Rebirth: The Dark Sorceress

Rebirth: The Dark Sorceress

By:  Her_Grace  Completed
Language: English
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I hate him! I hate him with every fiber of my being but dear me, the things he could do with his … __________________ When the Luna of the most powerful pack is killed, Eliana and her sorceress mother are accused of the murder and in retaliation, they are killed by the Alpha of the pack himself. Reborn again as Alena, a werewolf and the daughter of the Beta of the same pack. Eliana has nothing but hatred for every member of the pack and she swears to rain on everyone involved, especially Alpha Damon. But when two vengeful beings clash, the chemistry is instant, the burn ferocious at every touch sending heat down their spines. Eliana must fight against herself and her dangerous attraction for her greatest enemy when she realizes her obscene desires for him, and the hunger to have him do all of the most sinful acts her treacherous mind is able to conjure up.

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92 Chapters
Into The Burning Flame
“Go away now!” My mother’s voice, although weak, came out harshly as she pushed me away from her. Tears ran down my eyes and I shook my head stubbornly. “I’m not leaving you behind mother, not now, nor ever!” I swore.I could hear their heartbeat loud in my ears and I knew my mother could too, they were fast approaching and we were no match for them. My mother writhed from pain on the floor, she had collapsed, her injuries too unbearable and I knew she was giving up the fight. The large forest wasn’t enough to cloak us.We had escaped home with mother’s teleportation power, but not before one of those bastards had swiftly struck her, his blade slicing through her back. My hands shook as I ran them down the gash on her back, her cloth was fast soaking with blood, trailing us as we made our way deeper through the forest, stumbling past fallen trees and twigs.“It’s no use,” Mother said but I ignored her and closed my eyes trying to focus all my powers. I felt the energy make its way fro
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Moonlight Rays
“Happy birthday to you,” My eyes slowly opened and I squinted them against the morning’s sunlight, my lips widening to form a smile when I saw the view in front of me, it quickly turned into full-blown laughter.“Mom, dad.” I cried out flinging aside the duvet and jumping up from my bed in joy.“Happy birthday to you, our beautiful Alena.” My parents’ voices died down as they gazed at me with love in their eyes. My mom and dad stood together with a huge birthday cake in hand and a candle that took the form of the number eighteen, that was right - today I was officially an adult.“Come on, make a wish.” Mom urged excitedly.I stood in front of them, shut my eyes, and made my wish before blowing off the candles, mom clapped and dad joined her too after setting the cake at my bedside.“So what’d you wish for?” Dad asked.“I’m not telling you of course,” I said, giving him an amused look.“Ahh, I see you’ve grown up already, hiding things from your parents.” He said, shaking his head at
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Reawakening Evil
A hooded figure made his way through the thickness of the forest, its large trees providing cover enough to shield him from view.He made his way farther until he got to a place where three large stones met, he dug his hand into his large coat’s pocket and brought out a small circular, solid object. He placed it on top of one of the stones, the largest one, and immediately a building came into sight, digging through the Earth as it sprang up in full view.The man’s eyes remained passive as he stared at the little building right before stepping in through the door, the doorway immediately lengthened to accommodate him.Inside, a woman was seated in the dimly lit room, he frowned his face ever so slightly at the stench that hit his nostril, he still couldn’t get over the smell of this room.“Good to see you.” The woman said staring at him, she was seated cross-legged on the floor, a small table in front of her that held a bowl with simmering purple liquid.He stared at the bowl before s
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The Sweet Smell Of Musk
The cold air slapped me as I made my way through a path formed by constant walkthrough, the night was quiet except filled with crickets music and the usual nighttime bird sounds. Large trees danced around gracefully from the wind and the moonlight shone brightly, lightening my way, my destination was not quite much of a distance from my home and soon enough, I reached it.I stared from the cover of a mahogany tree at the mansion that stood proudly amongst a thick mass of woodland - The Alpha’s home.I felt my body stiffen and the fury in me worsen as I gazed upon it. The Alpha who was still the same devil that he'd always been remained in power and life, I was going to snatch both soon enough. Alpha Damon had been away for three full moons now, only the elders in the council and my father knew where he was gone. Before now, I could count the number of times I’d actually seen him, he kept to himself and only spoke to the necessary men in power but still, he was feared and highly respe
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Wickedly Sensual
In less than a week, I had gone unconscious twice already but this time, I wished my eyes didn’t open, I would be better off dead.It was unfortunate that we never get what we wished for because my eyes opened slowly to meet a pair of icy blue ones staring back at me… I wanted to claw them out.Instead, I stared back at Alpha Damon, my eyes taking him in, all of him. He hadn't changed much from the last time I’d seen him which was when he had put a torch to my Mother’s body, I could see through him, all of the cruelty that could exist within a man but it was unfortunate, that he had met someone who had a thousand fold more of it than him… I was going to be the death of him, it was just time now.With my eyes still fixed on him, I made a silent promise to my mother’s ashes.“Who are you?” He asked taking a step back, folding his hands across his chest.I stared at him and said nothing. I could feel the pull between us, stronger than anything I’d ever felt and I could feel my wolf’s res
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Cold Defiance
Damon knew every emotion there was to know, but when it came to grief, he knew it better than anyone else... It had after all been his companion for so long.Losing one's mate was as painful as ripping a person's chest out of their heart, and for the past decades, that had been the only thing he'd felt - heart-wrenching grief, that was until moments ago when he'd set his eyes on her, whoever she was.His wolf had perked up at the sight of her, and so had everything in him when he had come in her presence, it was as though every part of him that had been dead for so long had only just woken up. Damon could still remember the first time he'd realized Aria was his mate, and that was the same emotions that had overpowered him in this strange woman's presence, even more, because he hadn't felt anything in so long, this one had come crashing into him, giving him a reason to be when he hadn't had any, and it terrified him.He moved his lips against hers, crushing his mouth against hers in a
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Lethal Error
The metallic smell of blood filled my nose, pleasing me as I pushed the blade further. This wasn't the plan, this hadn't been the plan but I hadn't been able to stop myself, not after what I’d come across.When Damon spoke, I heard the smile on his lips. “And I had hoped you'll make good on your promise.”Hours before..."Alena, are you okay?” Marina asked the door slamming loudly behind her as she hurried into my house, worry in her eyes.She had been away for days now so my mother had said, my eyes went up to her... This was my best friend? Marina had untamed red hair that seemed to be all over the place, she was pretty in a wild way.She grabbed me by the hand. “I was so worried about you, I'm sorry I hadn't come earlier.” She said, I roughly pulled my hand away from her and when I saw the hurt expression cross her features, I realized what I had done - this was going to be harder than I thought. It would be difficult to manage Eliana and Alena, we were two different people and onl
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Vile Games
Alena..." Marina said, taking a step back.The clearing had grown healthily over the decades, filled with lush greenland but I could still point it out, where exactly the logs had been arranged, piled one on top of the other."Leave here!" I said to the werewolf girl and I'm guessing from the tone of my voice, she didn't need to hear anything more, she took to her heels.My fingers shook frantically and I felt the energy in me surge."Alena, calm down." My wolf's voice resounded in my head calmly."Shut the hell up!" I yelled back at her and she promptly did.The buzz in my fingers increased and I could feel the sizzling electricity from the ground beneath me connecting with them, and without thinking twice, I released it, both energy clashing to elicit a large explosion that resonated throughout the forest as the massive land of vegetation caught fire, immediately spreading through.The impact of the blast snatched me from the ground and I was flung in the opposite direction landing
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A Play At The Devil
My body began to shake furiously, the sword dropped from my hand as I landed on my knees hitting the floor. My vision blurred and I felt the air in my lungs restrict.“Hell no!”I managed out when I heard the sound of my bones snapping as my body reshaped to take another form. My body stretched, its muscles lengthening and my skin immediately became covered with golden-colored furs, sharp claws erupted from my fingers and dug themselves into the ground.I let out a scream of anger that instead came out as a growl… I was fully transformed into my wolf form.I struggled back for control but my wolf was equally as stubborn, holding on firmly to her reign of control.Damon stood watching me with intense eyes, and I snapped my teeth at him as I took a threatening step toward him. Just a few more seconds, a little more and he'd have been dead.The inner turmoil within myself continued.“I won't let you make this mistake Alena, get a hold of yourself now!” She said to me, her anger resonating
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Bloodied Hands
Where could she be?” She asked, crying as she ran her hands through her hair, tears running down her face.“This is unlike her, Alena would never spend the night elsewhere. David, do something!” She yelled at her husband.“I’m doing all I can Hannah!” He yelled back. “We spent all of last night with our warriors searching through the forest. What more can I do?”She fell to the floor crying. “My darling girl,”The door opened and a man stepped into the house holding up a pair of dainty sandals, Alena’s mother immediately jumped up at the sight of it. She dragged it from his hands and stared at it, her mouth quivering.“David,” She called, “these are Alena’s.” And she looked up at her husband with frightened eyes.Beta David moved closer to his wife and held one from the pair in his shaky hands, the strap was cut and it was dirty, stained with brown from sand, and his chest tightened.“What if she has been kidnapped?” His wife asked. “What if those damn vampires have gotten her?”And s
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