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Love triangle between Vampire Prince, Kai Schneider with abandoned young prince of werewolf, Isaac Andrew and their quite energetic and troublemaker girl, Maddy. The only girl that doesn't fall for his charm and the werewolf boy just makes it worst. who the one would find their ultimate happiness? Which one would she chose?

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4 chapters
Episode 1
Pov Kai Schneider. He walks with confidence and looks so hot with his slender body and his face also handsome just like Herman Tommeraas but he is much more handsome than him. He is not only handsome, but he also has dark brown eyes that make his dark brown hair look dazzling. His height is perfectly fine, 6'1 feet tall. When he stares at someone, No matter what your sexuality is, you would fall under his spell. He would make you fall in love harder with him and make you crazy. There is someone that enters the asylum just because he isn't chosen by him. When you heard his name, you would go crazy and excited. His charismatic personality makes it hard for people to resist his charm. But he doesn't care. To him, love is something that humans shouldn't be exaggerated about. He doesn't believe in love and he despises women a lot. His childhood made it hard to find his soulmate. It's not like he doesn't try, it's only th
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Episode two
Lana Pov part oneFlashback 6 years ago. It was supposed to be the day I would meet my little sister. We had been separated since we were 10 years old and 6 years old. Now, I don't know what happened to me. My hands were tied with rope and I was blindfolded by someone. I heard someone screaming next to my place. Lana: "Where am I?" unknown person 1:" I don't know. Why was the other one screaming?" Lana: "I also don't know why…" unknown person 1: "It's the same with all of us.." Unknown person 2: "Please let us go?" The unknown person I: "Hey, help us! " unknown person 3: "Why did you guys take us away?" Lana:''Let us go! we are not guilty! You can't just lock us up like this!" Unknown male 1:" Of course, you are not but we needed you all here to examine all of you. If you have great blood? You can be wives of the Vampires. " Lana:" But I am
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Episode 3
Continued from the previous episode Lana Pov part twoHe kissed her forcefully once again and this time, it was much more intense than before. Make it hard to breathe properly. She gasped for air as he let go of her plump little ruby lips. Kai Schneider:" Now you are silent, my girl? The others felt so excited and jealous of Lana because he kissed her so passionately. He looked so lustful after that kiss but Kai Schneider tried to hold on to his own body from doing more than that. He wants to wait until Lana is willing to permit him to do her. Lana: "Ah,ah.. Why do you kiss me that way?" ( panting )Kai Schneider: "Because I want you! If I want? I will do it right now!" Lana: "Haha, you should let me go. I have to see my little sister. She and I haven't met for so long. Let me go, please?" Kai Schneider: "Not until you agree to be my wife." Lana: "No! I don't want to be anyon
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Episode 4
Isaac Andrew Pov. 6 years ago. Isaac Andrew:" Dad, my uncle Tim just died and you want me to leave his research about the ancient power?" Seth Andrew:" I don't want you to get injured! You are just 18 years old and I can't lose anyone anymore!" Isaac Andrew:" Yes, I know that I am still young but I don't want to be ruled by that wicked vampire clan! I am Isaac Andrew. Future Alpha of Diamond Werewolf! I AM NOT A COWARD!" Seth Andrew:" I know that you are not. But I don't want to lose you just like I lost your big brothers, Adrian and Ken and also your uncle, uncle Tim. I love you, Isaac. If you love me? Please abandon it. It's so dangerous!!!" Isaac Andrew:" I doubt so. I can't! This is for our clan's future!" Rex Andrew:" I also have the same thought as Isaac. As our next heir, we can't let him become a coward. He has to do it for our clan's future. " Tommy Andrew:" Yes, but we lose a lot of family
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