Promises Forgotten

Promises Forgotten

By:  MishanAngel  Completed
Language: English
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Zachary Anderson, CEO and billionaire from the outside looks as though he has everything. A super model fiancés, money, and looks. One thing he hasn’t been able to achieve was happiness. An accident three years ago had him missing six months but nothing seemingly important happened and only deals with the slight headaches that came with it. Until he starts to remember. Remember a woman. A woman who saved his life. Evelyn Harris turned out to be far more than what he originally remembered. Can Zach keep his life together while dealing with this mystery woman? Or will everything he built over the last three years go down in flames?

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57 chapters
Chapter 1
“Can I? Can I really, Zack-y?” I choked down a cringe at Jennifer’s nickname, but forced a smile on my face as I looked at her. Her 5’9’ thin frame with her perfectly placed hair and five hundred dollar outfit, with her bright blue eyes staring at me with glittering anticipation over the prospect of sending my money. “Of course, darling. Have fun.” She lifted up on her tip toes and kissed my cheek. Her hand slid down my back and into my back pocket. Grabbing my wallet out of my pant pocket, she scurried off to the store we were standing in front of and started ordering the store associates to help her. “Sir, there is a call for you from Mr. Galliara.” I looked over at my assistant, who was leaning forward, my phone in his hands. Sighing and running my hands through my hair, I took it from him. “Mr. Anderson, I’m glad I was finally able to get ahold of you. I know you are a very busy man.” “I am, Mr. Galliara. How can I help you?” My voice was curt but professional. I don’t like
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Chapter 2
I leaned back in my chair and rubbed my temples. The headache that had been a constant companion for me over the last couple days was getting worse. I knew I needed to go to the doctors but my schedule was so packed that I didn’t have time to even breathe. “Zach, you okay?” I looked up at my longtime friend and head of security, Jason. He looked at me worriedly. I flashed him a smile. “I’m fine. Just a slight headache.” “Do you need me to get your medication?” I shook my head and reached down in my drawer, pulling out the bottle. “I already took one. It took the edge off it.” “If you’re already to the point where it isn’t helping fully…” “Thanks, Jason, but I’m fine.” I smiled again at him and leaned forward, looking at the paperwork on my desk. A knock on the door pulled my eyes away from the words. “Come in.” Stacy, my other longtime friend and current head assistant, poked her head in. Once she deemed the room was clear, she walked in and closed the door behind her. She sm
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Chapter 3
Three more months. That’s all I had left of this fiasco. Three more months and I would be married to a woman I didn’t even remotely like, but then I could finally be rid of the stupid planning. The idiotic ruse of being the attentive fiancé who cared what flowers were chosen to line the aisle or if they should match the centerpieces on the tables. Being called to eat cake just for Jennifer to decide she hated them all and they needed to go back to square one with the flavors. “You okay, man?” Jason placed a hand on my shoulder. I looked at him, worry was written all over his face. “I’m fine.” Taking a drink from the dry bourbon I ordered, I looked back at the five women huddled around a table dissecting the plating, silverware, flower arrangements, and color choices. “Have you been…” “I said I’m fine, Jason.” I snapped at him. “Go do your job and quit bothering me.” His hand left my shoulder and I sighed. Rubbing my eyes, I moved to pinch the bridge of my nose. Walking over to the
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Chapter 4
Jolting up out of bed, my head felt like someone had taken a jackhammer to it. I let out a scream as I grabbed my hair and squeezed my eyes shut. Suddenly, I felt my stomach turn and I leaned over the bed and vomited. I couldn’t see, my vision was dancing with black and gold dots. My head felt like it was going to explode. Reaching out on the night stand, I knocked over the lamp and it shattered. The sound made me scream out again. My eyes were tearing up, but I couldn’t even feel anything past the pain. Reaching out again, I grabbed my phone and unlocked it with my fingerprint. “Call Adrian…” My voice was hoarse and gravelly. “Call Adrian “Butthead” Anderson?” The phone replied. “Yes!” I screamed again as the throbbing turned into a stabbing pain. I started to cough and I could feel my consciousness leaving me. The phone rang three times before a tired and gravelly voice answered. “Seriously, asshole? Do you know what time it is right now?” “A…A…rian…” My voice broke apart as th
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Chapter 5
“Zach-y, I don’t know why you won’t allow me at your penthouse anymore.” Jennifer made herself comfortable in my office. She had started to make surprise visits to my office for the past week. Ever since Dr. Lemur kicked my family out of the hospital room, the three of them seemed to attach themselves to me at the hip. I couldn’t get rid of them. I thought my headaches with my memories were painful, the things my parents threw at me were downright torture. Then Jennifer had taken it upon herself to refuse all gifts unless they came directly from my hand. “I told you. I’m rarely there anymore and if I am, it’s only to sleep. I don’t know if or when I’m going to have the same issue. I won’t allow anyone to be around when that happens.” I pinched the bridge of my nose. At first, I hadn’t been honest and then finally I got fed up. I didn’t want anyone to see me like that. If I could help it, I wouldn’t allow Jason, Stacy, or Adrian either, but they were my check-ins now. The last thing I
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Chapter 6
“I’m sorry…what?” It took a good three minutes before anyone could speak. I couldn’t even fathom what Jason was telling me. It was Stacy who recovered the earliest. Derek had already gotten up to refill his glass. “He’s been married. Zachary Elliot Anderson, married on May 5th in Las Vegas, Nevada to a Evelyn Harris. Married by an Elvis, but it’s an actual wedding certificate.” Jason turned the computer around to show the photocopy of the marriage certificate. Sure enough, my name was printed out in my own handwriting, as well as my signature. The woman’s name, written and signed in her own handwriting. I stared at the screen for a minute. “I wasn’t drunk when I signed this.” “What are you talking about? Of course, you were drunk! Why the hell would you say that? You were in Vegas for god’s sake.” Stacy grabbed the computer to turn it around. Her glass hovered at her lips before she cursed. “Fuck. You’re right. That’s your sober signature. What the hell, Zach? What the hell happen
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Chapter 7
***Evelyn’s POV*** I heard the music from my alarm and I moaned. If someone said that waking up at 4 a.m. gets easier with time, they were lying. Lying through their damn teeth. Stretching, I reached out with my left hand to silence my phone. Rolling over, I set my feet on the ground and sighed. Wood floors, great for cleaning, freezing cold in the morning. I looked over and my son Elliot was still curled up on his side of the bed. It took him a week to learn to sleep through my alarms. He had his own little alarms with his favorite songs that got him going in the morning. One of the songs was sung by his father and I didn’t have the heart to tell him he couldn’t listen to it. Smiling, I kissed his head and went into the bathroom for the usual morning routine. Showering, I dried off quickly and placed my brace around my upper body. Attaching my bionic arm to socket, I locked it in place. Adjusting my neck, I took a deep breath and tightened the muscles in my shoulder. The arm reacted
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Chapter 8
“Mom! I’m gonna be late!” I smiled and turned around. Elliot was running toward me in his little school outfit with his blue backpack. Patting my hands on my apron, I pulled him into a hug. “Good morning, pumpkin.” “Mmm…mmmm….we….nneeee…..goooo….” I let go and he exaggerated taking in breaths. “What’s got you so excited about school today?” “We are having animals come today and they have a frog!” Smiling, my son’s newest obsession has been frogs, but his inability to find a frog at our local parks has left him depressed for the last couple months. When he heard there were going to be animals at his Pre-K class, he specifically asked for a frog. I didn’t know if they did actually have one, but it sounded like someone made a promise he was going to hold them accountable for. “Alright, sweetheart. We will go now.” I pulled off my apron and took his hand. “Mike, I’m going to take Elliot to school. I’ll be back in a half hour.” “Sounds good. Have fun, kiddo!” Elliot went up to Mike
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Chapter 9
“I’m sorry…what?” The voice on the other end stammered. Wiping my eyes, I shook my head at Mike who sent me a worried glare. Turning, I leaned against the wall, away from the eyes of customers. “I said, what took you people so damn long? I put in requests for the divorce as soon as I heard about his fucking engagement to that cunt. I didn’t hear a single reply back. Not one. Honestly, three fucking months till their wedding and you’re just calling me now?” I could hear laughter on the other end. I knew other people were listening and I wondered if he was as well. I hoped he was. I hope he could hear the spite in my voice. “I’m sorry, ma’am, there are some circumstances that prevented us previously coming forward. However, we would like to invite you out to the office to settle everything.” “Oh yeah?” I rolled my eyes. Of course, out to them. Why am I not surprised? “You realize I run my own business and I have other things that I need to do, correct? I can’t just drop everything f
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Chapter 10
Rubbing my eyes, I looked up at the carousel with my flight information on it. I was already holding my hard case with my bionic arm in it. I found out it was much easier to carry on my arm than it was to wear it in the airport. Most of the time they made you break it apart anyways to look at it and they can’t wand it because it’s full metal and so it’s just better that it goes through the machine like an instrument. It was a pain to be one handed, but usually airport staff were nice enough to help. There are always exceptions to that, and New York is one of them. It was absolute chaos trying to get through this airport. Finally, one of my fellow passengers, a doctor out for a conference, was nice enough to help me when I needed it. I knew I would be going from the airport to my hotel, then directly to the office because the flight landed on time but took an extra twenty minutes to get unloaded. Sighing, I set my arm down between my legs and leaned over, eyeing my bag. Quickly grabbin
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