned upside down, she arrives home to discover her town is under attack, now if that wasn't bad enough, it was under attack by wolves. Within the attack was an Alpha, who as soon as his eyes land on Erika, he'll stop at nothing until she's under his power. Erika feels like she's under this mysterious man's spell every time she looks into his eyes. Ex's and lies start to fill Erika's life all at the hands of the man she locked eyes with the night of the attack. Will she ever be free from his spell? Could she learn to love a monster? Read on to find out how it really is to be, Mated To The Enemy. Incredible Cover Created By Scarlett1243

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46 Chapters
Chapter One
I walk down the stairs to see my brother Ethan and dad throwing things at each other in the kitchen, shaking my head I grab my keys and purse while out the corner of my eye, I clock my twin brother staring at me about to throw something towards my new outfit, which was also white might add! I turn to face him holding my finger up which immediately, causes him to freeze. "These are new, can you please try not to be annoying for one second?"I ask opening up my purse, while my dad walks out the kitchen egg dripping down his  face, wow was Ethan really gonna throw an egg at me?! "Where are you going, who are you going with and how long are you gonna be?" He asks crossing his arms, I know it sounds like a lot but he's very over protective since my mother went missing around 10 years ago, but I don't blame him at all he just doesn't want to lose Ethan or me, like he did wit
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Chapter Two
We stay in the lake for hours, until it got too cold to stay in there much longer. I was laying on a blanket looking at the sky which was slowly fading into night. Jacob and Samatha were on another blanket doing the same thing, Martha was plaiting her hair while Reece was emptying the puddles from his shoes. I was looking up when I felt someone sit next to me, I look over smiling towards Justin.  "At least they've stopped arguing" he says looking towards Martha and Reece, the whole time they've basically been screaming at each other.  "That's because they're both doing different things, give it an hour the arguing will continue, this is just a rest period for them" I say laying my head back down looking at the sky, he lays next to me looking up too.  "Couldn't you just stay like
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Chapter Three
None of us spoke for a few minutes once again, did my dad really just say that? Does he really believe that the town was attacked by werewolves? I have so many questions followed by worry, let's hope our dad isn't starting to go back just when he was getting better. He begins to flip through the books he brought from the basement, I once again look over to Ethan who held the same expression I did.  "You think the town was attacked by werewolves?" I ask finally talking breaking the awkward silence we had going on.  This causes him to  look up at me confused not understanding what I meant, does he really think I'm the confusing one in this conversation?! "That's what they're called werewolves, but they're just myths" I explain to him hoping he would understand, he shakes his head turning around one of the photo albums to sh
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Chapter Four
It was later in the day, I was stood in the kitchen cooking something for dinner, Justin wanted to help so I told him he could cut the peppers. I've been cooking dinner ever since my mum went missing, my dad for the first maybe seven years was never home, he was out looking for our mum and only came home when he needed to get more evidence, as he called it. Ethan used to take care of most things but I didn't want to feel like I wasn't pulling my weight, so I cooked. I'm still in cook mode even though my dads back, I still like to cook for them and to be honest, I'm really good at it.  The house was quiet, all you could hear was the stove and Justin cutting the peppers, my dad was working and I had no idea where Ethan was. The silence was broken by the sound of my dads voice coming through Justin's walk-in-talkie.  "Pc Richard Parker coming through
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Chapter Five
I had finally managed to fall asleep after hours of tossing and turning, the image of the wolf standing over me kept appearing every time I closed my eyes. I had been asleep for around an hour, when a voice wakes me up suddenly.  I frantically look around the room to find the owner of this voice but found no one, Justin was fast asleep on the blow up mattress on the floor. But beside him was his walkie-talkie which calms me down a little, there is no intruder it's just that thing!  "I just hit another one, taking these down one after another" the voice says again through the walkie-talkie, what a lovely thing to hear when you've just woken up right?! I sit up straight rubbing eyes as I went, I look over at the clock to see it was almost 4am! These wolf and police officers don't sleep it feels like, I get up to get a glass of w
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Chapter Six
I jolt awake to my name being called, it takes me a few seconds to process what was happening before I jump up. Cody was slowly sitting up from the other sofa, in the same moment Justin begins to shout my name once again, this time it was closer than before. I run up to the door of the basement locking it as I went, I knew this would just confirm to Justin that I was down here but it would at least give me a few more seconds to think of an excuse.  Cody was already on his feet as I make it to the bottom of the staircase, he didn't look as though he was in any pain which was kind of shocking, he literally got shot yesterday!  "What are we gonna do? Justin is gonna come down here and see you and-" I start to ramble as my name continues to be shouted, I could tell by his tone he was getting worried and a little annoyed. Read more
Chapter Seven
After an hour I had filled 7 notebooks while Reece, was just about done with his first. He was exactly like this at school then on the way home he'd copy my work, once he actually walked into a lamppost due to writing while walking.  This little study session had uncovered some interesting things, it's also made me kind of believe that the werewolf people are out there. Let's start from the beginning, werewolves live in packs like most animals, they have a leader called an Alpha. Each werewolf also has a mate, that is another person that is assigned to you by the moon goddess. The Alpha's mate is called the Luna and they both rule over the pack, but there are some wolves who don't have a pack. They're called rouges and from what the books are saying, aren't very nice at all!  Maybe Martha is Scott's mate, there's a few things I could look out for
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Chapter Eight
It was now late that same day, the whole day the town was just littered with police who were making sure everyone remained in their homes. My dad kept ringing me and demanding I tell him what I knew, of course I would sweetly reply that I hadn't a clue what he was talking about. I wasn't like Justin and just throw my friends under the bus for no good reason, well a justifiable reason.  What Reece said earlier did get me thinking, what was Justin doing outside my bedroom door? But also he must have had his head on my door to hear what we were saying, what did he think me and Reece were doing up there?! Has he ever done that before when I've been in my room? This whole situation has just brought up so many new questions, mostly around the intentions of Justin.  Reece had just gone to bed when I lock my bedroom door, while Justin slept on a blow up m
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Chapter Nine
I jolt awake suddenly, someone was banging repeatedly on the front door. My heart was pounding in my chest as I get to my feet, why the hell would someone be banging on the front door like that?!  I make my way out my bedroom and down the stairs, where Reece who also looked as though he just woke up was by the front door. He sends me a confused look before opening the door, there stood a young police officer with his arms crossed.  "Sorry to wake you so early, but the police need to urgently check all the females for a mark" he says where his eyes glance to me for a second, Reece moves in front of the door as the police attempts to walk in.  "Okay first of all, don't just assume you can walk straight into the house and second, she's just woke up at least let her get changed" he s
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Chapter Ten
I slowly start to feel my body again to discover I'm laying on the floor, a hint of confusion takes over my senses. As I become more with it I discover that as I've said, I was on the floor but my head wasn't. It didn't feel like the ground but someone's lap, who's lap could I be laying in? And more to the fact, why am I laying in their lap? My eyes slowly open where it takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust, before I discover who's lap I'm laying in, Cody's. His worried face was looking down at me with his hand running through my hair, sparks just spread wherever he would touch.  "You don't know how great it is to see your eyes open" he tells me relief filling his face, I was still pretty out of it but was slowly coming around.  "What happened?" I ask my head still on his lap, honestly, I didn't want to move until I had no
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