The president's house has a lovely wife

The president's house has a lovely wife

By:  Catriona Kelly  Completed
Language: English
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From a young age, she had to live under the pressure of her stepmother, after her father died of an illness, her stepmother became even more domineering, now because she wants to help her beloved son pay off his debts, he forces her to marrying a man old enough to be his father, what a dream! Such a shameless request, Grainne would honestly rather die. But she did not expect, this time Joyce was really cruel, locking her up for two days and two nights without releasing her, nor giving her any food or drink. When she could escape, she wanted to meet her lover - Brian to run away together but discovered he had an affair, too bitter she spent the night out with a strange man and the unexpected. she was pregnant with that man again, the famous cold, dark president - Carwyn

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85 Chapters
Chapter 1: "What is up?"
The loud banging on the door, accompanied by Grainne's screams, echoed from upstairs.“Joyce, old lady, open the door, let me go!”Outside the door, her stepmother, Grainne, had an annoyed expression on her face, but still pretended to advise softly: "Grainne, your brother is now being forced to the point of being unable to return home, you can't go home. agree to help for once?"Grainne knew well the character of her stepmother, so she did not fall for the trick, and immediately replied indignantly: "Don't dream! Your son has become an irreparable bastard, don't try to drag me along to die!""You bastard, just like your shameless biological mother, just keep your mouth shut, if you don't agree, don't come out!"Joyce cursed for a while and then walked downstairs, ignoring the screams of the person locked inside.Grainne heard her stepmother's footsteps leaving, then angrily kicked on the door, and then sat down on the ground, saying nothing more, the tears that had been suppressed for
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Chapter 2:“Unlucky, so unlucky!”
Simon thought he had attracted the attention of the great young master Carwyn, so he was a little proud.He pulled a yellow bank card and a coin from his pocket and placed them on the desk in front of Carwyn.Carwyn recognized the bank card, which was the same thing he had asked Simon this morning to give to the girl he had spent the night with, now why take it back?Simon noticed Carwyn's questioning look and burst out laughing: "Interesting? They'll pay you back, hey, plus a dime for bed expenses." As he spoke, he pointed to the silver coin that was shining brightly on the table.Carwyn was startled, his cold face showing inexplicable anger mixed with a hint of amusing curiosity.Simon saw the rare expression on the young master Carwyn's face and hurriedly revealed his many stories."It's also strange, I've always been not close to beautiful women, why suddenly changed to want to enjoy it?"Simon knows this friend is not like him, he likes to go on a rampage, and the flags fly, but
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Chapter 3: "Don't be afraid, Harry is here"
“Miss, we are walking normally, you ran up to us, you know that?” Simon looked at the impolite, fierce girl in front of him, then turned to look at Carwyn, the young master who had just been hit in the chest by her, and began to reconcile.Carwyn is an ordinary young master with hundreds of thousands of jobs, and it is difficult to find some free time to go to the company's hospital to visit Carwyn the old man is being treated.Who would have thought that, as soon as he entered the hospital gate, he was slammed into, and that person was still so disrespectful?The great young master Carwyn was never insulted.“Hem… Really sorry, I was in a hurry so I couldn't see you, sorry sorry.”After realizing that she was the unreasonable one, Grainne immediately admitted her mistake, apologizing while raising her hand, and making a gesture of sincerity.“Hahaha…” Simon laughed at her move.Then he turned to look and suddenly saw that the corner of Carwyn's lips also lifted a little and then immed
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Chapter 4: "My last name is Levi"
"My last name is Levi."Carwyn Levi didn't want to say both his first and last name, before his identity caused too much unnecessary trouble, let alone this girl, maybe after today he won't see again."Mr. Levi, thank you very much for today..." Grainne didn't know if that last name was Levi or Levi, so she chose intuitively, opening her mouth to thank.Carwyn Levi narrowed his eyes slightly and nodded: "Yes."It's true, I don't know what to say...Grainne was extremely embarrassed.Fortunately, the three of them had already arrived at the hot pot restaurant by this time, and Grainne stepped forward and then turned around to wave to the two of them to sit down.Harry trotted after him, happily joining his mother in the bar.Carwyn Levi stood at the gate, frowning, assessing the cheap place in front of him.He didn't want to eat at a small restaurant like this, just accepted Grainne's request because he wanted to avoid his grandfather's urge to get married.He intended to get out of th
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Chapter 5: Little Harry
"Oh my, it's okay, Little Harry is so good, he misses you to death!" Old man Levi's wrinkled face was filled with emotion, without the slightest feeling of being disturbed, but on the contrary, he was overjoyed. Grainne also smiled involuntarily when she saw it. Five years ago, since she ran away from home, she started living alone, a few months later found out she was pregnant, she considered whether to give up this baby, but in the end, decided to keep it, this was the lifeline attached to her bloodline. After Harry was born, she and he depended on each other, with no relatives to visit, at times she felt very lonely. Unexpectedly, Harry now has a predestined relationship with this old man, which is also considered a good thing. Grainne watched the two of them play happily, smiled, then sat down on the sofa to review the documents to prepare for the upcoming work. The two of them were having fun when Harry suddenly lowered his face and pouted. When the old man saw it, Levi as
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Chapter 6: "Brother Levi, it's me, Grainne"
"Who is that?"Carwyn Levi was signing a document brought by his subordinates when he saw a strange number calling him.Hearing his usual seductive but cold voice, Grainne suddenly drummed in her stomach, but still managed to appear calm."Brother Levi, it's me, Grainne.""Send the address, I'll send someone to pick you up." Carwyn Levi thought Grainne was out of work and called to tell him he had sent someone to help them move house."No no no, Mr. Levi, I haven't left work yet." Grainne said hastily, then hesitated again: "I have to work overtime today, can I mind if you go to Star Kindergarten to pick Harry up? Now I have to work overtime, I don't know who to turn to."What? How dare this woman tell herself? And say I don't know who to remember me! Who does she think she is?Before only Carwyn Levi gave orders to others, no one dared to give orders to him, but thinking of the boy with watermelon hair, Carwyn Levi slightly frowned."I'll send someone to pick it up." After saying tha
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Chapter 7: Oh my God!
Harry heard the noise and jumped up from the sofa, rushing into Grainne's lap. Grainne squatted down, holding the son she'd missed all day, kissing all over her body. "Hi hi..." Harry cooed in his mother's lap, laughing. "For heaven's sake, Grainne, you're finally home, your old skeleton is about to disintegrate!" Old man Levi reprimanded, but his face showed a very happy expression, without any discomfort. Grainne picked Harry up, crouched apologetically, smiled, and said, "You've caused more trouble." "Harry give it back to me now, I'm going to bed, I'm old, I can't stay up late..." said the old man, walking slowly into the bedroom. The bodyguard who was always watching him hurriedly followed. "Miss Grainne, your belongings and Young Master Luo, the great young master have already sent people to move in, the bedroom is also ready, please rest early." Moved all over? So fast! Grainne carried Harry and the butler to the place called the bedroom. Oh my God! This sleeping ro
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Chapter 8: "It's for you"
After hanging up the phone, Grainne was hardly in the mood to work anymore, so she went online to look up information related to depression.In the evening, at the swimming pool in Levi's garden.Carwyn Levi, who had just finished swimming, stepped out of the lake.On his solid body, water drops continuously fell, exalting his sexy masculine charm.He took the bathrobe from the maid, put it on casually, and then lay on the couch next to the pool, closing his eyes to rest.The maid put the drink on the small table next to it and quietly left.“Brother Levi, are you free? May I talk to you for a moment?"A clear and peaceful female voice rang out.Carwyn Levi opened his eyes to see Grainne standing next to him for some time."What's the matter?" Carwyn Levi still kept his cold face, sat up, and took a sip of water.Grainne didn't know how to open her mouth, so she walked over and sat down on another couch and timidly asked, "The thing is, can you tell me, did you… take any medicine in t
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Chapter 9: Nadia?
Grainne glanced at Carwyn Levi, who was silent.He was staring intently at the long and tall water slide ahead.The screams of encouragement from the players and the sound of running water resounded loudly.His determined eyes narrowed slightly, and it was obvious that Carwyn Levi didn't want to play this game at all, because he would get wet after playing.Grainne realized his feelings, moreover, she didn't want to get herself wet, so she bent down to comfort Harry: "Good, can we play another game? Playing this game will get your clothes wet.”"Can't resist, Harry wants to play this game..."Harry immediately turned his head, shook his watermelon hair, and opened his eyes wide with anticipation as Carwyn Levi cooed: "Uncle, uncle..."He unleashed his lovely magic cannonball hit, shaking Carwyn Levi's hand.This move really worked, Carwyn Levi looked at that tear-filled eye for a bit and then sighed: "Let's go, I'll take you."Before he could finish speaking, Harry was dragged straigh
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Chapter 10: “Find me!”
“You… you… are you our general manager?” Grainne stammered in surprise.Carwyn Levi looked at her figure as if she had just seen a ghost, her face was still cold without any heat, but her eyes shone with a very strange expression.He cleared his throat and asked half-jokingly: "What's wrong, have you encountered a ghost?"“No no no, I was just surprised, no wonder Brian that day, by the way, no, the deputy Brian saw you and was so scared that he peed his pants!” Grainne remembers Brian's contorted appearance that day and couldn't help but laugh.Looking at Grainne's rainy and sunny face, Carwyn Levi immediately asked: "What's the point of looking for me?"Finally recalling the target Levi, Grainne immediately returned to her angry expression and said in a righteous tone: "I'm going to sue the vice president of design Brian."“Uh…” Carwyn Levi put down the document in his hand, looked at her nonchalantly, and asked, “What do you want to sue him for?”"He took his revenge on public affa
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