Lost Love

Lost Love

By:  Veronica Tymes  Ongoing
Language: English
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River Davis was a confident girl with shy tendencies, who wanted to enjoy her last summer before going to college at Princeton in the fall. Jace Durand a young artist on the rise from London, at the age of 19, didn’t know what hit him when he saw the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Love and happiness is all they knew for three long months, until a plane crash and 4 years apart changed everything.

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14 chapters
Chapter 1: RIVER
“Today is the day!” I shout from the top of the stairs at 7 am on a Saturday morning. I’ve never been so excited about anything in my life. Today everything will change. “River, you still have 5 hours before you have to be there. Will you relax.” My father hollers from the kitchen. “Dad, you wouldn’t understand, it’s not everyday your only daughter graduates from high school.” I state while walking downstairs. I hear my mom chuckle and I know she is as excited about today as I am. “River, have you packed your suitcases? You have to head to the airport as soon as the ceremony is over. I cannot believe you picked a 2 pm flight” my mom sighs from her seat on the kitchen island. “Mom, I had them packed 3 weeks ago.” I giggle with excitement. I’m heading to travel around Europe for the summer before school starts in the fall. I got my acceptance letter from Princeton, and freshman move in day is September 17. “I know River, I’m just worried you’ll forget something that you really need.
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Chapter 2: RIVER
I finished my shower and walk into my room in a towel. I walk to my closet when I catch a whiff of cologne. And I sigh inwardly because that god awful smell can only belong to one person, my ex boyfriend, Landon Pierce. Landon is a very attractive guy, he has white as snow blonde hair, the kind thats long on top and shaved on the sides and the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Definitely a drastic change from my hazel green eyes. He’s tall, with broad shoulders and tanned skin. His only downfall is that he is a major dbag and I broke up with him for cheating on me with my ex best friend Matilda Crossford. “What do you want Landon? And how did you even get in here?” I questioned him with my arms crossed over my chest. He smirks at me while giving me the up / down with his eyes, making me realize I’m still in my towel. I huff and walk into my closet, closing the door, I get dressed. I hear him chuckle “geez River, that’s what you’ve been hiding from me the last 3 years? You’re smokin
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Chapter 3: JACE
“Today is the day!” I thought to myself as I walked the streets of London. I could feel it, something magnificent was about to happen. I sold over 8 paintings this week. Which is huge for someone like me. I grew up not having much, but my father always provided me with everything I wanted and more. Now, I’m making him proud. He passed a year ago, lung cancer. My anger towards that still makes me hurt. If he would have just quit smoking when I begged him to he might still be here. I make my way to my favorite café and smile at the barista and co-owner of the café. She’s in her early 60s. She has short grey hair, bright blue eyes. She never had kids of her own, but she has 4 dogs and 2 cats. So I guess she has plenty of kids. “Good morning, Shirley.” I say with smile. She smiles back at hands me my coffee. “Good morning, Jace. You seem awfully chipper this morning.” She says with a sly smile. “What’s gotten into you today, kiddo?” “Oh nothing big, just sold my 8th painting this week.
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Chapter 4: RIVER
“My flight was awful. “ I whine into my phone to my mom. “It was delayed by 2 hours, so I didn’t get to the hotel until around 5 am.”“Oh honey, it happens all the time. Just get some rest and you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your time. You still have 3 months you know. “ my mom says. She always has the most positive outlook. “I know mom, but I’m only in London for a week.” I grumble. “So just stay in London longer. You have your whole life to see the other places baby.” She says. “And you never know. You might stay there the whole time. You’re going to fall in love with London. I just know it!” She smiled. My mom went to London when she was my age. Though she has never told me the stories of her time here. I know she loved it just as much as I will. “You’re going to have to tell me all of your stories some day you know.” I giggle. “I want to know what you did while you were here.” “One day when you’re a little older I will, honey. But until then, my lips are sealed.” She says. I
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Chapter 5: JACE
I got home and I couldn’t stop smiling. I have a date with a beautiful girl tomorrow and I’m so excited. I don’t think I’ll be able to go to sleep. I shot River a text and told her I was picking her up tomorrow for a date. I’ve got so many plans for tomorrow so I shower and lay down, I fell asleep faster than I thought I would. I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing, it’s my publisher and best friend, Zachariah. “Z, it is 4 in the morning, why are you calling me?”“J, buddy, I just got you an offer for $25,000. For the painting of the blonde woman.”“Seriously? It was posted for $3,000, why so much?” “There was a literal bidding war for it. It was the most wanted piece here. So I need your signature ASAP, so we can get the ball rolling.”“I’ll come by Sunday to sign them. I have a date tomorrow.” I said with a huge smile. “J, that’s awesome, who is the girl brave enough to put up with you?” “Her name is River, she an American girl and she is absolutely amazing. I really think
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Chapter 6: RIVER
I woke up early. I woke up super early. So I could get ready to see the most amazing guy I’ve ever met. He’s charming, and funny. He’s a great artist. And he makes me feel like I can actually be myself. Have you ever met someone and wondered if you knew them in a past life? Like somehow, somewhere, this person, this amazingly, wonderful person… is YOUR person. That’s how he makes me feel. He makes me feel like me. For the first time, I feel like me. It’s crazy, because I literally just met him. Do you believe in love at first sight? I think I do. I scramble around my room for hours. I can’t decide what to wear. I can’t figure out if I should curl my hair or leave it straight. I can’t decide on anything. He makes my brain rattled. I finally decided on my burgundy dress. It’s comes right above my knees, it has lace and it has a shimmering finish to it. I put on my best bra and panties, they’re a lighter red. Listen, I’m not saying I’m going to lose my virginity tonight, but if I was
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Chapter 7: JACE
** trigger warning, contains themes of sexual assault **Time is flying with River. She’s been here for 2 weeks as of today. We’ve gone on several dates. Yesterday we went and played laser tag. She beat me of course, and she was so humble about it. We also went and seen some beautiful sites that she can’t see back home. Our first date will always be the one that I’ll remember forever. We spent most of the day walking the streets of London. She took loads of pictures. She has me wondering why she wants to be a lawyer when her pictures are immaculate. I think she only wants to be a lawyer because she doesn’t believe her parents will support her photography dreams. I believe that they would though. Our first date went like this,First, we ate at this amazing restaurant, we had brunch and she had her first mimosa. Next, we went to the London Eye. She was terrified the whole time, apparently she’s afraid of heights. She held onto me the whole time, almost like she thought I was her anchor
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Chapter 8: RIVER
I woke up in Jaces arms, I felt so content. I was extremely comfortable and I almost fell back to sleep. I would have, if I could have slept with my eyes open, because as soon as I closed them I remembered everything that happened last night. I remembered getting ready for my late night movie date with Jace, I remembered picking the movie, we were going to watch scary movies. Any reason I had to cuddle up to him, even though I love scary movies, I would have faked it for him. I remembered getting pop corn and some beers and a lot of candy. I had a whole spread for our movie date. I remember getting a call from the clerk downstairs, telling me that there was a man here to see me and I was excited. I didn’t know why he was calling to tell me jace was here but I didn’t mind. I thought maybe he was new and didn’t know that Jace had been here every day and night for the last 2 weeks. But when the knock came and I opened the door my heart literally stopped. Landon was on the other side of
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I wake up it’s a sunny Saturday morning. I go downstairs to the kitchen to get coffee and a bagel. I sit at the island and read the paper. Jace isn’t home, he had to go to London for a meeting about his art gallery. Which is fine, he spends most of his time here and has to go back maybe once a month, just to sign some papers that he can’t finish over to the phone or in an email. I never went to law school, I conquered my dream of becoming a wedding photographer and Jace is still an amazing artist with several great art galleries around the world. Jace and I have been together for 6 years, we’ve been married for 4 of the 6 years. We lived in a cute little 1 bedroom apartment for the first 2 years of our relationship until he took me to London to propose in the café where we met. He even flew my mom and dad out and Shirley was there. After that, we moved to a little 3 bedroom house in a small town in Georgia. We’re trying to have a baby that my parents are so excited about. But my dad
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Chapter 10: JACE
I couldn’t fall asleep last night. I kept replaying everything that happened and the fact that River was practically screaming in her sleep almost every 20 minutes. My poor girl, I hope she knows that none of what happened was her fault. That stupid asshole is to blame for all of this. She’s going to have nightmares about this for a really long time but I hope I can make it better for her to deal with as the days go by. I thought about calling her parents as soon as she fell asleep but I know she’ll want to tell them in her own time and I need to respect her wishes and remember that it isn’t my story to tell. I also don’t know if she told them about me yet. So when she finally wakes up, I pretend to be sleeping. I can feel her looking at me, and then I feel her fingers and lips on my face. So I turn this into a little bit of a game. She kisses my face everywhere but my lips. She straddles my lap and I have to fight the urge to touch her, she moves forward rubbing against me and I can
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