Her Hatred

Her Hatred

By:  actb4thinking  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alessio Romano's life has never been easy. He changed from the world's best hitman to a powerful and feared mafia leader. Thea Gonzalez lost her parents when she was five. She was adopted by the Mexican mafia leader who turned her life into a living hell. Thea was hell bent on finding the Infamous hitman who killed her father. However, when she finally finds him she began questioning everything. She finds out who she really was and that her whole life has been a lie. And she finds it hard to resist who-they-named, the psychotic mafia boss.

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    4 chapters
    | ALESSIO'S POV |6 YEARS AGO"Fancy some wine?" Cedric Schott offered. I nodded and watched as he fills two glasses of wine.Cedric Schott was a man in his early forties. He was ready to give me a hundred thousand dollars to kill a man."Who's the target?" I asked, sitting down on his seat in his own office. He clenched his jaw at my behavior."Is there a problem?" I asked when he didn't speak. He instantly nodded, pointing to me, "You're sitting on my chair.""So what?""It's my chair, my seat, my office, my house, my—" I cut him off. "You invited me here, didn't you?"He nodded, fixing his tie while I continue to speak, "So, deal with it.""But that's my sea—""Are you seriously going to make a fuss over a fucking chair, Scott? I have other places to me and you're wasting my god damn time!" I snapped, running a hair through my hair to calm myself down.
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    | Thea's POV |PRESENT DAY"If I happen to find out that you are lying to me— God help you, Dylan, I'll rip your dick and feed it to you." I warned before making my way through the crowd of people staring at us. I hated this- I absolutely despised hurting or threatening people, this was not me. Yet I had to do it, I had to become that assassin who people feared all because of my fucked up uncle.Dylan Brown. I was sent to find out where his boss was, for my 'boss' who also happened to be my adoptive uncle.Six years ago, I found out that my adoptive dad's brother was murdered, shot in the head precisely. Nobody knew who killed him or why but it was not hard to suspect one particular person—The Shadow, the world's best hitman. However, ever since he killed my dad's brother, he's been off radar. While others said that he was dead; I knew he wasn't. Obviously, he knew that when he was going
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    |Alessio's POV|"Hey, How are you?" I was speaking with Lea over the phone. After she gave birth to her daughter, Eliza, both her and Enzo decided to go on a vacation along with their children."I'm living the life I've always wanted!" Lea replied, excitement filled in her voice. I was happy for her. At least she got the happy ending she deserved along with Enzo."I'm glad" I replied, taking a sip of my beer. Just then my phone beeped with a message.I read it and felt my blood run cold. It's not the right fucking time for that right now. Damn it!"I'll call you later. Something came up that requires my immediate att
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    In front of me, stood the man I've been looking for my entire life. Alessio Romano.He was only the best hitman in the world before he became the Leader of the Russian Mafia. He was the worst and now? He became even worst."Drop the gun, princess. I won't repeat myself again." His voice was calm but threatening. I knew Alessio. He wouldn't hesitate to shoot my grandmother dead.I dropped my gun on the floor and raised my hands to my surrendering myself, "Just let her go.""The knives in your boots." He looked down, "Take them out." How the fuck did he know that? I sighed, bending down, removing the two knives in my boots then I placed them on the ground. I straightened myself and looked at Alessio who was smirking."What now?" I asked, annoyed. He was pissing me off. My grandmother was scared, she looked like she would pass out any second."The gun in your back pocket." He stated, "Remove them."How the fuck did he even know all that?
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