A Royal curse

A Royal curse

By:  Ramos  Ongoing
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A Werewolf kingdom, A royal family, A curse As the saying goes ' never judge a book by its cover.' This was the case with Anderson's royal family. They had been the rulers of the great kingdom of Katula for centuries now. In the eye of the Werewolves, they were perfect, followed around by paparazzi but then they had a secret... A curse. Prince Percy is a part of the royal family and the next Inline on the throne. He refused to get married after his marriage was announced publicly but when he founds out that he was getting married to his enemy, he decided to use it to his advantage. A means of revenge on her. Cara is a rankless wolf who had been abused and rejected by society all her life. She had always wished to get revenge on the Alpha king for the death of her family. She got her chance when she was bought into the palace as The Royal bride but she never knew that she was a sacrificial bride for the Royal family. This is a story of power, love, lies, and secrets. Books in the Royal series A Royal curse- Book 1 A Royal Desire- Book 2 A Royal Baby- Book 3 A Royal Secret- Book 4

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13 chapters
Five thousand Years Ago,The loud howling of Alpha king Julius echoed in the Royal Anderson's castle followed by a deep rumbling sound and a flash of lightning in the sky. Rain poured heavily outside the castle and that night was a night of blood and rain. Alpha King Julius rushed out of his room after seeing his new bride getting murdered. The servant in the castle ran helter-skelter as Alpha King Julius continued to scream out in agony. It wasn't the loud howling that shook the mighty castle, it was the unfortunate death of the new queen.It was supposed to be a joyful night for the newly wedded. The Alpha king and the Luna Queen had retired into their new room in the castle hours after getting married when the unfortunate incident happened.Luna Queen Qetiyah was murdered in cold blood in the king's chamber. Her eyes were wide open when the king walked into his chamber. Her throat was slit opened and Her
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If this isn't hell
In the year 2021,Every Wolf in the kingdom of Katula had ranks starting from Alphas, the Betas, and Gammas down to the omegas. In most cases, the omegas were considered the lowest in rank but in the kingdom of Katula, there was something lower than an Omega. They were called the Rankless wolves. Wolves without no rank. They can either shift or communicate with their wolves. They were just wolves to be with no rank and because of this, they were used as nothing but slaves. Not different from humans because they had no wolf. The rankless wolves were separated in the outskirts of the kingdom from every other wolf and every month, they come down to the community of the Rankless wolves to pick a slave or more to serve the noble families and if lucky, the Royal families. This law was created by the royal family and it remained as it was Five thousand years ago. To survive, the wolves had to fend for themselves by working in a factory or anywh
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Marriage Announcement
"Harder!" A blonde lady held against the bed frame screamed out in pleasure as Prince Percy rammed into her like an animal. "Shut your mouth you cunt," Percy cussed in a deep yet harsh tone. He slapped the lady's Ass. "Yeah, that's what I'm talking about," he moaned and then stopped. He pushed the lady to the ground and stood up from the bed towards the bathroom that was on the left side of the room. Prince Percy smiled as he dumped the used condom into the lavatory. Another girl down but he wasn't satisfied yet. He stared at his reflection, his deep blue eyes stared back at him. He flexed his muscular arm and ran a hand through his golden-brown hair. Percy was a man of great height at Six feet, three inches tall. A perfect creation every lady wanted. To the prince, He wanted a life free from entanglement and a life of fun that could make him pick any girl he wanted since all they ever wanted was money. Percy took a short bath in the jacuzzi an
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A New Beginning
 "Just one more step," Cara breathed heavily as she finally got to the front of a gigantic black gate. "Someone is out there!" She yelled as she hit the gate. "Someone is here!" She yelled again."Who is there?" A hoarse voice replied to her. "State your business!" He demanded."I'm Cara Williams. I was sent into the capital by the guards." She stated. The gigantic black gate opened and two guards walked out of the gate. Cara recognized the first guard as the man who ordered her to go to the capital city. she had no idea who the second guard was."Seems you made it back but you are five minutes late." The first guard Simon pointed out. " you disobeyed me, you didn't come at the right time!" He yelled at her. "Because you disobeyed me," the guard pointed a finger at her. "You will sleep outside on the grass and no dinner for you." The guard suddenly burst into laughter. "Where is my father?" Cara questioned ignoring the guard's last word
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A Sacrificial Bride
"The prince is......" Percy shut the announcer up at the entrance of the castle as he made his way inside with Kamil. He ignored all the servants that bowed to him as he made his way into the royal Dinning hall. His family was already seated on the dining chairs made of gold. The long dining table was made of glass and all the utensils on the table were all silver. His grandmother, Queen dowager Elizabeth sat at the end of the table and on her right-hand side was the king while the Queen sat on the left-hand side. His other two siblings sat beside each parent leaving twelve more chairs empty. His mother Queen Venus was a woman of pride. Her midnight black hair flowed over her shoulder with her Tiara carefully placed on top of her head. Queen Venus carried herself with pride much greater than that of the Queen dowager. Just like Percy, the queen had piercing deep ocean blue eyes while the Queen dowager was a woman of high authority. Even though she was still the Q
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She has my Face
"Impossible," Alexia, Alpha Simon's daughter jumped out of her queen-sized bed and headed towards Cara who knelt beside her bed. "How is she like me?" She demanded. Luna Maria had dragged Cara into her daughter's room immediately to spot the difference between the two and she found none. They were alike which would make her plan easier. "She looks like you my daughter," Maria said to her daughter. "But she smells like a Rankless wolf!" Alexa shouted. Cara could only stare at the girl who bear a resemblance to her except for the dark spot On Alexa's and different hair color. One would think that they were twins. "You stole my face!" Alexa yelled and lunged at Cara who knelt on the ground. She landed a slap on her face and grabbed a handful of her hair. "Why do you look like me? " she demanded. "Mother," she turned to face her mother. "You had two of us?"Her mother shook her head and kicked Cara with her heels. "I would never have a rankless wolf as my daughter," she said and circl
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You will be the Bride
Cara whimpered as Anastasia cleaned the cut on her head with water and a towel before she applied an ointment that smells like leaves. "It's made from Bashi right?" Cara who hasn't spoken a word to Anastasia opened her mouth and moaned in pain when Anastasia wiped the left side of his lips. "How do you know Bashi?" Anastasia asked her. "Because we used it all the time to heal since we don't have wolves in my community," Cara chuckled as she reminisced old memories. "For someone who got beaten up, you sure have the mouth to speak," Two other girls walked into the servant quarters and sat on the bunk bed that was opposite Cara's. "I've never seen a Rankless wolf before. The Omegas still have a rank unlike you that doesn't have a wolf," The girl tutted and folded her arms together. "I must say that you should be considered useless because you don't....""That's enough Ruka, " Anastasia shut the girl up. "Whether she is a rankless Wolf or not is none of your business. You both are maid
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First Meeting with the Anderson's Royal Family.
Maria slapped Cara on the back as she straightened her neck and look forward. The day of the meeting with the Royal family came as expected and Cara was all set to meet the Royal family that ruined her family. Cara also hoped to see her younger brother that was taken away to the Royal Mansion."I told you not to stand like the peasant that you are," Maria threw shades at Cara and pointed out her error. "Although you have the smell of An alpha's daughter due to the portion I gave you but it won't be for long. You are nothing but a substitute for my daughter. Do you understand? " Maria shouted causing Cara to Flinched. "Yes, your grace," Cara answered with her head lowered. She stared at herself in the mirror and saw a different person. Never in her entire life did she imagine that she would be dressed as a princess. The dress she had on was a blue glittering sleeveless dress that shines like a diamond. That wasn't all as her face was caked up with makeup making her look different. On
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Another hell
"That's insane woman!" Maria yelled as she walked into her mansion. She held her head and screamed."If you want to shift, I'll suggest you do it outside my house. You bought this upon yourself when you envy other people's things. You get bad luck in return," Alpha Simon scoffed and headed towards his room. "What the hell are you even saying?" Maria shouted. "Venus is too proud just because she is the queen but not for long!" Maria declared and clenched her fists. Her mate Simon shook his head and walked into his room. "I know you won't say anything about it!" Adam walked towards Cara who stood in one corner of the room and pressed her shoulder. "You did well," he whispered into her ears. Cara cleared her throat and pushed him off."I see you are rejecting my offer, good luck on that," Adam told her and headed out of the house. "Shall I go to my room ma'am?" Cara asked Maria. Maria took a few steps while she moved backward until her back hits the wall. "How dare you peasant try to
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The interview
"Remember to make this family proud, or else you'll regret everything you do." Maria grabbed Cara's hand and pulled her close to herself. Maria sounded one final note to her before pushing her forward. Maria made a point of reminding her of everything they'd learned and discussed over the previous few days.Cara nodded in response as she was accompanied by one of the family's guards. He led her into a limousine, and Cara bowed her head as she entered the limousine. "Finally!" Cara heaved a sigh and adjusted her white dress. It was too tight and had her breasts almost spilling out. Although Cara's breasts were of moderate size, the tight white dress made them tighter, and she dared not complain about it to Maria, else she'd be dealt with.Cara had learnt a lot ever since she became a slave to Alpha Simon's family. She had learnt that family meant everything to them and also that it was in disarray. They were all family, but they hated each other as if they bore grudges against each othe
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