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He walks over to meet me caressing my face and holds my gaze. "I vow to wipe every single Mendova that includes you. I'll make sure I kill you with my bare hands if you dare defy me, so when your day comes, your will to live belongs to me, Hannah Victoria, till death do us part. So, die for me." ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Hannah Victoria, the only child of Mason Mendova, lives with her relatives after the death of her father. She resides with Ephraim Mendova, her uncle, his wife, Beatrice Mendova, and his three children. Lilly, Christian and James. She is an assassin trained to eliminate the Mendova's opponents. Zachary Montiquez is a self made billionaire. Due to the amount of time he spends on his company, every woman that dates him accuses him of not giving them enough time. They cheat on him and end up blaming Zachary. His parents want him to settle down but he couldn't care less. Hannah wants out of the Mendova's family but she's given a task to pick one man out of Seven candidate to marry. Likely, all the men given to her hates her so she'll have to pick the one she can handle. Fate brings Zachary and Hannah together on Lilly's birthday party. Although, they didn't start off good but Hannah ends up proposing to him since he's a candidate of the men chosen and he accepts. The two bound together by hatred concludes on living a horrid marriage of absolute chaos. But soon enough, their Hatred for one another would create a bond that surpass the thorn of disdain.

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80 Chapters
Marry Me Hannah
HANNAH'S POVI laid in bed next to the familiar who was half awake. After tiring him out I was able to get the information I needed. I sighed heavily. I needed a shower and a hot one for that matter. Sliding the blanket away I got up strutting down to the bathroom. Immediately I locked it, I needed a private shower I couldn't bet on the odds that the man on the bed might respect my privacy and let me shower alone. Immediately I bristly run the tap hot handle of the shower and a little bit of the cold handle and just stayed there with my underwear and a dress shirt. I was too tired to take both off, I needed something warm to drive this cold negate of emptiness. At first I felt warm but at the same time I felt nothing.I sighed finally taking off my dress shirt and undies shutting my eyes. My hands wrapped me allover as a way of comforting me, I felt a little peck of warmth the size of a grain of rice my face fell and my eyes morbids slowly. "Hannah, you've been in
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This Is Your Fault
ZACHARY'S POV"You did this, it's your fault. You never loved me enough. I begged and begged and begged Zachary you barely have time for me…." Zeme went on and on without stopping. The man next to her was trying to comfort her as she went on and on about it was my fault for cheating. I didn't really know how to feel about it, it probably hurt a little since I actually liked Zeme but again it was my fault like always.My secretary was way more hotter than her but I didn't go around sleeping with her or any other women. But I was always the problem, I didn't even look at any other woman, but somehow it's my fault again."Why didn't you ever touch me ? Haven touched me and it was amazing. I couldn't get enough of him.." she was hurt I was aware but honestly I should be the one screaming at her for uttering that rubbish."Did you like it ?" That was the only question that left my lips. Zeme went mute immediately, she was probably expecting me to get violent or somet
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Misplaced Priorities
HANNAH'S POVA maid escorted me to the dining room of The Mendova family. It consists of my uncle Ephraim Mendova, My aunt Beatrice Mendova and their three abomination called children, Christian, Lilly and James.Lilly was the eldest, she's 26 years old. Christian was the second eldest, he's 25 years oldJames was the youngest, he's 19 years old.While I Hannah Victoria, I am 24 years old I'll be 25 this coming december. You might be astonished, Why do I hate the Mendova's kid so much ? Why do I answer to Victoria ? And where are my parents ?My father was murdered by my uncle to claim the position of godfather. Everyone knows even me and I can't do anything about it. I was born into a Mafia lineage and it's normal for a family member to assassinate one another for power. My father eliminated my grand father to become godfather.In the future Christian and James will fight for that title or at least one of them will kill uncle Ephraim.As for my
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You're Engaged ?
ZACHARY'S POVI and Jacob were in my bar room. It was a separate room decorated with different brands of wine. "If she's being abused why can't she just leave." I ignorantly replied to Jacob who was narrating Hannah's abusive relationship with her relatives."Her dad was killed by her uncle at a tender age. Her mom just disappeared after what could she do now that she couldn't do as a child ? If she leaves without their permission they'll kill her it's not that easy." Jacob recites and now I felt a little bad for Hannah but not remorseful to kinder the hatred I have for her."Maybe if she didn't try to poison me multiple times I'd relate with her condition better." I said recalling those Horrid memories. "She wouldn't have poisoned you if you weren't so close with Javon.You knew Javon's family was on the Mendova's black list didn't you ?""That was enough reason for you to drop him after his family stab the Mendova's behind their back.""She killed him. That woman is a murderer." I ha
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Do Not Fail
HANNAH'S POVMy back ached all over from the lashes I received, tears continuously stream down my cheeks till my eyes were clouded blood red.My uncle put away his lash ignoring my aching body.This was a familiar routine so it didn't faze him."You better keep quiet or you'd be crying blood any moment." I instantly went mute. It's been months since I got a lashing. Unfortunately I'm 24 years old ant I get treated like a beast."Do you have an idea of why you got a lashing ?" My uncle asked me. I tried to bear the pain and not answer in a way that could earn me more lashes."I honestly expressed my feelings, I forgot that this family doesn't like to hear the truth." I tried, I really tried but I just had to say it like that. "No, try again." My uncle insisted."No." I answered. "You want me to say I disrespected Lilly ? Earlier they made jest of me and all they got was a glare. I let out honest emotions that you intentionally triggered and I get a lashing how unfair is that ?" I yelled
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The Ring Gave It Away
ZACHARY'S POVI hate family dinners.One day of the month I'm forced to eat with my parents and siblings and talk about how the the previous month went.I was mostly the center of attention since my parents were at my neck to find a wife and settle down.I walked in my parents house with a Vior paper bag alongside with Olivia who helped me pick out my present for Flora. "Thanks again Olivia I don't know what I would have done without you." I thanked her again letting her in until I considered shutting the door. "Oh it's nothing it's been a while since I had dinner your parents and Flora. Besides I need to break the news to them about my engagement." Fiona said flashing her ring."Congratulations. I better be the first person you inform when you get married." I winked at Olivia who blushed a little. "Of course, you'd be the first person I'll relay the news to." Olivia promised, we both looked ahead to see Flora running up to me, I stretch my arms wide open but she ran past me and hugged
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For Business
HANNAH'S POV"He made you do what ?" Kerry yelled at the top of her voice getting the attention of our surroundings.I told her to keep it down, the whole world didn't need to know what we were talking about."I have to pick a suitor from his recommendations admist that I have another mission to follow up." Kerry reached over to have a look at the recommendations."Damn your uncle took his time. Eww why is Christian here ? He doesn't expect you to marry that psychopath does he ? " Kerry gagged.I sighed. " If I don't pick at least one. Christian would be my latter. It doesn't help matters that the men on the list don't have a good impression of me." I said sobbing quietly."Brian, oh I remember him he was your partner for a mission. You guys were unstoppable on a mission, why not him ?" Kerry muttered calling out the first candidate. "The imbecile kept setting up for failure when we were together. If we get married I might murder him." I said pushing myself back to seat comfortably."
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Art Of Seduction
ZACHARY'S POVI didn't know when my hands found their way to Hannah's neck. I wasn't doing much of a good job anyway since she was just snickering at me. I heave a deep breath and backed away from her, she barely brushed the side of her throat or even coughed."Why didn't you push me away." I yelled at her."Oh please, you barely did anything. The only thing you did was waste my time." Hannah said ignoring my gaze and going through her phone."Hannah…" we both turned to see Olivia run up to the both of us. "Olivia, you're working for Zachary ?" Hannah says glaring at me."Yes, I am. Mr Zachary treats me well " Olivia said as Hannah got hold of her hand to admire her ring. "You're engaged ?" Hannah asked as Olivia nodded her gaze shifted to me. "Oh it's not Mr Zachary. I'm engaged to another man." Olivia said clearing up the misunderstanding."I suspect so, you're way too good for Zachary." Hannah says. "I wouldn't put it that way Hannah." Olivia chuckled in hopes Hannah doesn't upset
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All Good Things Must Come To An End
HANNAH'S POVToday was Olivia's engagement party, it was currently 7am and I was in dire need to get a present. I tried to recall what Olivia used to like but it was all fruitless. On top of that my uncle request for my presence to have breakfast with the family. After that stunt I pulled I wasn't allowed to eat with the Mendovas. It was the best punishment I've ever received and sadly all good things must come to an end.I heard footsteps match with mine, I did not bother to look back the only person I could think of wasn't worth it to take a look at. I immediately hasten my steps. "That hurts my pride Anna." I froze on my steps immediately, I turned to look at Christian who was dressed in a dress shirt tucked under his black pants. "Tell it to someone who actually cares." I hissed turning my back at him, his grip found its way to my shoulders. "Well you better start caring since you're going to be my wife." I almost went mad in am instant, I tried to stay calm as possible."That ca
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Blind Date
ZACHARY'S POVCongratulations filled the air, I looked over at the number of people who paid their respect to Olivia and her fiance. Olivia was really doing charity, I don't want to compare but I was way better looking than her fiance. What did he have that I didn't.He was an employee of mine and somehow he managed to get engaged to my secretary. I didn't even know he worked for me until Olivia introduced us to each other.I called Olivia to a corner and handed her an envelope. She held tightly held on to it but shook her head. "This is an early wedding gift." I said, she opened it to see a hundred dollar notes in 250 pieces. "Mr Zachary, this is 250 grand." Olivia muttered wide eyed."It's your early wedding gift and also my thanks for being my secretary. Flora told me you were resigning, I know you were going to tell me but I was hurt hearing it from Flora." I faked being betrayed right in front of Olivia who pressed her palm over her eyes. I instantly realize she was trying to ho
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