Her Revenge

Her Revenge

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Azalea (Lea), known as the 'Deadly', is a twenty years old assassin, who has had only one goal in her life : Avenge her parents' death. She's the best of the bests. She is feared by many. She was taking down every people who were involved in her parents' death until she falls into the hands of the Italian Mafia leader, Enzo De Luca. He is scary, cold, emotionless and ruthless. He is said to be heartless because of his lack of emotions. He kills without thinking twice. Just like, Lea, he's feared by many. What happens when The two start to feel things they've never really felt before? What happens when the most feared Don meets the most feared assassin?

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15 Chapters
|Third person's POV|The door flew open and several men stepped out, holding their gun firmly in their hands.The room was quiet. The men could only hear their own footsteps and breaths as they walked across the room.They could see dead bodies and blood spilled everywhere. It didn't take longer than a second to guess who made all this mess."Find her. Now!" The boss, Logan, shouted at the other men who instantly split themselves up to look for her.After a few minutes of searching, the men returned with their heads lowered."There's no one here, boss." One of them spoke as they watched the Logan clench his jaw in frustration."Mother fucker," Logan hissed, placing his gun back in his waistband. He then dismissed his men who left instantly. As soon as his men left, Logan called someone to clean up the mess.However, before the man could leave the place, he was shot straight in the head and fell on the
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Warning : Abuse/Violence Scene Ahead.Read at your own risks.______________I was so going to throw away those clothes when I get home— no, I was going to burn them.Daniel was smirking, thinking that I was going to please him. Stupid motherfucker.It surprised him when I went to put on loud music, to make sure that nobody would heard what was going to happen in that room."Won't you remove my boxer, babe?" Daniel asked, winking at me. I was going to remove those ugly eyes of his.I shot him a face, filled with disgust, "I'm good." I could drop the act. The man was tied with chains and loud music was playing. Nothing could go wrong now, could it?"What do you mean? You have other ways to please me? Okay let's see, then." Daniel was even more excited than before. He was such a fool, I couldn't wait to rid the world of his existence. Honestly, I'd be doing the world a huge
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|Lea's POV|I sat and waited for Lewis to show up. While waiting, I was constantly looking at the man from earlier's direction. Something about that man seemed familiar to me but I couldn't place my hand on who he was or where I saw him.One thing is for sure, he was familiar.While trying to figure out who the man was, someone sat in front of me and cleared his throat."Lewis." I nodded in acknowledgment. I already knew that he was there, I just didn't want to talk to him. He can be really annoying sometimes."Evelyn." Lewis nodded and smiled. Obviously, he didn't know my real name."Why were you late?" I asked out of curiosity. My eyes suddenly fell on that familiar man who was looking at me."An old friend of mine was brutally murdered earlier today. There was a plastic Dick in his mouth. The sight of his body was just disgusting."I fake gasped "Oh my god! Do you know who did it?"Lewis shoo
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"Lea!!!" He shouted before engulfing me in a bone crashing hug. He was smiling brightly when he parted away.I smiled back at him. "Hello to you too, Sean.""Won't you invite me in?" He pouted making me chuckle lightly. I stepped aside and let him in.Sean Blackwood, my closest friend. I have a lot of friends but Sean is my closest friend and he's also the American Mafia's Leader.When my parents died, my sixteen year old self was lost. I had nowhere to go, nobody to go to.Luckily for me, I met Sean while walking on the streets. He was only fourteen back then. He had earphones plugged to his ears and wasn't looking where he was going.He would've lost his life if it wasn't for me. I saved his life and he felt like he owed me so he took me to his house. The Blackwood family welcomed me in. I felt safe... I felt at home with them.Sean and I became friends, the best of friends. I taught him a lot of things as well as fighting which I w
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"I'm gonna miss you" Sean said, wiping away a fake tear before hugging me.I chuckled before hugging him back. "We will meet in a few months." It was true. Sean will be coming to see Enzo in a month or two so that they could discuss how to take down their enemies. Sean also told me that I could not leave and return unless The Boss says so which sucks. But of course, I'll be free to do whatever I want apart from leaving the damn place without his permission."I know." He replied, "I'll miss you.""I'll miss you too." I broke the hug and grabbed my suitcase. I'll be staying with the Italians for at least three to four months. The man from earlier who I learned was named Marco helped me with my suitcases. I then got into the Black SUV before Marco drove away.I sighed as I rested my head against the headrest. Three to four months.. How am I going to help the Italians and avenge my parents at the same time?I can't hit pause now. I've reached so far...
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"So, how old are you two?" I asked, placing my clothes in the cupboard. I had a freaking closet back home..."Nineteen" they replied at the same time."What about you?" Blake asked. Curious now, are we?"Twenty." I replied making both of them smile. They don't get tired of smiling do they?"Enzo is twenty two, Arabella is twenty four." Antonio said to which I nodded even though I didn't ask but it's good to know.Enzo was a very respected man. Many people admired him for his work. He took over the Italian Empire when he was only sixteen and made it reach great heights. He made himself known and feared. He was the Mafia King, considering that the Italian Mafia was the most powerful mafia.After unpacking my stuff, I placed the suitcase in a corner of the room before turning to Antonio and Blake who had been talking to me ever since I got here.They're really fun to be with. Almost as fun as Sean. Honestly, both of them are giving me the 'Sean Vibes'."You're fun. I like you." Blake sai
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Am I in a what with who?"Run that by me again?""I do not repeat myself." He said, walking away from his table. He went behind me towards the small bar and poured himself a glass of wine before turning back to face me."Well then I didn't hear so I guess, whatever you asked me, won't be answered." I replied, standing up. I walked towards him and grabbed a glass before pouring myself a glass.He was observing my every move. I rested my elbow on the bar with my drink in my hand and turned my head to face him.He clenched his jaw and his grip tightened on the glass he was holding. I guess nobody ever behaved this way with him before.Well, there's a first time for everything."Are you and Sean Blackwood in a relationship?" He repeated, his eyes boring holes into my soul. He was getting angrier with every passing second. I could imagine fumes getting out from his ears.There was no way Sean and I would date. I like him and all but not like that. Besides he was younger than me. He was onl
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"So, you stay here?" I asked Arabella as she took a seat next to me. Antonio and Blake also sat with the kids on their laps.She smiled, "Sometimes but now since you're staying here... I might stay here more often. Let's be honest, I've known you for like thirty minutes and I already like you.""So, what's for dinner Esme?" Antonio asked the old woman who approached them with a smile "Lasagna.""My favourite!!" Blake shouted excitedly making Izzy giggle. Just then Enzo entered the room. He sat at the head of the table which just happened to be...across me.They were all talking and laughing amongst themselves while eating their food at the same time. They looked like a family. The only persons who wasn't talking or laughing was Enzo and I. I was eating my food quietly and so was he.There was a man who was sitting across Enzo, facing me. My guess was that he was the underboss then beside the underboss there was a woman. They were sitting pretty close so I guessed that they were togeth
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|Alessio's POV|Never have I ever thought that I would meet my sister again and that too, in the same house as the De Luca Family.I didn't waste a second and hugged the life out of her when I recognized her. I was confused when she cut me off and introduced herself as my best friend. However, I played along, understanding that she was trying to cover something.When Lea told me that it was Vladimir who killed our parents and ruined our family, I saw red. All I could think about was ways on how to kill that son of a bitch.It's been years since me and Enzo have been planning to take him down. Vladimir Molotov is the Leader of the Russian Mafia, the second most powerful mafia after the Italians.The Italians and The Russians have been at war for longer than I can remember. But the main reasons why Enzo wanted Vladimir gone was because first, he was a threat and secondly, he killed Enzo's sister.Vladimir is powerful and smart. For us to be able to take him down requires years of planni
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"So what's my first mission with you people?" I asked Enzo as I sat down next to him in the huge meeting room.Less than three minutes ago, he asked- wait no- I meant, ordered me, two other guy who I don't know and his siblings except Arabella,, to gather up in the meeting room and here we are.It's been at least three hours since I've came to this mansion and I was bored shitless. I was preparing myself for later. I had to go to the 'Starlight club' and kill Paul Estes."We need to take back our weapons from Travis Lopez," Enzo replied, breaking my thoughts. He placed something on the table. When I took a closer look, only then did I realize that It was actually a blueprint."This is the blueprint of his base here in this country. He stole our shipments, which held our weapons and now we are going to get them back. The plan is simple. We get in, take the weapons, place bombs inside, get outside, blow the place and return here." Enzo explained while everybody listened closely and car
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