My Heartless Stepbrother

My Heartless Stepbrother

By:  Angela Lynn Carver  Updated just now
Language: English
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"I made my decision. So from now on, we pretend like the other night never happened." After spending one steamy night with her stepbrother, Meghan made a sudden decision to move far away from him. To Meghan, sleeping with Adrian was a mistake like taking a bite of a forbidden fruit but Adrian felt different. But now, as Meghan decides to come back and rekindle their relationship, she realizes that Adrian has changed for the worse. He becomes her constant tormentor, as though he spends every night thinking of ways to emotionally torture her. What will happen when Meghan begins to fall for her heartless stepbrother?

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60 chapters
Summer of 2020Adrian Reed stared at Meghan parker as she dipped her toes in the water. A tiny smile graced her lips as the cold hit her skin, and Adrian's heart squeezed with the desire to go and talk to her. But his emotions were forbidden. Falling for his stepsister was a route he couldn't take, and he was trying to fight the flutters in his heart. He tried to focus on his friends as they chattered among themselves, but his gaze kept sliding to her, following her as she enjoyed the summer day. He fought against everything inside of him, but there was no escape. His second brain had the same feelings. So for the last half hour, he had fought his hard-on by imagining his grandmother naked. It was disgusting, but it needed to be done, not to fuck his stepsister on the spot. "Did you hear what I just said?" his friend Tiffany asked. She said something else, but he stopped listening again. "Adrian!""Huh, what?" he answered immediately this time."Why are you staring at that girl? W
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1. Welcome Home
MEGHAN One year later... "I'm serious. your mother and I are very excited to have you back." I looked at my stepfather Steve and smiled. It was the end of my first year in college, and things were going well for me as far as my social life and school goes. I fell into a routine, and it was fine with me. "Thank you for saying that. I was nervous about coming back to live with you guys. Are you sure I won't be a burden to you?" I asked him. I couldn't get over my insecurity so easily. Steve wasn't my real father so it was hard to imagine him being so okay with me living there. "You are not a burden, sweetheart. It has been lonely since you left. Adrian hardly stays home anymore. Always out and about, wildin' out with his friends," Steve chuckled. I thought I could stay with my father for the rest of my college year, but everything changed when he suddenly decided to remarry too. I could not stand my new stepmother, and frankly, my stepmother felt the same way about me. All we did
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2. What Party?
ADRIANWhen she moved back to Boston, I thought it was for good. I didn't think she'd ever show her face again after what she did and all the things she said to me.I still remember her harsh words. And the way she looked at me. Her eyes were cold and hard. I will never forget it, and I will never forgive her.I hate her. I really hate her.If only this was my true feelings. Even after spending an entire year without her, I still couldn't forget about the night we spent together. Her sweet scent, her smile, everything about her was so beautiful to me at the time. I couldn't sleep at night because thoughts of her haunted me. And to make things even worse, Meghan decided to show up and be part of the family again.Fucking bitch....The next day, I woke up and rushed out of the house without saying a word to anyone. Dad expected me to drop her off at the college, but there was no way in hell I would do that. She could hitchhike for all I care.Most of my friends decided to stay in Miami
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3. You are not going
MEGHANI don't know why I accepted Tiffany's invitation. Our first meeting wasn't exactly pleasant. Sure, she acted all sweet and friendly afterward, but her initial greeting of me was cold, especially when she saw me sitting near Adrian.I suppose that's understandable, considering she was his girlfriend. I hadn't thought to ask if he had a girlfriend."A party sounds great. It'll give you a chance to make some new friends," mom said.I nodded in agreement."Besides, Adrian will be there, so you won't be alone," she added.I wasn't so sure about that. It seems that Adrian hated me, so he would be less than thrilled to have me around. He did not like it when I talked to his friends."I don't think he likes me anymore," I laughed and tried to make it out to be a joke but deep inside, I knew it was the truth."Don't be silly. Why wouldn't he like you? You guys were so close before you moved out! I told you, he is going through something, so he was just in a bad mood. It'll pass, and the
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4. Betrayal is a Bitter Brew
ADRIANParties weren't really my thing, but fuck if I was going to stay home if Meghan was going to Tiffany's to hang with my friends. Where did she get off insisting to go anyway? Tiffany was my girlfriend. Or at least, a fake one. Luke was my friend. Hell, everyone who was going to be there was part of my crowd, not hers. She should step off. As far as I was concerned, Meghan had picked her side when she'd used me then left me for Boston. She didn't get to show back up in my house with my family to go to my college with my friends and demand to hang at parties meant for me. She needed to get her own friends and stop trying to poach mine. Tiffany surprised me when I got to the party. It was like she could tell I was upset. She brought me a Captain and Coke then got me another when I drained it dry with a few swallows. I liked how she didn't seem to care if I drank enough to get a good buzz going. Tiff was turning out to be a cool chick to fake-date. I just wished she understood
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5. You will pay
MEGHANI was so stunned by his words that I couldn't speak the entire time.I just stood there, frozen while he said those nasty words to me. I couldn't even shed a tear.I watched him slam the door on his way out and then burst into tears. My body shook as I attempted to choke back my sobs, but I couldn't stop. I have never felt so humiliated, so small.So I made one mistake a year ago? Don't I deserve a chance to explain myself? And what was that about him 'almost not making it?' What did he even mean by that? I was so confused.I didn't know how I would go back to the party and have a good time after he made me feel like shit, so I decided to look for Luke. He promised to drive me home after all.I went to the living room and looked around, my eyes frantically searching for Luke. Maybe I should call the rideshare company again."There you are, Maggie. I was looking for you."I released a sigh of relief. Luke found me again. "Did you find Adrian?""Yes," I said meekly. I had wiped m
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6. Better Back Off
ADRIANTiffany had been waiting right at the foot of the stairs with a drink in hand for me when I got through the door. The smile on her face promised me more than a good buzz; I wanted to kiss her until I forgot all about Meghan. She was willing to oblige, too. We made out at the foot of the stairs until she had a leg hooked over my hip, grinding her groin against mine as she panted cherry-scented breaths against my lips. "Come up to my room? Please? I swear I'm not a tease. I'll let you do anything you want. Just come with me?" What made Tiff so hot for me? If I had been less drunk, I might have spent more time thinking about it, but all I could care about was how she made my dick hard enough to drive nails. We were in her house, at her party, and talking about going to her room so I could get my hands on her body---as far as I was concerned, Tiffany was the only one whose interests mattered under the circumstances. Meghan could find her own fun. Who really cared if she got w
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7. I will deal with you later.
MEGHANHow was this fair?I was being ganged up by two other girls who looked older and possibly stronger than me. This was such a fucked up situation, I thought. Even if I knew how to fight, which I didn't...I couldn't fight them off both as I was outnumbered.And what are we even fighting about anyway? For a guy I didn't even like?"This is stupid," I said. I shook my head as they were gaining on me."Are you calling me dumb? You slut?" Rita snapped."No, I am not calling you dumb. I am saying this whole thing is dumb. This is a big misunderstanding, that's all. I don't want Luke. I already told you this a thousand times," I said."We don't fucking believe you," Rita's minion barked.Twirling her hair on her finger, Rita stepped even closer to me. So close that I had a hard time breathing as the stench of alcohol in her breath overwhelmed my senses. "I think a lesson needs to be learned. What do you think?" She placed her indexed finger on my chest and then poked it hard, making me
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8. Crazy Chick Magnet
ADRIANFucking Luke.Maggie looked rough from the smackdown she'd evidently gotten herself into in the bathroom. Her eye was swollen, turning dark already, and even her cheek looked puffy on that side. I knew it would be an ugly shiner by morning; I had zero idea what our parents would have to say about it.They'd probably blame me.As if it was my fault my best friend was a manwhore who attracted crazy chicks the way moths swarmed a flame. I couldn't wait get to college. I wasn't ever coming home to these people again.I had to carry her all the way to the bathroom. Luckily, our parents were dead asleep and didn't hear the door. I couldn't wait to get my own place so I didn't have to worry about things like this."Natasha is going to have my head for this, you know that right? You better tell her you took yourself to the party. I'm not getting my ass handed to me because you don't know to stay away from where you aren't wanted.""I was invited!" Maggie protested sharply.I was angry
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9. Don't make him wait
MEGHAN I rolled to my side and groaned as the entire side of my face hurt. I tried to open my eyes, but it was too painful to open my right eye, so I closed them again. Why does it hurt so much? I touched my aching face and the memories from last night came flooding back. Then, thinking about the party, I laughed bitterly to myself. Oh right. How could I forget the beatdown from Luke's number one fan already? Damn Rita and her temper. Maybe I better stay away from him for a while. I had enough problems of my own already. I needed to figure out how to fix things with Adrian. He was still too angry at me, and I wanted him to stop hating me. "Maggie! Are you up?" I jolted up into a sitting position as I heard my mother's voice. Shit...I wasn't ready for her to see my battered face. I knew she would be disappointed once she saw how her daughter was getting into trouble already. I didn't want her to regret inviting me here to live with her again. "Y...yes, mom," I replied. "It's a
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