Why are you           unhappy?

Why are you unhappy?

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Anne Jenner has the ability to read another person's emotional index, knowing if that person is happy, sad, or angry... But when Edward Mitchell was next to Anne Jenner, she saw his emotional index change. abnormal changes, even at all times average, even quite low. That means that he does not feel happy when the two are alone. Anne Jenner was recruited by Edward Mitchell to Soul Entertainment, starting his career as an actor. Anne Jenner and Edward Mitchell were in an ambiguous relationship. In Edward Mitchell's mouth, Anne Jenner was his "girlfriend", but she did not feel that way. Although she had doubts and disappointments in her heart, she still chose to trust him. Anne Jenner gradually discovered that Edward Mitchell did not really love her, he would not reply to her messages, nor would he notice her for a long time. Amelinda Ciara, Edward Mitchell's ex-lover returned home after receiving treatment, debuted again as an actress, starred in a movie with Anne Jenner, and intends to return to Edward Mitchell. Anne Jenner discovered that all the girls around Edward Mitchell, including her, have the same temperament as Amelinda Ciara. She was extremely angry, and questioned Edward Mitchell, but only received the answer that a generous amount of money was transferred to a bank account and an implicit ban on all showbiz activities. She left Edward Mitchell, but soon, Edward Mitchell regretted his decision. He finds a way to get her active again and pursues her again.

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85 Chapters
Chapter 1: Remembering
Chapter 1: RememberingAnne Jenner woke up, bewilderedly looking at the position next to her. The place next to him was already cold, like no one had ever been there.She lay down for a while to wake up, then got up, went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. When finished, she put on long clothes, a hat, and a mask and went downstairs to buy breakfast. Things like this should be left to the assistant to do, but anyway, she has something to do this morning, it's good to go out for a bit.Outside, it was pouring rain non-stop, even if she brought an umbrella, she could not avoid being splashed on her clothes. She went into the room, hung up an umbrella, and brought the hot dumplings into the kitchen.This dumpling is only sold in the morning, a rare item appearing in this high-class apartment complex. Dumplings are soft and hot, filled with meat and vegetables, and a bite is truly the beauty of the world!After washing her hands, she sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling
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Chapter 2: Messages
Chapter 2: MessagesWhen the two finished eating, Jezebel also arrived, the three of them also went to the studio. Anne Jenner sat in the back seat, holding his phone to surf Facebook, conveniently viewing recent fan comments.After walking for half an hour, I reached the studio, just five minutes from one o'clock.The staff including the make-up artist, stylist and photographer did not expect her to arrive on time, constantly praising her incessantly.After taking pictures to promote the product, all the staff moved to a nearby Chinese restaurant. According to the request, Anne Jenner will shoot a short promotional video, roughly eat spicy food here, then use HaS beverage, and read the slogan of this country.The process of filming the advertisement was also quite fast, when the filming was completed, the brand side was very satisfied with this new brand representative, also ordered more dishes to invite everyone to a meal.Anne Jenner is also very fond of spicy food, sitting at the r
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Chapter 3: Superpowers
Chapter 3: SuperpowersShe froze, thinking that the two of them would get a higher education, thinking that her mother wouldn't have to work so hard outside… Something inside her urged her to agree."I see, I accept your invitation."Edward Mitchell smiled successfully, pointing at the business card: "You already have my contact method, you can contact me at any time to sign a contract."She looked at him, not ashamed to be an actor, his voice was very inspiring, it didn't take much effort to convince her. Plus the hoarseness of his voice lingered in her ear, as if he were whispering in her ear.She blushed in both ears, nodding in agreement.Since then, she fell into the hands of his net, never obeyed.Anne Jenner has a secret. That is, she can see the emotional index of others.The average person will have an emotional index of 70. Depending on the situation, the human happiness and sadness index can change, even decrease to a negative number.When she found out about this, she told
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Chapter 4: Why don't you explain?
Chapter 4: Why don't you explain?A few days later, Anne Jenner still went to work as usual, but her heart was in turmoil like locusts.For some reason, Edward Mitchell hasn't contacted her for a few days. Since the text message that day, she also called him several times, but every time his assistant picked up the phone. And she was also shy, didn't want to ask his assistant what he was doing.Thinking back, back then, she had agreed to his confession too quickly. It is impossible not to affirm that this man is too good at grasping women's psychology, he does not rush but slowly enters her life, bringing a ray of light to her life, giving her tenderness, giving her warmth so that she trusts him completely.In fact, he also had a lot of rumors outside, but as an insider, she could completely understand that it was just tabloid news, not the truth. Otherwise, she and he loved each other for so long, why hasn't anyone found out yet?Anne Jenner's palm was cold, she clenched her fists ti
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Chapter 5: The Trial of Griselda Wall City
Chapter 5: The Trial of Griselda Wall CityThe next morning, Anne Jenner got up quite early, but not as early as Edward Mitchell. Seeing his message sent, she decided not to look at it anymore.Jezebel also just arrived, brought her breakfast. After breakfast, Anne Jenner brushed her teeth, washed her face, put on simple makeup, and then changed her clothes. Today is also just the opening ceremony, no need to do fancy makeup.This is her first time acting in a historical drama, playing the role of the second female, a princess with an arrogant personality. She originally intended to cast the female lead role but then failed. At that time, director looked at her and asked if she wanted to try her hand at the second female role, because her appearance was very suitable for the setting of the second female. If she can act well, he will consider adding more acting space for this character.If the director had made such an offer, she would definitely not have refused. This film has a great
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Chapter 6: Very matched
Two years ago this series of novels "The Trial of Griselda Wall City" was very acclaimed, the original work exploded in an instant, and received a lot of attention from television and film companies, but it did not. few obstacles, high royalties, modern filmmaking techniques, large investments, no one has dared to hold this hot sweet potato for more than two years. Now, held in hand by Soul Entertainment.Moreover, the main purpose is to raise Catherine Lee towards the best actress award.For the first time taking on the role of the female lead in a TV series, Catherine Lee wanted to fly to the sky, the starting point was indeed much higher than hers.Betha doesn't agree, is texting aggressively."Catherine Lee is no good, Soul general manager is definitely under the spell.""Definitely a chubby guy, I don't know if the two of them went to bed or not."Not fat, not only not chubby, but also a handsome man with temperament.As for going to bed or not, I don't know.Anne Jenner pushed t
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Chapter 7: Rumour
On the morning of the second day, Anne Jenner learned that photos of her and Baldric Miles had been leaked out, and even published in the newspaper, Betha's expression of disbelief, inside the chat group of the film crew was also boiling.Mainly photos taken on set, obviously released by the staff, a total of three photos, the first one is Anne Jenner in a red dress standing in front of Baldric Miles, just the right height, Anne Jenner pointing to Baldric Miles' shoulder, both of them smiling, looking at each other, eyes deep in love.The second picture is Baldric Miles reaching out to Anne Jenner, she put her hand in his palm, the two still smiling at each other, love is just more or less.The third picture shows two people walking up to the stairs. The girl's house has a small waist and a slim butt, and her hair is both long and black. The house of the handsome and handsome brother, the tall shadow, plus good lighting, becomes a very vivid photo.Added the thread owner's caption: "T
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Chapter 8: Awards Ceremony
There was a human voice on the other side, she didn't want others to see her mood at the moment, she was more afraid of Betha running to find, after crying for a while, Anne Jenner immediately wiped her tears with her hand, took a deep breath, After standing in place for a while, her emotions stabilized, then she turned to prepare to leave, and when she raised her eyes, she stopped. Baldric Miles was wearing a long black dress, holding his arm, leaning against a pillar, his deep eyes looking at her. Anne Jenner's heart suddenly jumped, trying to force a smiling face: "Mr. Miles." Baldric Miles didn't budge. Only see her. Her eyes are red, her nose is also pink, her shoulders are delicate, she is holding her sleeve again, standing on the porch, so calm and lovely. Anne Jenner felt embarrassed, she wiped the corners of her eyes with force, smiled and nodded at Baldric Miles again, then lifted her skirt and turned to leave. "Anne Jenner." Baldric Miles' low-pitched voice rang out in
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Chapter 9: Very nice
The award ceremony quickly began, the MC stepped onto the stage, the music played. Anne Jenner stopped talking to Baldric Miles, sitting up straight, looking up at the stage quietly.There is always a faint scent of grass in his breath, like it was coming from his collar, but it was like it was intentionally transmitted. She did not turn her head to look at Edward Mitchell.Hearing only Catherine Lee's low voice joking, he answered in a low voice.For a moment, Anne Jenner's mind remembered a lot of things, including the message that was sent today but still no sound.It's not that she didn't think about giving up, but thinking about the effort from beginning to end, she didn't commit, didn't commit, so just continue, as long as he doesn't say goodbye. Then she won't let go.Her fingertips pinched her ear, the earring was too tight, and it was still hard, so it was a little itchy, because of this movement, her elbow could not help but touch Baldric Miles, her hair followed her movemen
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Chapter 10: The audition
Anne Jenner: Aren't you on a business trip?Edward Mitchell: Yeah, in the car.He replied to her messages, moreover, he replied very quickly. Anne Jenner raised her head, looked at herself in the mirror, suddenly smiled, the look in his eyes last night wasn't an illusion."Let's go." Betha helped Anne Jenner down, Anne Jenner put her phone away, Betha looked at her, "What's so funny about laughing?"Anne Jenner smiled and did not speak, went out, when she passed Catherine Lee's room, she heard a very loud voice inside. Betha clapped and laughed, "It's definitely because you won the advertising contract, ha ha."Anne Jenner does not speak because her mind is not here. She went directly to the photo booth.Anne Jenner finished taking pictures of the magazine and had two days off, and it was not uncommon for Betha to let her rest well without coming to disturb her. Anne Jenner is home alone, she reads scripts, surfs Facebook, goes to the kitchen to cook rice, she makes some pastries, mak
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