The Night's Embrace

The Night's Embrace

By:  Briana Faison  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lilly Devereux is a busy, quiet, recluse. She keeps to herself, and tries to stay out of the way. However, when her CEO forces her hand to participate in a company retreat, she doesn't realize what she'll be getting into. They are the Triad. They are the kings of a tribe of supernatural outcasts, and they rule with an iron fist. However, they lack what all kings need, a queen. That is until a faithful encounter with the quiet beauty, Lily Devereux. Fate would have them together. Fate would have them rule. But Fate would have the Triad fall, should their queen deny the night.

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15 Chapters
Lily did her best to breathe slowly. She thought a little liquid courage would have done her some good. After a glass of whiskey, she felt much worse.She kept to the outskirts of the party. Lily kept her head down, to avoid eye contact. If she didn’t look at people, hopefully they wouldn’t talk to her.“Oh, my gosh! Isn’t this party awesome?” Well, she could only hope.Lily looked up slightly. A petite, blonde stood in front of her. Her short shorts, and figure squeezing tank top made her delectable to the prying eyes of men. Of course, she was probably wanting the attention.“Hi! I’m Emma.” She winked at her, the thick frame of her lashes barely moving.Lily waved her hand. She rubbed her arm up and down.“Not much of a talker, are you?” Emma giggled. She was obviously just a little tipsy.Lily shook her head, trying to back away from the blonde girl. Unfortunately, Emma wasn’t going to let her if so easily. “Excuse me.” She tried to get away again.“Wait, where are you going?” Emma
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Chapter One
SHE WAS STILL GATHering her wits. Too much happened all at once, and she didn’t know what to believe at this point. She knew one thing for sure, that bastard of a boss raped her. Even worse, she wasn’t strong enough to fight him off. She just submitted. Stood there and let it happen.As her stomach curdled, and her skin crawled at the thought of the incident. She wanted to puke again. She needed to puke again. There was nowhere for her to, though.Things were moving too fast. Perhaps it wasn’t the memory but the motioned sickness. Lily didn’t think she could move so quickly, yet...“Forgive me. I know you’re probably sick, but this is the quickest method of travel I can give. Your wounds are pretty severe.” God, how his voice was smoother than silk. It could soothe even the most rowdy of beasts. He pulled her close to his chest.His scent enveloped her, and she could barely contain a moan. He smelled like campfires and winter nights. Oh, it was lovely.“We have a healer who should be
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Chapter Two
LILY COULDN’T PIECe this shit together. Things were still happening too fast. That man.. That beautiful man brought her to a glass clad room. She assumed it was a doctor’s office. She was right.After snooping around, she found all sorts of tools that belonged to a surgeon. At least that was what she thought. Inside the cabinets were sterile needles, and a small vial of clear medicine. Tongue depressors, cotton balls and band aids were lined up in containers on the counter tops. There was a lone operating table in the middle of the room, with a tray of surgery tools beside it.“Where the hell am I?” She continued to look around. The bright lights of the room stung her eyes, and made her dizzy. It was a reminder of how much she hated hospitals.There was too much space. There was too much quiet. Too much loneliness. If it weren’t for the heavy medications her psychiatrist had prescribed her, she’d be hearing voices. She’d be having a nervous breakdown. Hell, she might even bang her hea
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Chapter Three
LILY JUST WANTED a break. She just wanted to sleep. She needed to sleep. Lily hadn’t slept in almost a week, and the events of tonight would keep her up even longer.How was she supposed to believe something as ridiculous as the existence of supernatural creatures? It was wild, and fantastical! It was the type of thing that almost put her in the nuthouse. She knew better than to admit the existence of supernatural beings, yet that doctor was so opened about it.Isla answered all of Lily’s questions. She didn’t show any signs of deterring from such beliefs. Lily did everything in her power to shake her. Then Isla did the unthinkable.She grew a pair of delicate wings. They sprouted out of her back. Oh, how they were so beautiful. Lily wanted to trace the swirling patterns engraved in their transparent forms. Light caused rainbows glimmer in those beautiful wings.“Do you believe now?” Isla cocked her brow at her. She gave a toothy smile, and Lily caught a glimpse of small little fangs.
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Chapter Four
THEY STOOD THERE observing her. After Isla administered the cocktail to Lily, a wave of massive psychic energy flushed through the fortress, shaking its foundations. There was truly a lot of power to this beauty of a woman.Upon her first sip of the cocktail, her powers had appeared to activate. Traces of light flushed through her veins, dancing up and down her arms. Then the screaming began.From behind the one-way glass, the Triad could observe peacefully. They could watch her without risk of being exposed to her powers. They knew the abilities of seers. They had met a couple of them in their lifetimes.She was different though. She was weak in stature, meager in room appearance. She carried herself small, as if she were always trying to shrink and disappear in a room. Yet, somehow her abilities were overwhelmingly powerful.“What do we do with her?” Donte asked. He looked over at his companions, watching their expressions change with every movement of Lily’s.Elias was practically
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Chapter Five
THERE WAS SOMETHIng about her. There was something about how this woman fit perfectly against him. Oh, how her curves enticed his every desire.Caspius found himself memorizing her every feature. He took note of every delicate imperfection that made her appear more and more angelic. He ran a finger over the plumpness of her lips. They were so soft. So luscious.Ours. His beast growled. It stalked back and forth, yearning to reach out and touch her. If Caspius let him out, she’d be marked against her will. An unwilling mate was not a mate at all.Let her be. He snapped. She’s fragile.“Fragile indeed,” Donte grumbled. “Can’t even withstand the strength of her abilities.” He rolled his eyes. “Stick her with the witches, and leave her there.”“With power like that, wouldn’t it be best to put her with the psychics? They’ll train her offensive abilities. She’d be more useful to us,” Elias chimed in.“We have plenty of psychics. Honing her arcane abilities would better suit us. There’s no o
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Chapter Six
HER LIMBS WERE TINgling. Her lips were numb. A burst of heat and the occasional cold ran across her skin. She’d never felt something as intense as this.Every bit of her was screaming in agony. She wanted release from this misery, but couldn’t find it.Voices swarmed her subconscious, trying to consume her with every passing moment. Though she tried to fight them off, she felt weaker and weaker. Lily didn’t know what was happening. She didn’t know how to break free of this new mental prison.Wake up! A voice pleaded with her. Wake up Lily!She tried, but couldn’t. No matter how intense her attempts were, she couldn’t pry her eyes open.A fiery flame consumed her, becoming all that she was. She felt an indescribable agony swallow her whole. All she could do was internally scream.In the midst of her subconscious, a figure formed ahead of her. It was wide in stature, muscular and quite formidable. She wanted to coward before it, but found herself unable to move.“Get them out of here!”
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Chapter Seven
CURSE THE GODS THAt thought it was a good idea to gift Caspius with a mate like her. Every bit of her was a temptation, from her bedroom eyes and pouting lips, to her sleepy voice. It took every bit of his self control to keep from claiming her. When she flinched at his attempt of contact, it reminded him of how fragile she was. She’d been broken before arriving. Caspius would do everything in his power to try and help her heal herself. Still, the temptation lingered. Her floral scent clung to his skin, and eternally burned a place in his nostrils. Even as she laid in the hot bath he drew for her, her scent lingered. We must claim her. His beast paced back and forth, trying to convince him to kick down the bathroom door, sink into the tub with her, and mark her tender flesh. We will claim her when she comes out. No! Caspius warned. He stabbed his fingers through his hair, gathering a pair out pajama bottoms from his drawers. He shoved his legs into each hole, and pulled them up ov
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Chapter Eight
CASPIUS WASN’T SURe how he managed to keep himself together. She was right there. She was within reach. She was his. He could have her if he wanted to. Yet, her sleep was so much more important than his tempered lust.He sat at the edge of his bed, contemplating every thought that came to his mind. She was all that came to his mind. Every memory was suddenly filled with her, and he couldn’t begin to explain it.Lily hadn’t even been around for a full day, yet somehow she was engraved in everything he thought about. Caspius looked down at her.Her ebony curls laid fray against his pillows, blending with the black gossamer pillow covers. She was truly beautiful. The longer he stared at her, the more about her he noticed.Her lips were lush and full. However, it appeared she had chewed on them for long periods of time. He could see little bite marks healing on the sensitive flesh and the blood that had dried there what seemed an eternity ago.Lily was far more fragile than he could ever
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Chapter Nine
IT WASN’T THE BEST Decision he had made, but he didn’t regret it. It didn’t matter who or what she was, he wasn’t going to be insulted by the likes of a feeble little woman. Donte would never be soft when it came to his punishments, especially if he was degraded.. Or worse.He looked at his two friends, through narrowed eyes. Elias’s vision was leveled on him, his brilliant baby-blue eyes were lit with a violet flame. His tail swayed behind him, practically daring him to try and lash out. His arms were folded across his chest, nostrils flared. As easy on the eyes and the incubus was, he was just as lethal as his looks.Sitting on the bed was Caspius, his face in his hands. Donte could hear him growling. The sound was low and deep. “You should be happy Isla had already given her a cocktail earlier. You could’ve killed her.” He never bothered to look at him.Donte struggled for a bit, trying to get comfortable. The chains keeping his hands behind his back—and his legs together—made it a
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