Million dollar bride

Million dollar bride

By:  Rancho Nguyen  Completed
Language: English
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Ella's father was in a car accident and needed a large sum of money for surgery. David Anthony - a young billionaire helped her pay for surgery on the condition that she become his wife within three years.

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128 Chapters
Five o'clock is the end of the shift. Ella was packing up her paperwork and was about to go home when a head popped into her room and spoke. "Ella, the boss wants to see you." "Yes." Ella raised her head and replied. Then she mumbled to herself. 'Time is up, what does the boss want to see me for?' Her heart was filled with uneasiness. But she still got up from her chair, grabbed her bag, and went to her boss's room Mr. John. Ella's boss is a fat man. It is rumored that he is lustful, flirting with young girls even though he is married. Ella was among the young girls. She was repeatedly beaten by Mr. John's harassment, but the cases of harassment are mild. Working at a company whose boss is a pervert, would rather quit. But Ella desperately needs a steady job. If she quits her job, who will take care of her often sick father? Therefore, Ella gritted her teeth and endured, turning a blind eye to everything. The clattering of clogs in the hallway. Ella thought as she walked. 'After a
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"How long is the deadline?" Ella asked shivering."From now until tomorrow morning but you should have the money as soon as possible."In such a short time, where did she make thirty thousand dollars? She was recently fired by Mr.'s wife. John, so she couldn't get a salary.The female doctor looked at Ella's expression, she showed sympathy. "I'm sorry I can't help you. You can borrow money from a friend or a bank."Ella nodded to the female doctor and walked out of the hospital campus, sitting down on a stone bench, thinking.Loan?Ella doesn't have many friends. Most of them are social network friends, she doesn't have a trusted friend who can lend her money.Wait, Ella suddenly remembered she had a best friend named Suzy. But Suzy's family is not well off. She also has to work hard to earn money. She doesn't have enough money to lend Ella.As for the bank, they will ask what Ella does. If she says she's quit her job and is unemployed, will the bank give her a loan?Ella feels tired.
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Will you protect me?
Seeing Ella hesitate, David continued. "If you keep thinking about it, I'm afraid your father's life will not last.""But... we're going to sleep together? And... you know... how could I... I haven't even held hands..." Ella stammered. Her face turned red when she thought about it.David understood what Ella meant, he reassured him. "Don't worry. We won't overdo it. But we need to be a little bit intimate in public after that, you can do whatever you want as long as you don't let the reporters see. about sleeping together, we're in the same room but we'll sleep in two different places. I promise I won't do anything to you."Ella was relieved to hear David say the last sentence. And then..."But if you want, I'm ready." David grinned."You dare?" Ella rolled her eyes at David."I was just joking. So you agree?" David asked firmly.Ella hesitated for a moment. Apart from David's scheme, she couldn't think of a better way. Just acting a fake husband and wife play, no loss, no one harms a
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She is my wife.
A few minutes later, the car stopped in front of a large mansion. The entrance is cobblestone. Colorful flowers surround the walls. While David pulled the car into the garage, Ella stood watching the mansion. She had never seen a house as beautiful as David's. To the right is the swimming pool. On the left is a long road, planted with many trees. A feeling of suspense welled up in her heart. After a while, they asked, and she knew how to answer.David stepped forward and grabbed Ella's hand, startling her. "Hey, friend. How dare you?" She was angry, she said."You forget we're acting as husband and wife. It's normal for a husband to hold his wife's hand."Ella reluctantly rested her hand in David's large palm. Her face seemed stiff.David raised his voice. "You should be relaxed, natural, comfortable. Your expression will make people suspicious."Hearing his explanation, Ella took a deep breath, changing her expression. She smiled lovingly at David. Then the two of them entered the co
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Please be my secretary.
Looking at David's stern face, Ella believed he was telling the truth. A man who does not casually go to bed with anyone does not have sex unless he is married. Ella thought that if any girl became David's wife, she would be very lucky."Tomorrow I'll drive you to the hospital so you can visit your father, then go home to get some clothes. I'll ask Key to deliver your luggage to my house." Wherever David said, Ella nodded. Suddenly remembering something, she asked. "What about you telling me that I'm an employee in your company. You lied like that, what should I do?"David calmly said. "Make the lie true. I need a secretary, please be my secretary.""Really? Will I get a job?""I don't say two words."Ella changed the subject. "Your mother is a bit difficult, she doesn't seem to like me. But Rika is very cute.""Be patient. After a while, she will accept you, as long as you do everything you can." David looked at her with a serious face."I can walk around the house freely, okay?" El
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I trust you
Ella opened the door of Mr. Stephen and gently entered. Still, the sound of her footsteps woke him up."Ella, you're here." Mr. Stephen said, sitting up."Dad, how are you?" Ella walked over and sat on the edge of the bed."I'm fine. I'm sorry to make you worry.""Dad don't say that, taking care of you is my duty."“I am your burden, right?” Mr. Stephen patted Ella's hand, his voice a little sad."No. I am lucky to be your daughter.”Ella's phone rang. She took out her phone and looked at it softly. "I'm out on the phone for a while, I'll be back soon." She said and walked out of the room."Wazzup? We just said goodbye for a few minutes.” Ella said politely. Although she is not the daughter of a noble family, she was raised from a young age to be polite when talking to others."I just wanted to say if you need anything, just tell me, I'm here to help." David said, he just arrived at the company."Thank. But the money you gave me was enough for me to take care of everything.” Ella said
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Don't mind what they say
David didn't care about the eyes around him, he took Ella's hand and led him to a quiet, luxury room. Ella was overwhelmed when she saw the menu. The food is very expensive, even more, expensive than the salary she gets for a month.Looking at her expression, David understood what she was worried about. He lowered his voice. "Never mind the price. I'll be the one to pay."Ella chooses the cheapest item on the menu. Wait for the waiter to leave, she said. "This is not a matter of who pays, but a matter of savings. Just a breakfast for a few hundred thousand, I feel a bit wasteful. Next time I will take you to a popular restaurant with reasonable prices. The quality is not inferior to the dishes in the restaurant." "You intrigued me. I'd love to know where that is." David smiled as he spoke."I will lead you to the future." Ella said.The waiters bring the food. They ate and talked.After eating, they went to the company. Today is Ella's first day working at D&A corporation. She could
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First kiss
"Hi, nice to meet you." Ella tries to act like a friendly person. She doesn't have many friends except for Suzy, she lives a closed life so she communicates badly while talking."Ella, how did you meet my brother?" Rika asked, blinking excitedly."We ran into each other in the hospital. After that, we kept in touch until we decided to get married later." This is true, Ella didn't lie.Rika was dumbfounded when she heard what Ella said. The story of Ella and David's meeting was too bland. How did they decide to get married when there was no romance between them?"It's strange. My brother is dry and rigid, what is attractive about him? Handsome or rich?" Rika asked and looked at Ella's reaction."He's very good, knows how to help others." Ella said what she had in mind. Even though the two of them are just contracted husband and wife, she is still grateful to David for saving her father. This is a partnership where both sides benefit. Even though he's in the same room, he doesn't touch
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Let's get them divorced
The next morning, Ella woke up to a bright ray of sunlight from the balcony shining into her eyes.She turned her head to look to the left, the pillow was empty. She suddenly remembered that today was Sunday, the staff was off, but David had an important client meeting so he went to work early in the morning.Ella got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Naughty in the water, she brought her hand to her lips. David's kiss was still lingering around her lips.After showering, Ella sat on the bed texting David. 'Today is off, what should I do?'After a while, the phone screen lit up. David sent a reply message. 'Please do what you want.'She replied immediately. “Okay.”She picked up her bag and walked out of the room. She had just left, Sophie opened the door and removed the camera, and went to Mrs. Emma. She opened it and with Mrs. Emma pinched her head to watch.After watching the video, Mrs. Emma and Sophie looked at each other.“They actually slept together. That means they truly l
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I'm your wife now
Ella to the largest luxury shopping center in the city. She walked around the mall. Her eyes blinked when she saw a price list at a clothing stall. Most of the items here cost more than five hundred dollars. She looked regretfully. She's not a fancy dress girl, so she just buys some cheap clothes. She just wears what she can afford and is comfortable with. Style doesn't matter to her. She did not forget to buy apple pie for Mr. Harry.At checkout, Ella had no change. She struggled to find change in her wallet. The people behind her urging her on made her even more confused.Suddenly, a hand landed on the counter at the cashier with a change of bills accompanied by a voice. "I pay for her."Ella turned her head to look. The one who helps her is Raymond.Leaving the counter, Ella said in an appreciative voice. "Thank you. It's too embarrassing to let you help me.""Nothing. We're colleagues after all." Raymond said with a smile on his lips."Yes."A reporter saw them and took a picture
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