About Last Night

About Last Night

By:  Creivyr19  Completed
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Kristina will accidentally and unexpectedly give her cherished Dignity and Cleanliness as a woman to the young man she meets in just one night. In short, Kristina got a one-night stand with Troy Madrigal for the reason that both of them are drunk and not in the right frame of mind. But despite the accident that happened between them. It would make sense to Kristina, even she once regretted the mistake she had made why she had given herself to a young man she didn't know very well. It seemed like she just had a preference and interest in the young man after the hot event that happened to them that night. Which seemed to lead to the point that she fell in love with the young man in just an instant. Can Kristina continue her feelings for the young man, who after taking advantage will leave her alone just like a hired woman? Will she be able to love the young man when they meet again after disappearing like a bubble?

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98 chapters
Chapter 1
It was Thursday night after my work as a Nurse at General Santos Hospital, where I have been working at that hospital for almost four years.I was on my way home when my friend Annabelle who also works as a Nurse in London, called me on the phone. She's not just a friend but she is my best friend since Elementary.I was shocked and confused when she said that she was going to my house tonight together with her friends from London, while she is talking to me on the phone. As far as I know, she was in London and far away from General Santos.I think this is another prank or just a lie because Annabelle will always remind me in advance when she goes home to the Philippines. Even if she leaves the country next month on the said date, she'll let me know right away. Well, as I said she is advanced to remind me always.Anyway, my name is Kristina Delos Santos 24 years old from Laguna. I'm single, with no boyfriend, and especially no husband.I'm NBSB or n
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Chapter 2
I stopped and was surprised as if feeling happy.  "Oh my God! It's you, Annabelle? My God, I almost died of nervousness and fear of what you did Annabelle!" I say with a loud voice while still trembling with fear."Hello, Best friend!"  Annabelle said while hugging me tightly while she never stopped laughing."It's nice that you surprised me but you almost killed me and I almost killed a person too!"  I said as I looked at them one by one with a little anger on my face.Annabelle put her arm on my shoulder.  "What is that, a knife?"  She asked in astonishment as she stared at the knife I was holding.I gasped for breath."How come, I thought you were thieves so I have to defend myself!"  I said while looking at the knife I was holding."I'm sorry Kristina, I told you I'm coming here,"  she said while surprised and seemed worried about me."How come I believe you, what you said seems unbelievable, imagi
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Chapter 3
"Of course, I know you don't wear a bra when you're just here in your house. In fairness your house looks beautiful and perfect," she said while still laughing at me."Hey shut up your mouth maybe someone will hear you but I think they didn't notice it. And maybe you're the only one who noticed about it." I said. "Thank you by the way," I added, smiling at her."Maybe the others didn't notice but I think someone noticed you besides me," she said with a look of doubt."What? Who else?"  I suddenly thought.  "Earlier I noticed that your Pilot friend Troy looked straight at me. He seemed to look at me differently," I hesitated as I said while looking at the Pilot Troy Madrigal."Troy? I think you're right," she laughed out loud at the same time as if she knew very well."That's why I change my outfit,"  I said while thinking."I think Troy noticed that. You know they say that the Pilots are good and wise to read women's d
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Chapter 4
"Oh, I'm sorry I forgot," I said while laughing a little."So what's the plan? Game?" Jean said while there were smiles on her lips that seemed happy and excited to go to the bar."Well as far as I know that tomorrow is my day off. Well, I'll go with you guys," I answered quickly."Oh right nice one," Anna smiled."So, where are we going first?"  Annabelle asked while scratching her head. "Let's take a walk somewhere else first," Jean said."That's good Jean. By the way boys Annabelle and Kristina are coming with us," Anna said loudly to her other male companions."Well that's good, I haven't been to a disco for a long time. For sure there are a lot of men there," Adrian said who is also happy and excited to go to a disco."You haven't changed," Marko said while turning his head to Adrian."Hey shut up there," Adrian slapped the towel on his face. "So, are we leaving now?"  Troy asked us loud
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Chapter 5
"Oh hello," Troy smiled at the woman while looking at her face and body."By the way I'm Karla," she presented her hand to Troy. "Oh and I'm Troy. Anyway, it's Kristina, my friend," Troy said while looking at me."Oh hello dear," the woman said and look at me."Nice to meet you," I said to the woman as I secretly looked at her painfully because of her flirting doing to Troy."Can we dance Troy?" The woman even invited him while holding his hand, which annoyed me."But I have someone with me," he said while looking at me."No it's okay, just take your time," I said during their conversation while pretending to be fine and happy."What a kind person you are," the woman said with a smile on her face."Oh sure," Troy stood up from his seat and faced the woman.The woman held Troy's hand and the two of them danced in the middle of the stage. I just looked at them both and I noticed the woman clinging tightly to T
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Chapter 6
"Of course, am I!" I answer him with a loud voice. He immediately sat down in his chair and sighed in exhaustion. "Well, good to hear and I'll go with you to drink,""Why did you leave the woman you were dancing with earlier?" I asked him and take a looked around the bar. "I don't like to dance with that woman. I just forced, " he said while looking at the other table where many women were drinking there."But you want to," I said loudly while staring at him."What?" Shocked and seemingly astonished by the way he asked me."Nevermind just drink!" Troy even accompanied me to drink that night. We enjoyed drinking and talking until we didn't realize that we had been drinking a lot. Which is going to be intoxicating."Hey, Troy can you still_?" I asked him while trying to fight the intoxication."Am I still capable," he replied but very drunk."You know I feel like I'm sleepy, am I just going to lie down here?" Lean back in the chair and laugh out loud. "You're crazy don't do that it'
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Chapter 7
I'm no longer in the right mind to be aware of what I was doing. I no longer felt embarrassed when I take off my shirt even in front of Troy. I could just see Troy seemed stunned as he looked at me but I ignored his reactions because I was no longer in the right state of mind for those moments. We are both out of our sanity and mentality due to our excessive intoxication.That night something unexpected happened between me and Troy.Both of our bodies heated up until we could no longer control them and we did the thing that should not have happened. I only remember those moments before I finally fainted from my intoxication, Troy approached me on my bed while slowly touching my face.He stared at my naked body as if he wanted to claim my body.Later on, he slowly touch my face and kissed me on my lips. Until his warm kisses bow down to my neck and my healthy breast.As we warmly kissed together. Troy slowly crawled his hand on my navel and gently massaged my waist. Until he inserted
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Chapter 8
Troy is the first man who got my virginity and I admit that I'm still a virgin that day. Even though I enjoyed what happened between us but still it makes me guilty which I didn't understand yet.My big mistake is I just gave it to the wrong person, to the person I meet only one night. I know that there is no mediator between the two of us but it hurts me a lot. I can't imagine that it will affect me. It has reached the point that I hated him so much because the suddenly disappear after all.He left me like a dirty woman who was just thrown after all.There is no deep reason for me to get angry with him since we're not in a relationship together or friends. But the anger in my heart is still here. Since then, the incident of that night will be stuck in my mind forever. Even though many months and years will pass it will still stick in my mind. Fast forward, one year later. When I was in the hospital and about to take a rest when I heard my phone ringing.(Phone ringing) "Who's c
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Chapter 9
"It's just that I knew you differently when I first saw you at the bar," he said while laughing a little."Really? How do you recognize me?" I said with a loud voice while staring at him.He smiled. "Nothing, don't think about that," he said while laughing as if with a malicious laugh.Suddenly I thought of his laughter. "Maybe you think I'm a bad girl, isn't it?""It's not bad! I just thought you were a different woman just like_. I don't even recognize that you're a Nurse and I didn't think of you like you we're a Nurse at first," he said while stopping laughing."Is that so," I said hesitantly."We always went to General Santos Hospital every time my dad have a medical check-up. But I haven't seen you yet," he said at the same time looking at me. "Maybe you just didn't notice me it's because we're hundreds of employees working in that Hospital," I looked at the Reception Area."Actually you have a point but honestly you're the most beautiful Nurse I've ever seen in that Hospital
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Chapter 10
"That's right. It's just me and my carrier that I'm busy with now," I replied to him while looking at the paintings in front of me."You're too beautiful of having not a boyfriend? I don't think that's convincing, Kristina," he said in astonishment, obviously incredulous."Why do all the men say that word?"I crossed both my arms at the same time.His two eyebrows raised. "It's true you're too beautiful to be called no boyfriend,""Well, I asked myself that too. I'm just kidding," I laughed out loud. "Why are you laughing there? My questions are serious but you're just laughing," he said seriously."No, I mean I asked myself why the person we call my the one hasn't come into my life yet," I sighed."He will come at the right time and right opportunity,” he smiled."Did you already find the one?""Um, actually I thought I found her but I haven't," Mike said as if his face was streaked with sadness."Why not? I don't think I can understand," I bit my lips and sighed."To make the story
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