When Dreams Become Reality

When Dreams Become Reality

By:  Sapphirian J   Completed
Language: English
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Lyra Riley, a twenty-one-year-old virgin psychology major, and Blaze Cunningham, a twenty-five-year-old CEO, have encountered the worst relationships. Blaze has been used for his money and cheated on during all his long-term relationships. Lyra has been dumped time after time for not giving up her most prized possession. Both yearn to find their soulmate, someone to grow old with. And then, one night, Fate steps in for Lyra and takes the lead. Could she finally have found love, or is this another disaster in the making?

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    Lyra Looking Back
    AUTHORS NOTE: Hello everyone, and thank you for stopping in. I hope that you will enjoy The Cunnigham Family series. FIVE YEARS AGO, LYRA*To say Vega and I have had an excellent track record with dating would be a serious lie. Well, for me anyway. My horrible dating and relationship career all began five years ago when Vega and I went on our first double date with a couple of guys from our school. Harrison and Landon had to endure the wrath of our father first. He wouldn't let us go anywhere until then, and our mom had patted his shoulder, urging him to take it easy on our dates. Vega and I were thankful she was there. She would be headed to the hospital after we departed because she was on call but wouldn't miss our first date. "My daughters both have Mace; I must also caution you they have been taking self-defense classes since they were eleven and started developing woman parts," he declared once we were all settled in the living room. I remember Vega and me freaking
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    Blaze Third Times A Charm
    BLAZE*"Alright guys, time for lunch," I called out to my cousins. "It's one in the afternoon, and I worked breakfast off hours ago. I'm starving my ass off over here." I placed the small boulder down into its ultimate resting place and turned to my cousin Tanner, who was doing the same. "Same here, man," Tanner said with a grunt as he stood and wiped the sweat from his forehead. It's early spring and still pretty cool, but with the work we do and how we look now, you would think it was a hundred degrees outside, but we love it. Over the last year and a half, my cousins Tanner, Wade, Conner, Jace, and I have pulled together to start our construction and landscaping company. Receiving our degree was a pain. It just seemed like it would never end because we also had to throw some business courses in, which was the hard part of it all. The rest wasn't all that bad. Jace has two years left of school, but we brought him in as our architect. He draws up unique building designs, and peopl
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    Lyra Finally Twenty One
    LYRA*"Vega, how much do you have left behind to unbox in the kitchen? I'm finished here in the living room," I squealed as I collapsed the last box I had unpacked for the previous thirty minutes. "Arg," Vega grunted. "I want to die right now. Why do we have so many kitchen utensils? I'm so frustrated, Lyra. Give me thirty minutes," Vega complained. "Well, we've got about forty-five minutes before we need to stop and start getting ready for our double date tonight," I shrieked. Vega and I turned twenty-one today; we could go clubbing and drink alcohol, Vodka, and Red Bull for me, please. "I know, I'm so excited," Vega piped and groaned as she deposited a crockpot in the cabinet. Our parents had this home built for us, one for graduating with our bachelor's degrees, even though that was two years ago, and two for our twenty-first birthday. Vega and I have been working double-time on achieving our PhDs. We've been taking Summer courses to get college done and establish our careers.
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    Lyra Another One Bites The Dust
    LYRA*Steven yanked the towel from my hands without even looking my way. Yes, I would have to say that Steven was pissed. I stared down at him as he cleaned himself off with the towel I gave him. He sat up and threw his legs off the couch, resting his feet on the floor. Steven glanced at my naked body, shook his head, and looked to the floor. "You know I care about you, right? I've grown to love you, actually," Steven said in a hurt voice. "I've made you cum countless times; I've cum in your hands, your sweet mouth jacked off onto your pussy," Steven ran a hand through his hair and glanced back up at me. Is he pissed, or is he going to cry? I'm a horrible human being. I didn't know he was falling in love with me. I mean, I do care for him, but love, no way. I didn't know if I should touch him or not, so I sat next to him on the couch and glanced back and forth between him and my hands. "I care about you, Steven, I just want my first time to be special, and you have never told me yo
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    What's Going On?
    BLAZE* What the hell is going on? I thought to myself as I woke up in a room I had never seen before. I blinked a few times so my eyes could adjust. I’m freaking out for sure. I can’t seem to get my bearings. Once my eyes adjusted, I saw a woman lying in a bed I had never seen before. I looked down to see that I was half naked in only my black boxer briefs. I took in a big gulp of air and held it for a moment until I got dizzy and let it out quietly, so I wouldn’t wake her. I had to get out of here. How did I get in here in the first place? I used to sleepwalk when I was younger and into my teens. I guess I’m back to that. It’s the only explanation for why I’m standing here in my underwear. Fuck, I probably look like a creeper standing here close to this woman's bed. I glanced to see that a lamp was on her nightstand that casts a faint glow of light, allowing me to see her room. I still couldn’t recognize where I was, and it wouldn’t take too much effort to get to her door without
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    When Sparks Fly
    BLAZE* Her fingertips were cold but smooth on my face and sent shocks of electricity through my system. Goosebumps formed along my skin from my head down to my toes, and beads of precum trickled from the head of cock, and coated my underwear. There was only one thing I could think to do because my brain had completely shut off. I smoothed my thumb over her plump crimson lips and licked my bottom lip. Her lip was so smooth under my rough thumb—every part of me wanted to take her lips with mine. I wanted to taste her so bad I could explode. If I thought I would blast off before, it's nothing compared to how I felt as she sucked my thumb into her moist mouth. She moaned and closed her eyes as her tongue swirled around my thumb. She must be imagining that my cock is in her mouth because she's sucking and bobbing her head, just like she would if she were giving me a blow job. Fuck, this woman is amazing. I can't wait to have my cock in her mouth. It's taking all I have not to strip her b
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    Take Me To The Moon
    BLAZE* She pulled back from the kiss for a moment, smacked her lips together, and then licked her bottom lip. She wanted me, and fuck if I didn't want her more. That action alone was enough to do me in. A soft moan from her lips sent a shock through my body, making my cock jump inside my underwear, letting her know how much I enjoyed the warmth of her hand along my shaft. She kissed me fiercely as she stroked my cock with hunger. She made her way to my balls and massaged them gently. I groaned and hummed in pleasure as she massaged my balls. We had stopped for air, and damn it if she didn't drive me more to insanity by nibbling her bottom lip. I was about to combust because the fire was raging inside of me. No more, Mr. Nice Guy, I've got to be inside her now. I need to feel her pussy as it strangles my cock. I let go of her ass and shoved my underwear off. I kicked them to the side and pulled her back to me for another rapturous kiss. The soft skin of her belly felt terrific as it
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    This Feels So Right
    BLAZE* I pulled her into my arms bridal style, pulled back the comforter, and laid her down so that her head lay on her pillow. I wanted to make this the most memorable experience for her. I knew for a woman losing her virginity was something sacred, and she had waited a long time. I haven't ever been with a virgin. Even Tori had been with a couple of guys before we got together our Senior year of high school. The first time for me wasn't something I wanted to remember. I pumped it a few times and blew my load up inside the condom. Thank goodness for condoms, or I would have been screwed, right. I wanted to make this perfect for her. I don't have a condom now. But I am always safe. I've never gone bareback. I've also gotten tested after each of my breakups. I mean, these days you can't be too careful. I started by putting one hand through the locks on her forehead and sucked and trailed kisses from her earlobes down to her neck. She smelled intoxicating. The scent of lavender and ap
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