My Billionaire Husband

My Billionaire Husband

By:  Uduliza  Ongoing
Language: English
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Adrian Ivan Stone, a rich, handsome, not to mention incredibly rude billionaire who only believes that love happens in crappy TV shows Harmony Beverly Harrison, a bubbly, young university graduate who loves to live a spontaneous life and believes in finding 'THE ONE' someday What happens when their world's collide

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    23 chapters
    Chapter one
    HARMONY'S POV: Buzz Buzz⏰. The loud sound of my alarm went off which knocked me off my bed and land flat on the floor on my butt. I got up to turn it off when Megan called out to me"I'm up already" I groaned"Good morning B, how was your night? " she said in her usual chirpy mood"it wasn't good at all Meg. I kept tossing and turning and when all night, and when I was finally able to get some sleep this stupid alarm went off " I whined tossing the ridiculously loud alarm aside. it was a gift from one of my aunties"Come on B, you've been preparing for this interview for months. Are you still worked up about it? You know what, enough of this unnecessary talk. Go and get ready"she said. I quickly ran into the bathroom to shower realizing I have only few minutes before my interview.After having my bath, I walked into my bedroom which was now turned upside down, like an earthquake just happened only in the living room."What are you doing Meg?, Why have you turned my room upside down"
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    Chapter two
    ADRAIN'S POV:I walked into Otalia's Group of Company. I just flew in from Canada to New York this morning because, I had an important meeting with Blake Otalia the owner of the company obviously. I was so exhausted from my flight and I have to be present for the meeting. I walked into the building when, something or should I say someone bumped into me. Okay I bumped into her so?, She should have watched where she was going. Well I don't apologise so I just continued on my way when I heard her yell "Jerk" I stopped on my tracks to give her a fitting reply but, luckily for her she already left the building. I went into the conference room.I should introduce myself. I'm Adrain Ivan Stone, the youngest and most successful multi billionaire. The media portray he as a ruthless, selfish and dangerous man but guess what, they are right. I am the second richest man after the president in NYC, you can call me corky or obnoxious but ladies fall at my feet, they treasure the floor I walk on. W
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    Chapter three
    HARMONY'S POV: It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning in New York with it's normal hustle and bustle. I was busy cleaning my apartment from last night half sleepover. By the way I should call Meg to know if she's alright. My doorbell suddenly rang. "I wonder who it could be so early." I went to see who it was and surprisingly my parents were at my door step. Wow my parents rarely visits unless something was up "Mom, dad.... what are you doing here" I asked curiousily. "Is that how to greet your parents in the morning?" Dad asked jokingly. I quickly gave them a hug and kisses on their cheeks "Sorry Dad, mom... Please do come in." They entered my apartment and went straight to my living room. Thank God I had finished cleaning up the mess Meg and I made last night. "Glad to see you can keep your apartment clean" dad said looking around my sitting room "Dad!! What's that supposed to mean?" I asked folding my hands "What?, Don't look at me like that. Since you are a terrible c
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    Chapter four
    ADRAIN'S POV:After what my parents told me, I barely called or even answer their messages. I was pissed as hell but, I can't loose my company because of a girl. I wasn't planning on falling in love and getting married anyway so, this will probably be a solution to both my parents and I.I came to see an old acquaintance of mine. We've been doing business before and I was planning on buying a new house so I went to his office. We were both discussing on houses and location when his office door burst open. An angry mad woman barged into his office wearing pyjamas and a hoodie?HARMONY'S POV:I decided to give that stupid Ken a piece of my mind. He and Meg met at a club 6months ago. I never liked him because he was always too full of himself. I only tolerated him because of Meg but now, I'm going to put him in his rightful place. How dare he hurt my best friend.I arrived in front of his company and quickly dashed into the building. I knew that his secretary won't let me in so I ran pas
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    Chapter five
    ADRAIN'S POV: It was Sunday morning, I went to the office to try and get my present predicament out of my mind. I really don't want to get married. How could my parents do such a thing to me after all I have been through. I was busy typing furiously on my computer when dad called my cell phone. I was really exhausted due to lack of sleep. After friday's dinner, I barely went to my penthouse. I was just working, trying to get my mind off things. My phone rang again. For fuck sake, what does he want now? For me to give up my life? "Hello" I answered trying my best to let him know I wasn't interested in anything he wanted to say. Knowing my dad, he's as stubborn as I am "We'll be having dinner with the Harrison's tonight. Be here on time" he hung up the phone. He was angry at me but, so was I. I don't want any of this. I continued with my work when my door burst open. Nicole Kirby walked in looking so sexy as always in her short mini dress. Nicole and I were fuck buddi
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    Chapter six
    ADRAIN'S POV: I arrived a few minutes late which I did on purpose. I really didn't want to be here. Anyway, here goes nothing. I rang the doorbell and was ushered in by a maid who showed me to the dinning room. I went into the dinning room and was captivated by the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. Eyes dark as ebony, skin as dark as chocolate, beautiful lips which graced the features of her small diamond shaped face. She was enchanting...... bullshit!!!Those things only happen in shitty movies. The guy falls in love with the girl at first meeting. She was ok yes, but, not to the point I'll lose my senses and start reciting poems plus, she's not my type. I apologized for being late then took a seat opposite hers.HARMONY'S POV:Megan had told me he was hot but, I never expected this. He looked like a super model, no a freaking Greek god with his grey eyes, straight nose, small heart shaped lips which looked so succulent. He was very tall compared to my 5 ft 4 height. He was als
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    Chapter seven
    HARMONY'S POV:First day of work was quite wonderful. I made friends with some of the staff. Like Jenny for example, she's the receptionist and she's very nice. Jenny told me the boss travelled for a few days and would be coming back today with the bosses boss. I wonder what that meant. Anyway, after settling in my office, sorting out the mails and schedule for the arrival of the boss. It was finally lunch time. I went to cafeteria to get food when I bumped into someone."I... I'm sorry" I said trying pick up the files that scattered all over without looking at the person I bumped into"CAN'T YOU WATCH WHERE THE FUCK YOU'RE HEADED?" Who the hell is he screaming at me. I stood up to yell back at him but instantly felt paralyzed. I could tell he was taken aback as well"Y.. you?" He just grabbed my hand and dragged me into a big office. Oh Lord, please don't let the boss come anytime soon."What the fuck are you doing here" he shouted."How is that any of your concern you jerk." No one
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    Chapter eight
    HARMONY'S POV:I stormed off angrily last night. I was so devastated. I couldn't control my tears I mean, we are not in love or anything but I can't help but wish that I'll have a happy marriage. A man who loves me irrespective of my flaws and imperfections. What have I done to deserve such an alliance. I cried myself to bed wishing all this could go away, and I'll wake up from this nightmare but sadly, this was my reality.I woke up early feeling blue with my eyes all sore. I stared at my reflection and I looked like I wrestled with a tiger. I was brushing my teeth when my doorbell rang. Who could that be so early in the morning. I went to open the door but tripped on the empty bag of chips Laying on the floor. I'll have to clean up when I get back from work. I quickly rushed to open the door but, I saw Adrain at my doorstep. Am I still dreaming.The way his eyes travelled along my body made a shiver run down my spine. No, this can't be a dream. It looked like he was about to leave b
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    Chapter nine
    HARMONY'S POV:It was finally Friday. The week has been so stressful with planning, dress fittings, the invites, and so on and so forth. Meanwhile, Adrain and I have barely spoken a word to each other. Is either he avoids me or just make whatever he has to say snappy unlike our usual fights. Anyway it's for the best though, I don't have any strength for him now.Today is my bachelorette party. Meg and Ariana decided to have a small house party in my home, at my insistance because, they wanted to go clubbing. So we'll be having a girls sleepover. I decided to get the house ready for tonight. It was 5pm already, the girls should be arriving soon. "Where's the bride to be?" Ariana yelled from the sitting room "Hey girls"they all came to hug me. It was four of us plus aunt Taylor's niece Lily who will be one of my bridesmaids tomorrow. "Let's get this party started" Meg, the party organizer who has taken it upon herself that we'll do everything on her to do list. We danced,
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    Chapter ten
    HARMONY'S POV:I am officially married now. After the reception, Adrain and I went to our new house which was apparently a wedding gift from his parents and mine. I cried a lot when saying goodbye to my parents and Meg. "Promise me you will call everyday" she sobbed in my arms. "I promise. Stop acting like I'm gonna die, you can come visit anytime and I'll visit as well" we were both a crying mess.The car ride was awkward. Adrain barely spoke a word ever since he said I do. I couldn't help but think about when the priest said 'you may kiss your bride' . I was so nervous but smart Adrain kissed my cheek. His lips were the softest thing I have ever felt. But, deep inside I felt disappointed that he didn't kiss my lips. Well I guess I'll probably die a virgin then We got to the house more like a mansion. Gosh are we expected to live here alone?. Adrain was about walking inside when I shouted "Wait!!" I gestured with my hands for him to stop. He turned around and glared at me
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