The Rise, The last Queen

The Rise, The last Queen

By:  Hibaby  Completed
Language: English
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With her power and effort, Hana gradually goes from being a useless person rejected by everyone to getting closer to the top of the glory. She made others look up, making those who had bullied her regret it. But she had no idea that Jackson had arranged all her steps behind her. Jackson's initial goal was to cause Hana to die in agony. And he let his heart flutter before her. One is a dragon; one is a wolf. How can there be love between them? Yet Jackson, because he loved Hana, accepted to give up his noble position, accepting to be hated, accepting sacrifice to be hated by his beloved just because he wanted to bring her to the top of power.

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154 Chapters
Chapter 1: A useless man is discarded
It's raining tonight. Hana wouldn't say she likes the last days of autumn because her sleeping place is often wet. She is the second daughter of the D.Bean family and has a brother named Eric. Her father was the most powerful Alpha in the area. And her mother was an elegant, gentle Omega. Her brother Eric inherited her father's bloodline; he was a strong Alpha. In the D.Bean house, the power signifies status. Her remuneration regime was not even comparable to Rosen, her brother's servant, where she was far from the central building. Parents didn't like her, probably because Hana didn't have much value to them. Especially her mother, since she was born, Hana has only seen her once. So far, Hana doesn't even know if she remembers her or not. Hana has blond hair and hasn't washed it for a long time, so it's no different now than the hay. The eyes are chestnut; the body shape is relatively high. She is an Omega without magic and people often call her useless. Her father was a wealthy b
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Chapter 02: The Red avocado
Hana has a little friend and has a contract between us, they only see each other every weekend night. Hana calls him the red avocado, the nickname they only know together. Hana doesn't know when he'll show up, but she is sure the red avocado will arrive on time. Hana cleaned the dirt on her clothes and rummaged through the basket but couldn't find anything to please. It isn't good, even a complete set of clothes Hana doesn't have. She uses some water to wipe the bloodstains on her sleeves, but the effect is not good. If Hana let him see the dirty form now, the red avocado is her only friend, Hana afraid he won't like her anymore. A bold thought popped up in her thoughts. Mrs.Violet had a lot of beautiful clothes. Many times Hana watched her in colorful dresses. If she loses a set, she won't know. Thinking of the proud eyes of the red avocado when Hana saw it, she was even more determined with her decision. When Hana was a kid, she was often drowned in laundry water by Eric. So she
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Chapter 3: Bitten
Hana put her hands on the ground wanting to get up, but this becomes difficult for the present. The ribs were broken, the leg bones were scarred, and the whole body had nowhere to heal. Hana was tired of letting go of her hands lying face down on the dried leaves below. After Kristen kicked, Hana rolled around from the top of the mountain. Around as dark as ink, the crickets occasionally squealed out loud symphonies that sounded like they were mocking Hana's pathetic situation. The smell of water, not far from here has water. Her throat was dry at the moment, painfully compressing the burning pain from her throat and swallowing every sip of saliva. Hana used her hands to crawl on the ground, using her feet as a pushing table, inching closer to the water source. The space is not over 10 steps apart, but Hana takes almost an hour just to get to it.In the dark, Hana could only see that there was a lake in front of her. An ordinary wolf does not have much power, making it impossible for
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Chapter 4: Strange Spirit Beasts
Hana wakes up in her dilapidated house. The blue dress didn't even have a place intact. Luckily before she left the house to find Kristen, she had worn her underwear inside. Hana conveniently tore apart the remaining debris and threw them to the floor. The old wolf and the mysterious woman disappeared without a trace. Hana touched the tooth marks behind her neck suspiciously. The conversation between the two of them mentioned her. But the amount of information is not enough to know what they want from her. Hana watched the loose door frame make a sound of crease every time the wind blew, the tile on the roof dangling in large pieces fell to the floor without an intact place. The spiders are inlaid with white silk around the wood stove because they had not been rekindled for a long time, and the two bowls were neatly stacked on the chair next to them. For the past 18 years, Hana has been used to these things, but today she is a little disgusted with them. Nixven, holding a piece of
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Chapter 5: Over the level 2
Hana finds a shortcut to the pineapple lake and makes it her training base to avoid being caught. Every day, Hana only comes home in the morning and then disappears. Eric is enraged that he can't find Hana every time he needs it, so he orders all the servants in the house to bring Hana in front of him, which will be rewarded with a jewel of the dawn.Hana didn't know this, it had been two days, but she had not been able to advance to secondary school. Based on what is known, once the body converts lunar energy into the form of water. Two drops of water are formed to signal preparation for promotion. But Hana doesn't know how to dissolve the two drops of water that have just formed into her body. Hana sat down by the lake, taking the fruit bag on her side down to eat the stomach. Zeci vibrated its red horns and closed her eyes to sleep, and from the day it followed her, the only thing it did was sleep. Hana was afraid it was hungry and deliberately gave it some food, but it didn't tou
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Chapter 6: Zeci's Blue Wings
The next day, the whole town of Quansib became unusually bustling. One kicked the other and tried to get in and look at the notice board in front of the Oval room. Ten thousand dawn gems for whoever discovers the person's whereabouts struck by lightning. The eager whispering, 10,000 dawn pearls for the people of Quansib is a bargain that no one dares to dream of. The dawn pearl is used to exchange The Ruby Of Cloud Pink; ten thousand dawn pearls will trade for 1 Cloud Pink pearl. Cloud Pink pearl is a vital conductor whenever the werewolf wants to level up. Those under the level of 5, just having the support of Cloud Pink pearl, will not need to be punished by the moon goddess but still receive the corresponding power. "Are they looking for someone?" Someone asked. "You're stupid! How many people in our small town are worth 10,000 pearls?" "So, what are they planning to do?" "You also know about yesterday's punishment in the forest. I guess they're trying to recruit the other pers
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Chapter 07: Panic
According to the book records, Zeci belongs to the hybrid phoenix family. Power reaches its highest level as it evolves into a blue wing shape. Hybrid phoenix fire can melt everything it sweeps through. However, this species has been extinct since the time of The Red Alpha, so it is listed as an extremely rare beast.Before obtaining the highest power, the fire of the hybrid phoenix is divided into 5 ranks. Zeci is currently at the lowest level, the fire initial level 1. Fire in the form of a weak damage force, the connection between the hybrid phoenix and its owner through the conscious bond. The hybrid phoenix admitted the owner; no one can force or oblige it."Mrs. Vinlot will be happy to know this," Vlaire chirped.Hana was puzzled, "Since that day, I haven't seen her yet.""When necessary, she will show up immediately."Vlaire touched Zeci's red horns and immediately had to withdraw his hand."Hana, whenever it wakes up, you let's bring it back here."Hana was puzzled, "What's wr
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Chapter 8: A nasty plot
This morning, Quansib is bustling as a New Year's Eve celebration. The packed Twelve Pub did not have a seat; they were all discussing the notice that had just been pasted up in front of the Oval. Hartix angrily kicked the open door in front of the bar, throwing someone into the street."Do not ever walk into my bar again. I'm going to beat you to death." He screamed.Hartix's handling of alcoholics who wouldn't pay every day, especially today, the one he threw back was a girl who looked weak."He never knew the difference between a man and a woman. They are all the same.""Who is that girl?"They all shook their heads as if it had nothing to do with them. The rhythm of the talk returned to normal; their concerns shifted to the old topic."This year seems less than every year.""The standard of choice is too strange.""Surely Mr. Cusia's Kristen has reserved a place."The crowd nodded in agreement, "No one is as strong as him all over Quansib. Mr. Cusia's mayoral seat is even more cer
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Chapter 9: Concussion
Kristen stood up, looking down at Hana from above with contempt, "This is so simple, we responded. I hope that when it's time to get on the field, you don't bend your legs and run away first. Otherwise, I will kill you myself, Hana.""I hope so, Kristen."Hana's eyes strongly projected directly opposite Kristen; for a moment, Kristen fluttered slightly in front of Hana. In the past, Hana's cowardly, the timid appearance made him hate him, but today Kristen felt Hana was a little different from usual. It was just that this was no longer so important to him. No matter what happens next, it has nothing to do with him.The Cusia father and son left after reaching the agreement as desired; Hana faced unreasonable questioning from Mr. D. Bean and she answered over the loudspeaker. It wasn't until he felt Hana was nothing special that he let her go. Mr. D. Bean looked at Hana as wretched as a servant, he to take relief in his heart; at least if Hana were still here, she would come back.The
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Chapter 10: Humiliation
The D.Bean family is celebrating; their only son Eric is in the top 20 in today's selection. Violet's face was prideful watching her son sit aloft, in front of his chest, dangling a carefully framed blue wooden card. Mr. D. Bean excitedly welcomed guests, sometimes not forgetting to say a few words of pride about his son's outstanding achievement.In contrast to the D.Bean family, the Cusias were more stressed than usual. They should now celebrate Kristen receiving a green card in the top 20 round. But the heavy atmosphere indicates that their family has a tense situation. Henry, Mr.Cusia second son, was Kristen's age. The two were twin brothers, but Henry was little known to outsiders. Part of the reason comes from Kristen. Mr. Cusia knew it, but he didn't take Henry too seriously.It is worth mentioning here that Henry returned home with an orange card in his hand this morning. He thought Mr. Cusia would be happy about it. But it was the exact opposite of what Henry expected."Henry
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