Lustful Eyes

Lustful Eyes

By:  Bunnykoo  Completed
Language: English
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"Accept it! You cannot fucking run away from me. You can NEVER escape from me. It would be better for you if you just accept that your fate is with ME. You are mine!" She shut her eyes and sobbed quietly beneath him. She knew she could never escape from him; she knew he would never let her go. But that didn't stop her from trying. That would never stop her from trying. She swallowed her fear and looked back at him with her tearful big eyes. "I-I'm not yours! I can never be yours, master. I am just a maid who works in your house. Y-you have no right to claim me yours like this." She threw back. It didn't shock Alexander, it amused him. His fiery cat was finally able to open her mouth in front of him. They both stared at each other with an intensity that was hard to explain. "You are mine, Emma. You were mine the moment I laid my eyes on you. You were mine when I saw you for the first time when you opened the door for me. You were mine when I saved you from the guy at the party who almost raped you..." He gritted at the bitter memory. "You were mine since the first time my heart skipped a beat whenever I saw you...You are mine and you will always be mine." She heard the unbuckling sound of his belt and her eyes widen in fear. She pushed him as hard as possible but that didn't stop him. In a blink of an eye, he tore her dress and once again claimed her as his.

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54 Chapters
chapter 1
Emma"Come on, Emma, we're getting late," Caroline remarked. Emma nodded and approached her, holding a bag. She sat with Caroline in the backseat, passing the bag to the driver.She closed her eyes and laid her head on the window glass, reflecting on how drastically her life had changed. She was assigned the position of a maid. Yes, as a maid. She just had a few alternatives to pick from. She formerly resided in a hostel. She had previously been living with her abusive foster parents. They were severe in their penalties. Her body was nearly constantly covered in bruises when she lived with them.After beating her one frigid winter night, her foster father decided to throw her outside their house. The night's coldness pierced her sensitive skin like knives. She was weeping and curled up in a ball when a warm hand landed on her shoulder. Emma raised her eyes to find a woman in her late forties. Her bulging crimson eyes were directed at the woman in front of her, and her gaze begged the w
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chapter 2
Emma"Emma wake up," she felt someone shaking her. Emma slowly opened her eyes and saw Martha standing in front of her, beside the bed. Martha had let her take rest for the rest of the day. "It's time for work dear. You have to wake up," she said. Emma nodded her head and got up from bed. It was much more comfortable than her old bed. She went to the bathroom and washed her face."Get ready and wear this," Martha handed her an outfit. She stared at the dress in confusion."What's this Martha?" She asked.She stopped what she was doing and turned around to face Emma."Oh, it's a maid's outfit. All maids wear this during their work," she smiled and left the room. Emma breathed a sigh of relief. Despite the fact that the outfit made her uncomfortable, she forced herself to wear it. It was eye-opening. It came up to her knees. It also revealed a significant portion of her neck side. It was a V-neck dress with a tight waistband that spilled down to her thighs. She attempted to conceal he
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chapter 3
Emma"Is this his real name?""Nobody calls him by his real name except for his mother," said Martha"Oh," That was all Emma could respond as she was confused."Emma, I suggest you stay away from our master. He's not someone you want to anger," she said pleading with her eyes."Wh-what? Wh-why?""Don't ask questions. Just do as I say," Her tone was colder than it had been. Emma responded with a nod of her head. She had no idea why Martha was saying all of those things. She was conscious, though, that if she wanted to work there, she had to obey her. But she had a sneaking suspicion that Martha was accurate.She closed her eyes, expecting to fall asleep quickly.***She was alone somewhere. Somewhere dark. "Please Help Me Mom! Please Don't Leave Me Here, PLEASE!" Her screams echoed through the empty walls. She shivered when her echoed scream feared her. No one came.What did I ever do to deserve a life like this? My own mother and father are treating me like this.She thought and sobbe
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chapter 4
Emma Emma was agitated by the large number of bedrooms she had to clean. Her back hurt from the cleaning. She'd already done two rooms. Martha hadn't informed her how many rooms she needed to clean, so when Emma questioned, she told her to clean Mr. and Mrs. King's room, Miss Sofia's room, and Master Alexander's room. She had four more massive rooms to clean.Her thoughts turned to Alexander, her master. Everyone in the home referred to him as Alexander. No one knew what his true name was. That's odd. But that was none of her concern, she reasoned and returned to her job.She made her way to Sofia's room, and when she got there, she twisted the doorknob and discovered it was locked. Maybe she is in there. Emma's knocked on the door. She had to knock twice since there was no response at first. She flinched when the door was violently opened after the fourth knock."WHAT?" Sofia snapped."I-I came h-here for cl-cleaning," Emma said looking down."Not now, go away and clean Ale
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chapter 5
Alexander"Sir these are the files you were asking for," Jonathan, his assistant, stated. Alexander took the files and began to examine them. He had made an agreement with Samuels for their new initiatives. As a result, he needed to review all of the data before making a final judgment."Like always, you will get the deal dude," Adrian, his childhood friend, smirked. Alexander didn't respond to the comment and continued with his job since his friend Adrian was an immature twenty-seven-year-old guy to him."Come on dude why you are always so moody?" He said and rolled his eyes earning a glare from Alexander. "I am busy, can't you see that?" He said bluntly."Whatever man, sometimes you seriously bore me. Now just tell me if you're arranging a party for your birthday?" Adrian asked him seriously."I'm not any teenager who has to throw a party every year on his birthday. I have important things to do other than throwing stupid parties," he said and placed the file on the desk.Adrian sta
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chapter 6
Emma The entire home was spotless, the floors were sparkling, every corner of the house had been washed, and the old sofa covers had been replaced with brand-new ones with new cushions. After hours of cleaning and cooking, the servants were all exhausted.Adrian wanted to be comforted about the cleanliness and decorations of the entire house after Martha reminded them that Alexander's birthday was only two days away and that there would be a large number of visitors Alexander's friends. The color scheme was gold and silver. Earlier in the day, a few men came to the estate to measure the size of the golden-colored drapes that would be required to decorate the hall. Emma was never a lover of golden hues; she adored silver, but golden was simply a filthy form of muddy yellow to her. She like lighter hues. Her jaw dropped open as she noticed the glittering gold drapes falling down the creamy white walls. Her entire perspective was transformed in a matter of minutes. It was breathtakingl
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chapter 7
EmmaMartha informed Emma that Mr. and Mrs. King were returning from a business trip and that she would introduce her to them. She was tensed with expectation. Martha also advised her to keep her manners as best she could.Emma hurriedly rushed to wash her hands and clean herself, knowing that if the kings saw her with filthy hands and beads of sweat glittering on her forehead, she would be expelled."Emma! Where are you?" Martha yelled for her. Emma dashed towards her. "There you are. Come on, you've got to be quick. Mr. and Mrs. King are here, and if we do not properly greet them, they will be enraged," she spoke at a rapid speed. Emma followed her into the living room with a tip of her head. And when she arrived, she noticed a lady seated on the sofa, a man in his late 50s sitting beside her, discussing something with her, and Emma standing behind Martha, feeling extremely anxious."Hello sir and madam, I'm happy you made it here safely," Martha said politely to them. "Hello Martha
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chapter 8
EmmaEveryone was getting ready for the party, but the maids had to get ready before others so they could serve the guests properly. Emma and Venessa were both in her room. While Emma sat on the bed with her hair in a regular bun, Vanessa was combing her hair and applying various cosmetics on her face."Are you ready to go, Emm?" She asked her using that nickname for the first time."Yes, I am," Emma replied nodding her head."No way in hell are you going downstairs like this," she said placing her hands on her hips."Wh-why? Do I-I look bad?" Emma whispered suddenly feeling insecure about her appearance."No honey, of course not, you are beautiful but you really need to do some makeup. I mean come on it's a party," she chirped. Emma looked down and replied. "I don't have any makeup kit," Vanessa stared at her in disbelief."So what? You can use mine. Come on I'll do it for you," she grinned and made Emma sit in the chair, facing the mirror.Venessa was finished with her job after twe
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chapter 9
AlexanderWhile talking to his friend, Adrian, Alexander took a sip of his drink. He agreed that Adrian had done an excellent job with the decorations. When he looked around, he noticed a lot of people chatting and laughing.But his gaze was drawn to the maid, who looked stunning in her attire. He couldn't pull his gaze away from her. Her gorgeous hair was open, and she wore light makeup that complimented her; the silver blouse and black pencil skirt were the ideal matches for her figure. He noticed her wandering about with a tray in her hands, serving everyone.Her looks and attractiveness were obvious to every male in the gathering, whose eyes were hungrily scrutinizing her.Alexander gritted his teeth together at the thought of other men looking at her.But as his gaze rested on her, it softened as she smiled warmly at the visitor. He could feel his face twitch. Is there a smile on my face? Shocked at himself, he quickly wiped the emotion off his face, hoping that no one saw. He to
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chapter 10
EmmaShe was in a pitch-black chamber with nothing but blackness surrounding her. She couldn't even see a single ray of light! She attempted to stand up on her injured legs but failed miserably. Her surroundings were familiar to her, with a similar scent of something rotten and something metallic.After a few moments, the door swung wide, revealing a tall man standing there with a long leather belt in his hand. Her eyes were wide with terror, and she stared at him pleadingly."You fucking whore!" He yelled. She immediately backed away only to find a wall behind her."Please, don't," her cries and pleas fell on deaf ears. "Shut up bitch," he growled and whipped her. The rugged leather belt connected with her body making a swooshing sound. He kept hitting her until she started to bleed. She was whimpering lowly every time the belt would touch her body. The young girl was done crying out loud, her throat was dry and it ached every time a scream erupted from her mouth.Her entire body w
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