Cuffed By Love

Cuffed By Love

By:  Shayla HArt  Completed
Language: English
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Devin King was my first—well, everything. They say you never forget your first. Whoever said that was right because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get him out of my head or my heart. I foolishly thought my heart wouldn’t miss what it couldn’t see, but I was wrong because I never forgot, not for one moment. You’re not supposed to kiss your best friend. You’re not supposed to give your virginities to one another, either—but we did. We were kids, teenagers, full of hormones and mixed emotions, but it felt right. He was the first boy to kiss me, the first boy to touch me and taste me in a way only a lover would. “Say you want to be mine….” He whispered while I shook in his arms. And I did. And then he wrecked me. After I trusted him and gave myself to him, he disappeared, left me in my , the scent of him still lingering on my skin, the taste of his kiss still fresh on my lips. He left me after the amazing night we shared after we became one another’s and disappeared without a word. Until one day ten years later he pops up like a rash as the newly appointed CEO of our firm. Was I shocked to see him standing in the office after a decade? Yes. Did I almost faint? Hell yes. My heart may have melted a little when he smiled right at me, but he wouldn’t ever know that—because I hated him. But here I am, the VP of an established publication firm standing in the CEO’s office handcuffed to the pompous face. Why are we handcuffed you ask? Well, that's a funny story...

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89 Chapters
April 8th, 2000,On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in April, the sun was beaming in London while five-year-old Mira Evans—dressed in her Tinkerbell costume—rode her pink and blue Tinkerbell bicycle, decked out with pretty flowers and pink tassels, up and down her street. Her long, mousy brown hair pulled up into pigtails, swinging as she rode along her road, humming to herself.A mover’s truck pulling up on the opposite side of the road caught her attention, and her pedalling slowed as she observed the people jumping out and moving boxes into the house opposite her own. Momentarily distracted, she hadn’t realised she was steering into a tree and went crashing into it before toppling off her bike and hitting the floor with a thud.Mira sits up and looks down at her scraped knee and pouts when she sees the blood seeping through her torn tights. Her large, almond-shaped, meltingly soft amber eyes glisten with tears at the sting of her wound. “Ouchie.” She hisses, blowing on it softly, w
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Chapter 1
MiraNine years later.“Mimi!”I groan when I hear my older sister’s voice shrieking my name from somewhere in the house. I bury my face under my pillow and sigh, drifting off to sleep again until my bedroom door swings open, and Ayla stands in the doorway. “Mimi!” She shouts and stomps into my bedroom.“What.” I sigh, my voice muffled from under the pillow. I whine when she yanks the duvet from over me, grabs my leg, and pulls me out of the confines of my warm, comfortable bed.“Ayla! I’m not done sleeping.” I complain, fisting the bedsheet and swinging my unrestricted leg to free my other leg clamped between my sister's hands, but I fail miserably when the bedsheet peels off, and I’m sliding off the bed. I give the sheet a nasty look as I fall off the bed with a thud.“Must I wake you up like this every damn morning?” Ayla complains, placing her hands on her hips and glaring down at me.“You tell me? Must you?” I glower back
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Chapter 2
DevinMira Evans—My Tinks, my almost, my first everything.They say you never forget your first. Whoever said that was right. It’s been nearly ten years since I last saw or spoke to her, but my heart still flutters like crazy at the thought of her, just like it did when we first kissed.Over the years, I often thought about jumping on a plane and flying to London to see her, but I could never bring myself to do it after the way we left things…the way I left things with her. One day I was happy and had everything I wanted, and the next, I was flying across the world to start a whole new life, leaving her behind.You’re not supposed to find your soul mate at five years old, but I did. Mira was my other half until I was ripped away from her. I waited months for her to call or email or even write to me, but she didn’t. I picked the phone up a million times to call her, just to hear her voice, but I lost my nerve every single ti
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Chapter 3
MiraThis can NOT be happening!I tear my eyes away from Dev and watch my father and traitor of a sister walk off. Furious, I go to follow them but come flying back when Devin doesn’t move with me. I hiss when the metal bites into my wrist. “This is ridiculous!” I gripe, holding up my hand and pointing to the handcuff around my wrist. “Why are you just standing there, Devin?”Devin frowns, “What do you want me to do?” “Helping me find a way to take these off would be a good start.” I quip, and Devin chuckles and shakes his head.“There’s no way out of these without the keys, Tinks.” He states and shrugs indifferently while I gawk at him incredulously. “Looks like we’re stuck together for a while.”I narrow my eyes while I look up at him. “You’re just loving this, aren’t you?” When he just grins back at me, flashing those pearly whites and dimples, I feel my anger triple.“Any time spent with you is a good time, sweet chee
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Chapter 4
MiraWe head to the cafeteria to have lunch, and when I tell you, I have never had such a hard time eating in my life. We sat there, elbowing each other because I eat with my left hand, and he eats with his right which are the hands that are bound together. Every time I bring the piece of chicken to my mouth, Devin lifts his hand to eat his burger, and I miss my mouth, resulting in the chicken flying off the fork and falling on my lap. “Devin!” I snap frustrated after the third attempt.Devin jumps and looks at me, along with the employees eating in the cafeteria at my outburst. “What?” He mumbles with a mouth full of his beef burger. I glare at him, practically seething, and honestly, if I were a cartoon character, you’d see steam coming out of my ears right about now.“What?” I slap his shoulder. “Are you kidding me?” I fume, gesturing to the chicken piece sitting on my lap, ruining my beige vintage
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Chapter 5
DevinNo one has ever gotten under my skin and affected me more than this wickedly beautiful five-foot-five girl standing before me. She frustrates me in ways I can’t even begin to explain. Have I mentioned that she’s insufferably stubborn? When Uncle Noah asked what happened between us to get us to this state, I saw the look deep in her eyes. It wasn’t that we ‘grew up or grew apart’ no—her mind went to the same place mine did. To the moment, we went from being friends to so much more. The night I made her mine, and I became hers.We never spoke about it after it happened, much like our first kiss under the tree at our favourite spot. We have too many moments left unspoken, and it’s no surprise that it’s caused such a rift between us. Is it even worth rehashing old memories and reopening old wounds? Are we ten years too late to resolve them now? What if I want to?I let my eyes wander over to Mira while she reads a document
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Chapter 6
Devin“Yes!” Skylar yelps excitedly. “I’d love to go with you.” I flash her a smile, and she melts on the spot, her eyes all gooey. “Great. We’ll discuss the details later. Text me later.” Skylar nods enthusiastically, biting her bottom lip. Oh God, I can already see the thoughts she’s conjuring up in her head. I look over at Mira, and she averts her gaze quickly and starts a conversation with Wyatt.The following day after football training, I was on my way out of the training ground behind our school when Logan and Dylan—another teammate come running up to me. “There you are.” I look over at Logan as I chug my bottle of water. “You took off quick. I was looking for you.”“Yeah, I got shit to do. What’s up?” I answer after I finish my water and dump the bottle in the bin as we walk past it.“Nothing good, Broski.” I frown, wiping the sweat off my top lip with my T-shirt.“Out with it then, fucking he
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Chapter 7
DevinOur little moment is interrupted by her mother’s weeping.“Oh my baby. You look sensational, honey.” Mira hugs her mother. “Noah, can you believe this is our little Mimi? Look at her.”Uncle Noah beams proudly at his youngest daughter, takes her face in his large hands, and kisses her forehead affectionately. “Slow down with the growing up, sweetheart. I’m still getting used to your sister turning eighteen. My heart can’t take it.” Mira smiles lovingly up at her dad.“Can’t make any promises, Daddy.” Uncle Noah chuckles and sighs before he looks over at me. “Dev, you’ll keep an eye on my baby girl?”I smile when Mira rolls her eyes, exasperated. “Always.”“Oh, pictures!” Aunt Kate pipes up all of a sudden. “Come on, you two.” She holds up her phone, and I step closer to Mira. Her hand slips into mine while my other wraps around her waist, drawing her closer. Mira’s other hand drapes over my shoulder, an
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Chapter 8
Later that evening, it was just after eight-thirty, and I was laying on my bed staring mindlessly at my TV, watching but not taking anything in. I vaguely hear the rumble of the rolling thunder and the flash of lightning, but my mind is running amuck. My phone rings, startling me from my thoughts. I pick it up, and when I see ‘Tinks calling’ flashing across the screen, I answer it. “Tinks?”“Dev,” She whispers, her voice quivers. Her tone made me sit upright. She sounded scared.“You okay? What’s wrong?”“Dev, I’m alone at home, and I think someone is in the house.” She whispers fretfully. I jump up to my feet and rush over to my window.“Tinks, what do you mean you’re alone? Wheres Ayla? It’s probably just her?”“It’s not. My parents have gone away for the night to celebrate their anniversary, and Ayla was supposed to come back, but she’s spending the night with her boyfriend because of the storm. Dev, I’m scared,”“I’m coming. Is the key still under the birdcage?” I ask in a hurry
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Chapter 9
“A kiss?” She whispers, smile fading, and her eyes flicker down to my mouth before they lift to mine again.“A kiss. The courteous way one would thank her gallant hero for saving her life.” I denote coquettishly, and she blinks.“My life was never really in danger. Therefore, I was in no need of saving.”“You were still a damsel in distress, were you not?” Mira smiles a little and nods in response to my question. “I showed up to protect you, did I not?”“You did.”“Then I ought to get a kiss from the princess as a reward for my gallantness,” I state smugly, and she looks up at me thoughtfully.“What happened to the seven other options. You said you had ten different ways I could thank you, but you only listed three of them.” Mira questions, and I grin, leaning down closer to her ear.“I would tell you, Tinks, but I don’t think your virtuous self is ready to hear of such things,” I whisper in her ear, deliberately brushing my lips against the shell of her ear as I spoke to her, which
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