The Billionaire’s Sex Slave

The Billionaire’s Sex Slave

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Alfred hates her more than anything in the world because she's the daughter of the man who killed his family and took away all his family's property.She's the daughter of the man who captured him and made him a slave at a young age, but then he was able to escape and he ran into hiding for 15years. Trained and built himself. Now he's back as a CEO ready to make them pay for what they did to him and his family. He took his daughter and made her his sex slave. He's gonna make her pay for everything the father did to him.But then again Lisa is nothing like her father. She's different from him, too different.As he set out to make her pay, he was bound to find out how different she is from her father. But then love rose from the deep-rooted hatred.

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Lisa is just eighteen when she finds herself embroiled in a family feud decades old. Kidnapped and held hostage by a powerful man with a thirst for revenge, Lisa longs for her freedom. But with time, and as the unlikely pair grow to know each other more... intimately, can some good come out of this sordid affair, could it even be love? This is romance at its most dangerous and compelling, as a billionaire's lust for revenge against the daughter of the man who destroyed his family becomes a lust for something else entirely.

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219 Chapters
You’re mine
Chapter 1She was sleeping peacefully inside her bedroom, one of those deep sleeps she loves. But suddenly, in the middle of her sleep, she heard a loud bang coming from outside her room. It wasn't a firework or a car crash, but a gunshot. A loud and disturbing gunshot sound rang through her ears, giving shivers down her spine.."What's going on?" she asked no one in particular. Just then a more disturbing gunshot rang through her ear followed by a scream. "Fucksh*t!!!" she exclaimed and jumped off her bed instantly and laid flat on the cold tiles.She closed her eyes, shivering in fear. She has never been this scared in her entire life."Mom!!" she whispered as tears slipped from her closed eyes and slid down her cheeks. She was feeling so scared."Baby!! baby!!" her mom whispered as she crawled into Lisa's room."Mummy!! Mummy!!" Lisa cried out helplessly."Shhh baby, don't cry!" her mom whispered as she got closer to her and hugged her tightly.Gunshots were still heard from the o
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She tried escaping
Alfred is seen lying on his bed whispering in his sleep. Beads of sweat rolling down his forehead."Please don't harm my mom!! Please don't do this to my mommy Daddy please don't leave me alone" 10 years old he cried as he saw his mom and dad in the pool of their blood.Suddenly, he opened his eyes, panting heavily like Someone who has just run a marathon race. He sighed softly and placed his hands on his forehead feeling tired.He picked up his phone and saw it was midnight, 12:30 am. He stood up and walked inside the bathroom to take a cool bath, he just needed to calm himself down. He walked out of the bathroom and laid on the bed trying to catch some sleep but then he just couldn't sleep.Since the incident that took place 15 years ago, he's been having sleepless nights. For the past 15 years, he's been having sleepless nights.He stood up and walked out of his room to his study room to get some office work done."Boss." He heard a knock on the door. He knew it was Andrew, his bod
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Chapter 3Lisa sat on the bed in tears. Her cheeks were hurting from the slap the maid, ria gave her. Sadness, pain-filled her heart. She just couldn't defend herself. Where is the Lisa she used to be? I guessed the real her left after she saw her mother dying in front of her eyes.Just then the door burst open revealing Alfred. Immediately, Lisa saw him and she felt a shiver run down her spine. She became scared immediately.Alfred stood close to the door and stared at her for some minutes with no expression on his face. His eyes were filled with hatred - Deep HATRED.He locked the door behind him and walked fully Inside the room. His aura was so calm but yet deadly.Alfred had left the board meeting when the maid called her that Lisa was planning on escaping and this angered him. For the fact that he left the board meeting in the middle of their discussion, he's going to punish her the hard way. He sat on a nearby couch which was closed to the bed Lisa was sitting on."Anytime I co
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She’s innocent
Chapter 4Hey!" she heard a voice and then a hand gripped her from behind.Her eyes were already bleary, her vision was already blank she couldn't see who was holding her but she was damn sure whoever it is holding her was a woman. She could feel it, she could sense it."Mom!" She heard herself say and suddenly she lost consciousness.*********************************************She opened her bleary-eyed gawking around the room and then she noticed she was in a different room from the one she was earlier. She knew she had been unconscious but what she didn't know was for how long.She tried standing up from the bed but then she was feeling as tired as ever, pain surging all over her body but it wasn't as much as before. The memories of everything, how she had lost consciousness and a woman held her came running into her head like a flash of light. She felt it was her mom."Gently!" a voice said jolting her out of the thought. This voice was the voice she last heard before she lost
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You’re a tough girl
Chapter 5Ma'am Teresa sighed softly as she walked out of lisa's room. "Poor kid" she muttered and shook her head before walking away to Alfred's room."Alfred!" She knocked on the door but there was no reply. She opened the door slowly and walked inside."Alfred" she called again as she closed the door behind moving fully inside the room but still no answer."I wonder where he is!! I needed to talk with him about something important" She muttered and turned to leave but then she caught a glimpse of a something on his bed stand."Oh my God!! What is this? Let this not be what I'm thinking"She thought stood for seconds staring at what she saw, just as she was about moving towards the bed to take a good look at it. The door burst open revealing Andrew."Grandma!" Andrew muttered looking shock when he saw Teresa."Hey Andrew. I thought you left for the office?" Ma'am Teresa spoke with a smile on her face."Yeah, but I came back to get something" he said and Teresa nodded as Andrew gave
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His slave V
She wore the clothes Ria had given her. A cloth that exposed her breast so much, just covering her nipples and exposing her thighs. She hated the clothes she was wearing so much. They were only servant clothes in her room, ugly plain short skirts and half-cut tight tops that barely covered the breast. The one Ria brought was even worse. Taking a light breath of submission she put on the ones Ria brought. No way she'd want another pain or punishment. She will avoid it if she can. The punishment she had received today from ria was enough and she wouldn't want another punishment from her master because her body was already hurting like hell. When she was in the kitchen trying to clean the dishes, she had mistakenly broken one of the dishes and in return, Ria slapped her.She stood in front of the mirror staring at the mirror. Just then her eyes moved towards the wall clock and she saw she was 3 minutes late. Ria told her master wanted her in his room in the next 3 minutes, and now
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His slave
Lisa sighed softly and picked up her clothes then put them on. Done dressing, with her head up, she walked out of his room.Outside the room, she leaned against the wall and placed her hands on her neck which were hurting. She felt so much pain all over her body. Tears burned in her eyes at the thought that life was being unfair to her.But then on the other hand she still wondered why he was restraining himself. He would have s*x with her and wouldn't finish. She thought he hated her so much and his wish was to make her suffer then why hold me back? she thought staggering to her room.But then she waved off the thought" it's none of my business" she muttered lowly as she sat on her bed. She wiped her tears and lay tiredly on the bed.She felt so tired both physically and emotionally. She had gone through so much in one day. She laid down on the bed and forced herself to sleep.*********************************************************************It was morning again and another day
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Missing body
Lisa walked towards her wardrobe searching for the most decent clothes. The ones she had seen so far were so indecent and if she were to put them on they'll barely cover her breast and thigh. She sighed when she finally found one, a pair of blue jean trousers and a simple red crop top.She stared at the clothes in her hands and hesitantly put them on. She stood in front of the mirror and stared at herself. The trousers she was wearing brought out all her curves and this made her feel uncomfortable. There are no other decent clothes other than the one she's putting on right now.She bit her lips as her eyes came in contact with the wall clock, Alfred had told her to come to meet him downstairs in five minutes and now she's 5 minutes late. Oh my God!! I'm dead! She thought as she wore her slippers and ran out of the room, downstairs."Master!" She called out to Alfred immediately she got downstairs and Alfred who was sitting down, Clad in a black suit, with an expensive golden wristwatc
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Mr hector
Uncle Damon is seen in a club house sitting on a long couch, surrounded by different girls who were romancing him. His friends sitting close to him with girls rendering services to them too.After he had sold Lisa with millions he eventually became a millionaire, anyways for the time being."Damon you still haven't told us how you became a millionaire over night" one of his friends said as he drank from a glass full of alcohol. Damon smirked as he stared at his friends. They wouldn't want to know how he became a millionaire overnight. If they knew he had killed his brother's wife, Rebecca and sold out his cousin.He sighed as he remembered all that has happened so far. A monster that is what I am, he had betrayed his brother and his family and he knows they will never forgive him especially Lisa but he cared less. He wondered how Lisa was doing over there, he knew Alfred hated her with so much Passion and he must be treating her badly, he almost felt pity for her, almost. But then he
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She’s mine
A young man who looked like he was in his early 30's walked inside Alfred's Mansion and then smiled in satisfaction at the beauty of the house. He was short of words that he couldn't describe how well the room was decorated. He must confess, whoever decorated this house did a job well done.He sat on a couch still staring around and just then his phone rang and he answered the phone call and whispered in a rush."I'm there already but I haven't seen the girl yet,""Ok," he said and quickly ended the call when he heard footsteps from behind. He turned around and then his eyes came in contact with the most beautiful pair of eyes. Oh my God!! What a beauty, he thought silently as he stared at Lisa who was holding a glass filled with water walking towards him.She was looking as tired as ever. She was feeling so exhausted. She has been working since morning and now she's so tired. Ria had made her do all the chores in the house today and when she failed in doing some she had hit her so ha
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