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I heard a small "come in" from the other end. Grabbing the knob, I twist it before pushing the door open. My eyes widened as I saw the scene unfold in front of me. Xavier stood there in the room along with a woman whose brown hair ruffled all over the place. Her blood-red lipstick was smudged. She was dressed in a revealing top. Her breast almost spilling out of her dress and extra tight and small skirt as if she'd just come from some club, her arms crossed and her features amused. She looked strangely familiar for some reason, and it took me a while to identify her, but I did. She was the same woman I had bumped into on the market. My eyes swiftly turned to Xavier. He was dressed in a suit identical to the one Xavier wore with the top few buttons open. What caught my eyes the most was the lipstick stain on his neck identical to the one the woman had on. My heart slumped in deep dejection. It wasn't any science- rocket to know what had occurred here before my arrival.

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I was awakened from my slumber when the sunbeam fell directly on my eyes. I let out a groan of annoyance. My right hand shot up in an endeavor to block the light from penetrating my orbs. I had almost fallen back to dreamless unconsciousness when my eyelids unrolled and my body shot up into the sitting position.I took a note of the room. Sunlight was already entering the room from the blinds. My brows pinched and my features vaguely contorted in confusion. How is that possible?Bending to the edge of the bed, I grabbed my almost broken phone from the nightstand before straightening up in my previous position. I unlocked the screen. I tried to read the time but I couldn't decipher any alphabet or numeric as my vision was befogged by the lack of rest.Rubbing my worn-out and drowsy eyes until my field of vision merged into the clarity. My eyes enlarged and anxiety built inside the pit of my stomach when I saw that it was already six twenty in the morning. How did this happen? I palpabl
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"Can't you do at least one thing properly?" Sandra spat, taking me out of my revival. I swiftly turned my head in Sandra's direction. "Xavier left without having breakfast," Enmity blazed in her blue iris as she glowered at me."Ma'am" Yes. I am supposed to refer to her as ma'am when no one is around. That's how this has been going on for the past seven months."I don't know what happened. The alarm didn't-," I trailed off trying to explain the reason behind my irresponsible behavior but I was rudely cut off by Sandra."Excuses...That's one thing you have mastered. Stop giving excuses, you are his wife. His wife!" I pinched my brows, feeling contemplated by her insolent behavior towards me.Most of the time, I try to ignore their taunts but sometimes, despite my efforts, it just gets through me. Some things are easier said than done."My son works so hard for you. But you... you can't even feed your husband. A daughter-in-law has responsibilities and you fulfill them like a maid," She
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"Dad, do you need anything?" I queried, seeing his almost empty plate.He turned to me before shaking his head vigorously before giving me a small smile. "No, I'm full," I gave him a small nod in response."So, Hope, what are you going to wear for tomorrow?" He asked out of the blue. My features instantly morphed into confusion.What is dad talking about?"Tomorrow?" I asked, voicing my curiosity."Yes, for tomorrow's party?-" There's a party? "-You are going with Xavier, right?" This time dad's tone was laced with uncertainty.Going with Xavier?I had no idea there would be a party tomorrow. He didn't even feel the need to mention the party, let alone invite me to accompany him. My heartache at the thought.When?When are you going to accept me, Xavier?"Actua-" I trailed off, trying to come off with an excuse, but dad swiftly cut me off."You didn't know?" Judging by dad's tone, I knew it wasn't a question. He just wanted to hear the truth from me....pain and simple."I knew I was j
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I was awakened by a faint glimmer of the sunbeam that streamed from the window. My eyelids unrolled but instantly pinched shut as harsh streaks of the sunray descended straight to my iris, irritating and blinding it.Letting out an irritating sigh, I hunched myself into a sitting position, my back pressed against the bedpost. I feel feeble and lousy. Rubbing my still tired eyes, I tried to get rid of the little sleep still left on them.My eyes flickered at the digital clock hung on the wall opposite read two thirty-eight pm in large orange numbers. My eyes widened into a saucer and panic settled inside of me.Oh! God, I am late making snacks.I am two hundred percent sure Sandra and Soniya are going to murder me. The image of their angry faces made me involuntarily shudder. I mentally shook my head, to blot out the image.I shot out of bed and bolted towards the bathroom. I splashed cold water on my face before re-entering my bedroom. Not flattering my steps, I further dashed out of
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I hastened my lagging steps and the breath escaped my lungs in a quick sigh of relief as the market came into my line of vision.Finally...I headed towards the entrance but before I could enter, I crashed into a body. I stumbled a bit but balanced myself before I could fall straight on my butt.I craned up to gaze at the person who almost made me fall. My eyelids stretched wide seeing an otherworldly creature with full lips, large luminous eyes.Even the way she wore her hair, with those braids wrapped around the top of her head like a crown and long shiny red curls falling around her shoulders and her back.Her slender form was enhanced by the tight black dress. She looked painfully beautiful."Are you blind," She said in her shrill, harsh voice. Bitterness slithered through her as she pinned me with her sharp glaze."I'm sorry," I was quick to apologize. "Are you okay," I took a few steps towards her just to make sure she wasn't hurt.Before I could reach her, she retreated a coupl
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"Where are you coming from?" Startled, I turned to face the voice, recognizing it was my husband.My heart skipped a beat when I saw Xavier on the sofa. I couldn't make out his face as the room was dark, but I could only see the outline of his form.What is he doing here?Wasn't he supposed to be at the party? Maybe the party was at noon. Yes, that must be it.The light was flipped on. The sudden brightness blinded me and I shielded my sensitive eyes.Xavier was settled comfortably on the couch that was at the distance of ten feet, pinning me with a withering look. A sense of power swirled around him. The man radiated power and control, even in a simple T-shirt and sweatpants.My eyes flickered at the nearly half-empty pint of vodka on the table next to him.Did something happen?Why was he drinking?"Where were you?" His voice took me out of my funk."Groceries," was all I said. His eyes traveled down my hand before returning to my face."Who was he?" His voice was calm, too calm for
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Hope...The words have great significance in my life.First, it's my name.Second, because it is the only thing I have been doing for two years. HopeThe hope of getting my husband's love. Hope to have normal relationships with my in-lawsI always used to think, why my mom kept my name hope when I am hopeless. Maybe she saw me as her hope for new life and a better future, but I wasn't her hope, I was destruction. My mom lost everything she had when she got pregnant with me.Her dreams, her family, her happiness. Everything. I wasn't planning. It was a mistake that my mom made. But she didn't let me ever fall. She never complained about anything. Not once. And I'm very grateful for that.But it's not the same with Xavier though. He is bold, upfront, and blunt. He has always been a person who doesn't hesitate to vocalize what's on his mind. A part of me admires him for that, but another part doesn't, because sometimes he can be too straightforward and honest.I know I'm being selfish; I
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My sense of dread and agitation filled me, replacing all the excitement I had as I started at the door. Don't be afraid, he's your husband. He won't hurt you. I just hope he doesn't get angry at my appearance in his office.Taking a deep breath, my fingers curled up into a fist. My hand flew up before hesitantly pounding my fist softly against the door. Even waiting for a minute, I heard no response from inside. My brows furrowed in confusion.Why isn't he answering?Has he gone somewhere?Just when I concluded Xavier must have gone somewhere, I heard a small "come in" from the other end. Grabbing the knob, I twist it before pushing the door open.My eyes widened as I saw the scene unfold in front of me. Xavier stood there in the room along with a woman whose brown hair ruffled all over the place. Her blood-red lipstick was smudged.She was dressed in a revealing top. Her breast almost spilling out of her dress and extra tight and small skirt as if she'd just come from some club, her
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My eyes traveled to the man before, who was supposedly my husband. I'm surprised to see him out here. This is the first time in these two years he has entered my room. I never thought this day would come.Similar to before, there was no remorse in his face, and my throat tightened. Looks like he's incapable of empathy or remorse.I watched as his wandering gaze traveled down to my chest and the light of lust flared in his gaze. Realization crossed upon me about my half nudity. I instantly crossed my arms, making an attempt to conceal my nakedness from his two sets of shape gaze staring at me.Upon my action, his gaze shifted momentarily back to my face and his gaze met mine with the same lust-filled eyes that made my heart flutter.On the other hand, seeing him here unleashed the dark memories of Xavier and of that woman rapidly and clearly, which lingered like smoke after a fire as I couldn't stem the image of them flooding my mind. I felt the wound of Xavier's betrayal reopened wide
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A loud and impatient knock awoke me, and I blinked groggily. A flash of irritation crossed my whole being.Which idiot is disturbing me at this moment?Covering my eyes with my hand, I buried my face into the pillow with a groan. Despite my irritation, I had no option other than to respond to whoever was continuously banging on my door like a mad person.With another frustrated groan, I shrugged out of the sheet to stand but before I could. A familiar voice shrieked from the other side of the door. "Hope, open the goddamn door,"My eyes enlarged in what felt like panic as I realized it was none other than my mother-in-law Sandra.What is she doing here at this time?Jumping from the bed, she dressed quickly and went to open the door. The instant I opened the door, I was met by Sandra, who was standing on the other side of the door. The annoyed expression on her face changed in a way evidently into harshness and acidity."What the hell were you doing?""I'm so-sorry, I didn't realize I
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